Back Up And Spinning

It has been over a month now since my last post and I do apologize! As many of you know, I had been working on a fundraiser for the Special Olympics and it really ate up a lot more time than I expected. We had 50/50 raffles, a bar night and bake sales over the last two months so it really felt like every moment outside of the day job was focused on fundraising.

I did still manage to do a lot of fun things that I wanted to share with y’all but just didn’t have the time to get posts up so I’m going to dive into the last two months’ activities here. Well, not really June since it really didn’t end with a bang or any sort of music related activity.

Fourth of July fireworks 2015

You know what’s kind of odd? Mr. Richard and I have been roommates for nearly a decade now and we’ve never watched fireworks together. They’re loud, you usually get ash in your face and the smokey smell is kinda obnoxious. However, in the interest of new experiences and adventures, we went out to Revere Beach on the Fourth this year to watch the fireworks with friends and listen to one of the Grateful Dead’s last shows.

Roomie selfies on Revere beach 7/4/15

Fireworks on Revere beach 7/4/2015

The fireworks were simply spectacular and one of the best private displays I’ve seen. We were on a private beach and the entire mile must have had set ups every few feet. The fireworks went off for hours all down the beach. I posted some time lapse videos on social media so make sure you’re following along!

Mr. Richard screen fun

After some of the main fireworks set ups had calmed down, we went back to our friend’s to listen to the Dead. As you can tell, we had a bit of fun with the screen and trippy graphics. It felt a bit like college again but I suppose that feeling is heightened by the fact we ran into one of our friends from back in the day. That’s New England. So small town, you can never really escape people you know!

After hanging with hippies for the Fourth, we needed a little hip hop back in our lives so the roomie and I hit up Boston’s Hip Hop festival at the Middle East in Cambridge. We got there a little late, which was unfortunate because we missed out on some great acts, but I did get to see some of my favorites! I really would have liked to get the festival it’s own post, but it just never happened.

STL GLD Hip Hop Fest 2015

We walked in for STL GLD’s set so right off the bat, I was happy. If you are following along with my social media pages, you know I’m currently obsessing over the group. I dare say, I’m even fan girling out over them. The best part about seeing them live is the energy. Between the Arcitype’s insane musical skills and ability, Moe Pope’s lyrical content and delivery and Chris Talken’s hype man screams, you really can’t just sit still.

There’s a listening party coming up in August for their new EP and I’m overly excited. If you can make it out, do so. You’ll be bummed if you miss one of the first chances to hear their new tracks.

Akrobatik Hip Hop Fest 2015

Up next was Akrobatik. Mr. Richard is very familiar with his work, me not so much. Sometimes, it just becomes overwhelming to keep up with everyone’s discography. Despite this, I still greatly enjoyed his fifteen minutes and wanted more time on stage.

Reks Hip Hop Fest 2015

A smoke break later and we were back inside in time for Reks. Again, Mr. Richard is more familiar than I am, but I’m definitely planning on listening more. We’ve seen him live before so by now, I should really have some of his songs under my belt. I also need to figure out where he got tattooed, I really like his arm ones!

Dutch ReBelle Hip Hop Fest 2015

Dutch ReBelle was the last act I managed to snag some pictures of. Unfortunately, right after her set, I felt horrible. My stomach was apparently trying to escape my body and it felt like it was about to bust through my belly button to do so.

Any time I get to see Dutch ReBelle, I’m there for it. You all know this by now. This 15 minute set of hers was one of the best showings I’ve personally seen from her.

All of the acts at the Hip Hop fest, even the ones not mentioned here are phenomenal. It’s refreshing to take a break from the same 20 songs on the radio that all seem to contain the same lyrics and music and actually listen to something authentic.

OTEBoston 2015 Rappel

As I mentioned above, the Special Olympics fundraiser ate up a lot of time, but it’s over with now. What an exhilarating day! I rappelled twenty two stories down the side of the Hyatt in Boston and raised nearly $1,100 for the Special Olympics! My team raised over 24K!

OTEBoston 2015

It was an incredibly humbling experience, and not just because you’re on a ledge 22 stories above the city, but because you get to meet these amazing athletes that give their all and never give up. We say they should have limitations, but they don’t. They’re strong. They’re smart. They’re determined. And lastly, they’re beautiful. Inside and out.

OTEBoston Collage 2015

I was honored to have my girls with me this year. I honestly can’t believe I talked them into this!

As if rappelling a building wasn’t enough for one weekend, Outside the Box made its return to Boston that same weekend. I wasn’t familiar or into most of the acts and since I was so busy, it was convenient to skip out on most days. I’m sure I did miss out on a lot, but I was focused on getting there Sunday to see Shea Rose.

