Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (5/4 – 5/10)

First of all, happy Mother’s Day all! My mom is at work today (typical of the both of us) so I’m just working on some fundraiser things for Over the Edge / Special Olympics. Being a team leader can be stressful!

I have five different chocolate barks made up, including a fancy bacon whisky one for a bake sale next week, am planning 50/50 raffles for every Friday and a huge bar night with prizes and whatnot. It’s very intense but I so wholeheartedly believe in the work the Special Olympics does as a foundation.

You may have noticed that the blog posts have kind of just dropped off in volume suddenly. I do apologize my faithful followers! I’m hoping to get some of the fundraising stuff wrapped up this week so I can get back to focusing on the music. If you are curious in learning more about the event, foundation or want to donate (you’d be awesome!), check out my fundraising page HERE.

The roomie hit up Garnick’s on Wednesday because they had a special visitor. I didn’t get to meet him as I was at work but Mr. Richard got to meet Chris Farlowe. You might recognize his name from Colosseum but apparently he and Robert go way back. The roomie said it was interesting to hear some of his stories and advice from other musicians.

We went back on Saturday, per our usual routine. We really didn’t stay long, just grabbed some albums from the top of our pile, but I was especially pumped to have finally brought home some more Nina Simone.

I’m so sorry for the quick update, but I do promise to get up to speed by next week. I was hoping May would be a month of reinvention for the blog and I hope it’s just a slow start and will pick up steam soon! More coffee for now and I’ll get there!

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/27 – 5/3)

I was still reeling from birthday activities this week, as evident from my monthly wrap up a few days ago but I made it a point to stop by Garnick’s on Tuesday to spend a little piece of my birthday with the guys. My mom and aunt took Mr. Richard and I to IHop for breakfast so we had the day free after that. Nothing too fancy, but filling and we had just gone out for a nice lunch for my dad’s anniversary a few weeks ago.


After digesting my stack of pancakes with bacon and his crepes, Mr. Richard and I visited the guys. Well, two out of three, Robert doesn’t work Tuesdays. I told Paul and David to rub it in his face that they got to spend my birthday with me and he didn’t. The guys sang happy birthday to me of course, luckily there was only one other guy in there so it wasn’t that embarrassing. David also gifted me five records from the dollar bin (we didn’t want to make them figure out the unmarked albums).


We ended up bringing home Kenny G., Joan Armatrading and Yaz since those had prices marked and then a huge haul from the dollar bin. Some artists like Carly Simon I expected in the dollar bin since there tend to be a lot of copies of certain discs, but others like Nancy Wilson were complete gems to find. We also grabbed some Basie, Ray Charles, Linda Ronstadt, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and more! After it was said and done and I was lugging the bag back to the car, I was very happy with the mid-week pop by.

RRRecords Trip 5/2

On Saturday we decided to pop into RRRecords again. I’m kind of obsessed now that I’ve actually gone in. Mr. Richard was at the bank so I picked out some surprises for him including Destiny’s Child and Ja Rule. I didn’t show him until we left the store and he screamed quite loudly on the street. Two women stared at us, but hey, it’s worth it for some Ja.

 RRRecords Trip 5/2 Pano

When he got there, he couldn’t help but go through and pick out some reggae albums. He added some Yellowman, Scratch Lee Perry, Aswad, Peter Tosh, Sister Nancy, Jimmy Cliff and more to the pile (mostly on various artists discs). Scoring Legalize It on vinyl was definitely one of the gems we found at RRR.

BDay Cake at Garnick's

After leaving there, we walked over to Garnick’s for my birthday celebration. We ended up leaving with so many albums, I won’t list them here but let’s just say my bag was stuffed!

The guys were super nice and got me a cake on top of gifting me $25 worth f albums from our bag. I managed to give enough out but there’s still half of Spiderman’s face sitting in my fridge for today. All of the guys sang happy birthday to me and made me promise to come back every year; as if I’m not in there every week already or something!

Mr. Richard At Garnick's 5/2

Almost on our way out, Mr. Richard discovered a stash of amazing albums. I had already paid for what we picked out together, but he had all the crate digging luck yesterday and we just needed these so I had him run back and just pay for them rather than setting them aside for next week. I’m praying my taxes come back soon so I can clear out a lot of what we have set aside. There’s a lot of double disc sets that add up quickly!

Garnick's Pano 5/2

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/20 – 4/26)

Did everybody catch the showing of Friday with Ice Cube in theaters this week? I didn’t because of the marathon and the amount of tourists / blocked roadways I’d have to get around. I’ve also seen the movie about 1000 times so it was okay I missed it. I do hope a new generation appreciates the classic movie and they don’t remake it. So sick of that trend!


I did pop over to the glass walkway by Lord & Taylor on Boylston Street to watch the Boston Marathon. It wasn’t far from the finish line, kind of just out of view, but I didn’t need to wait in many check points to watch the race for a bit. Every runner is inspiring, but I was so pumped to know that one of the Special Olympians I’m doing the Over the Edge fundraiser for was out there running.