Air Traffic Controller OTB2015

I overslept was and was kind of pooped so we didn’t make it until Air Traffic Controller was on stage for Sunday’s events, but they put on a great show. Boston’s music seen is so diverse but you can get lost in one genre so it’s nice to see acts you normally wouldn’t.

Shea Rose OTB2015

Shea Rose absolutely slayed her performance. I mean slayed. She always does, but this performance featured a medley at the end of all cover songs. It was epic! I posted some footage on social media and the divine Miss Shea even shared one of the pictures herself.

Honestly, since the show was last week and I’ve been to a cat circus, wedding and folk fest since, I’m not really doing it justice. I would really suggest trolling around for videos of the event. It’s a great, free festival and more arts should be public like this.

There’s so much more, especially from this last weekend, including the Lowell Folk Fest so I’m going to break up this post into two parts. Look for part two tomorrow and for your regularly scheduled vinyl posts to resume soon after!

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/9 – 3/15)

This last Wednesday, Mr. Richard was going to run out and have himself a record store day so he could surprise me when I got home from work that day, but I ended up leaving work early and came home sick. Since I was going to be home right after his appointment, he held off until we could both go this weekend. It was nice because we ended up making out with a TON of albums from Garnick’s this week.

First, we picked up a number of colored discs. They were sitting in a pile, waiting to be hung up on the wall, no sleeves or anything. The bright colors called our names so we had one of the guys play a few of the discs and since they did play relatively well, we bought six different colors, mostly dance tracks. I’m going to have a rainbow week to highlight the colored vinyl, hot off yesterday’s post so be on the look out for that in a few weeks!

Then, I had to move to the back and see what we were bringing home from our bag of albums that we’ve set aside. The bag is literally bursting at the seams because we have found so many great albums that we need to bring home but can’t yet afford. Also, it’s great when my birthday and Christmas roll around so my family can easily pick up vinyl and know what I’ll like. We always try to bring home something from this pile. This week it was:

Mary Jane Girls

Linda Ronstadt

Breakfast Club Soundtrack


The soundtrack to Roots

And really, so, so much more!

We then moved to the back room, well, one of them. There’s a stack of albums that Robert’s giving us a great deal on and first pick at.

Harry Belafonte

Wes Montgomery

A few various artists discs

Sha Na Na

Oh, and of course there was a line by the register and that’s conveniently where the nice new albums are. I really, really wanted a whole bunch of these, but at $15 – $40 a clip, its hard to splurge on them. Snoop Dogg called to me though when I was trying to decide between a bunch. I think it was mostly because we have two other albums from him and I’d like to complete the discography before moving on to other artists.

Last night, I had to baby sit for a friend. Okay, I 100% didn’t have to, I willingly offered. She’s one of the only babies I’ll chill with. As a gift for watching lil’ M, my friends gave me a Grateful Dead album and some yummy, yummy wine. See how cute she is?!? Side note: She tends to pull the blanket in front of her while trying to fall asleep, I obviously kept pulling it back because I’m paranoid about fibers and suffocating and what not! I don’t want you thinking I just tossed a fuzzy, heavy blanket on this cutie’s head!


The Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel

The roomie isn’t really a fan of the Grateful Dead, but they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, especially Scarlet Begonias. That song is pretty much the reason I grabbed this album. I’m sure a lot of kids these days may not realize the Sublime version is a cover, but you know I like to keep it original!

I do have more albums from the Dead so be sure to check out the original post HERE too!

She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes
And I knew without asking she was into the blues
She wore scarlet begonias, tucked into her curls
I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls

In the thick of the evening when the dealing got rough
She was too pat to open and too cool to bluff
As I picked up my matches and was closing the door
I had one of those flashes I’d been there before, been there before

Well, I ain’t always right but I’ve never been wrong
Seldom turns out the way it does in a song
Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right

Well, there ain’t nothing wrong with the way she moves
Scarlet begonias or a touch of the blues
And there’s nothing wrong with the look that’s in her eyes
I had to learn the hard way to let her pass by, let her pass by


From the Mars Hotel

Grateful Dead

Side One

U.S. Blues
China Doll
Unbroken Chain
Loose Lucy

Side Two

Scarlet Begonias
Pride of Cucamonga
Money Money
Ship of Fools

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (1/26 – 2/1)

Considering we received well over two feet of snow this week and I guess we’re now expecting another foot, making it out to any record store this week was a feat. I didn’t even make it into work for two days because of the weather! I’m still shoveling out from the storm mid-week and now preparing for another. That’s the New England life though!

Knowing we’re likely going to be snowed in again tonight, I went a little nuts at Garnick’s yesterday. Last time we went, two of the guys stayed home because of a storm so we all had to catch up this week. Mostly it was complaining about the plow guys and shoveling. The roomie and I picked up some albums we had set aside and found some gems in the stacks too. The albums are kind of all over the place when it comes to the type of music but you know by now that we’re pretty eclectic!

So what did we grab this week? For 12″ albums we grabbed:

Dirty Vegas

Ray, Goodman & Brown

Bumblebeez 81

The Strangemen

The Bravery

Michigan & Smiley

Johnny, Clegg and Savuka

Sidney Bechet

Katie Webster


Slick Rick

Count Basie

Grateful Dead

As for 45s, we picked up:



The Sandpipers with Mitch Miller and Orchestra


David Bowie

Look forward to these posts and more coming up soon! A lot of the singles we grabbed are on colored vinyl so I think I’m going to have a special post about how colored vinyl is made and what colors I have. I think I have the full rainbow now!

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Heavy Metal

Various Artists

Side One

MC 5 – Kick Out the Jams
Black Sabbath – Iron Man
Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
Jimi Hendrix – Freedom
The James Gang – Must Be Love
Deep Purple – Smoke On the Water

Side Two

T. Rex – Bang a Gong (Get It On)
The J. Geils Band – Give It To Me
Dr. John – Right Place Wrong Time
Led Zeppelin – D’yer Mak’r
Buffalo Springfield – Bluebird
Faces – Cindy Incidentally

Side Three

The Doors – Touch Me
The Allman Brothers Band – Ramblin’ Man
Delaney & Bonnie – Only You and I Know
Van Morrison – Domino
Eagles – Outlaw Man
Yes – Starship Trooper: Life Seeker / Disillusion / Wurm

Side Four

Golden Earring – Radar Love
Grateful Dead – Johnny B. Good
Foghat – What a Shame
Uriah Heep – Stealin’
War – Lonely Feelin’
Blues Image – Ride Captain Ride

Arista’s Greatest Hits: Portrait of a Decade 1975 – 1985

Arista’s Greatest Hits: Portrait of a Decade 1975 – 1985 (Album One)

Album One

Side One

Barry Manilow – Mandy
Melissa Manchester – Midnight Blue
Barry Manilow – I Write the Songs
Eric Carmen – All By Myself
Jennifer Warnes  – Right Time of the Night
Al Stewart – Time Passages
Melissa Manchester – Don’t Cry Outloud

Side Two

Dionne Warwick – I’ll Never Love This Way Again
Air Supply – All Out of Love
Gino Vannelli – Living Inside Myself
Paul Davis – Cool Night
The Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky
Dionne Warwick – Heartbreaker
Air Supply – Making Love Out of Nothing At All

Album Two

Side One

The Alan Parsons Project – I Wouldn’t want to Be Like You
Outlaws – Green Grass and High Tides
Lou Reed – Street Hassle
Patti Smith Group – Because the Night
Graham Parker – Local Girls
The Grateful Dead – Alabama Getaway
Outlaws – (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

Side Two

The Kinks – Destroyer
The Dregs – Crank It Up
Haircut 100 – Love Plus One
A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away)
Krokus – Screaming In the Night
The Kinks – Come Dancing
Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now

Album Three

Side One

Aretha Franklin – Jump To It
Ray Parker Jr. – The Other Woman
Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica
Angela Bofill – I Try
Gil Scott-Heron – Johannesburg
G.Q. – Disco Nights (Rock Freak)
Jermaine Jackson – Dynamite

Side Two

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters
Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run)
Kashif – I Just Gotta have You (Love Turn Me On)
Angela Bofill – Too Tough
Aretha Franklin – United Together
Kenny G. – Hi, How Ya Doin’
Dionne Warwick – déjà vu

For All You Deadheads Out There

The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in 1965 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The band was known for its unique and eclectic style, and for live performances of long musical improvisation. The founding members of the Grateful Dead were Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals), Bob Weir (guitar, vocals), Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (keyboards, harmonica, vocals), Phil Lesh (bass, vocals), and Bill Kreutzmann (drums). 

The Grateful Dead have constantly toured throughout their career, playing more than 2300 concerts. With the exception of 1975, when the band was on hiatus and played only four concerts together, the Grateful Dead performed many concerts every year. Initially all their shows were in California. They also performed, in 1965 and 1966, with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, as the house band for the Acid Tests. They appeared at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, and at the Woodstock Festival in 1969.  Their largest concert audience came in 1973 when they played, along with The Allman Brothers Band and The Band, before an estimated 600,000 people at the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized them with a listing under the heading, “most rock concerts performed” (182 concerts).

The fans of the Grateful Dead, some of whom followed the band from concert to concert for years, are known as “Deadheads” and are known for their dedication to the band’s music. From 2003 to 2009 former members of the Grateful Dead, along with other musicians, toured as The Dead. There are many incarnations of The Dead, with the most prominently touring being Furthur and Phil & Friends.

I mean how could we not have a couple albums from the Dead:

Shakedown Street

Workingman’s Dead