This week was a bit hectic, I babysat on Wednesday night, did a sushi dinner with Mr. Richard and some of my girls on Friday, went to Garnick’s and a play on Saturday and have a few more treats lined up over the next few days. Look for the monthly wrap up if you want to know more, but for now, let’s focus on Garnick’s.


We went a bit later in the afternoon and it was a bit slower in there. The front is coming along very nicely, with a lot of jukes moved out of the way to display more records. It’s mostly western and folk up there but I found some gems that went into the bag for later. I think we’re also going to pop in there for my birthday on Tuesday so I didn’t want to spend too much right off the bat. Honestly, we have so much set aside and keep putting more aside, it’s a bit ridiculous, but that’s kind of the best part!

We ended up walking out with:

Living Color

Lady Red

Chuck Stanley

Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy

Jefferson Starship

Sesame Street album

…and a whole lot more! I was surprised by the amount of albums we came home with for $30, but Robert gave us a deal on a lot of them since they’re not in the greatest condition.

Don’t forget! You can donate $10.00 to my Special Olympics Over the Edge fundraiser to help bring me closer to my goal of $1000! Every $500 I raise covers an athlete for the year – transportation, facilities, equipment, etc. so lets do this people!!! Check out the page HERE to donate and learn more.


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/14 – 4/19)


This week was Record Store Day so on Friday night, we fueled up on some Mexican food in Boston. Zocalo Back Bay to be exact. Don’t let the hostess’ resting bitch face fool you, this place has great margaritas and the service was quite lovely. We were treated very well despite being there on a TravelZoo.com voucher.

We got home late Friday so the Saturday exploits for Record Store Day started a bit late and we didn’t hit up any larger record stores, opting to stay local. Our first stop was our home away from home, Garnick’s.


“Every day is record store day here!” Robert replied when we wished him a happy holiday, but he did note it was busier than a normal Saturday. They even made some progress in clearing out the front to make room for records. It’s looking really great in there. I posted an image on Instagram of the new front area so make sure you’re following on social media! You don’t want to miss anything!


You know that bag I reference most every trip to Granick’s? The one with all of our records that we need to pay for but definitely want? That’s it above. It’s literally bursting at the seams and overflowing but we keep adding to it. This week I thought for sure we’d make some progress but then we found some singles we absolutely needed to have so in the bag they went. Honestly, we got way too much to list out here and this post will be pretty jammed with pictures so we’ll just leave at: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Blackstreet, Madonna and more!


Yesterday was a beautiful day out and despite my sinuses (yeah, if you’ve been following on Twitter, they were my downfall this week) Mr. Richard and I went for a nice stroll up to RRRecords. Don’t tell my mom, but I left to take out just a little more money from the ATM to splurge.


It was my first trip in, the roomie having gone many times. We didn’t make it past one small section of singles and I needed it all. Justin Timberlake, Run DMC, 2Pac and so, so much more. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept trying to limit it myself and there was so much more in there that I wanted. I definitely need to go back sooner rather than later.


I also want to give a quick shout out to a blog that shred one of my posts last week. If you’re into the 80s, much like I am, than hop over to Forever ’80s: Death by Nostalgia!

Don’t forget, it’s not too late to donate to my Over the Edge / Special Olympics fundraiser. In honor of the 12th anniversary of my dad’s passing, I’ve asked people donate $12 in his name. A few people have, but as I’ve mentioned before, I want to make this the biggest year for the event to date. Check out my personal donation page HERE if you want to learn more and donate!

Thank you so very much!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/30 – 4/5)


This last Friday I was wandering around, checking out the anime convention in Boston as you can see above, and I noticed Underground Hip Hop was packed up! There was a building custodian locking up the front so I asked if they had moved. He said yes, so I had Mr. Richard look into it, and they haven’t actually found a new location. The online shop is up an running if you need a fix in the meantime, but if you were hoping to do a little physical crate digging, you’ll have to wait.


Saturday finally marked our return to Garnick’s. It felt like it had been forever! The stacks were still piled high, but I feel like that’s just a given here. Bobby had found some random albums that didn’t have covers and weren’t in 100% great condition, so he tossed those in for free this week. It definitely pays to be regulars in a local shop!

Since it’s baseball season and that is by far my favorite sport, we picked up a disc of the greatest sports moments. I forget which decade exactly, but it has some really historic moments on it and I’m really excited to enter it. The roomie and I have tickets to a Sox game at the end of the month so I might try to time it up with that. I consider Fenway holy ground and get a little teary eyed walking down the hall of old logos after all!

I still need to pay for some more work on my car, but we managed to come out with a decent haul. On top of the two free discs and sporting one, we grabbed:

Before Dark (I’ll likely be posting this soon for Rainbow Week – a week focused on colored vinyl)

Marcia Griffiths single

Changing Faces feat. Jay Z

Sam Mangwana

And lastly, a various artists reggae LP

You may have noticed that some of my posts now have a footer with a little mention of my Over the Edge rappel in Boston for the Special Olympics. I’m my company’s tem leader and due to my extreme competitiveness, I want to raise more money than last year and be the top team for the event. I rappelled the 22 stories last year and it was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences that I’ve ever had.

The Special Olympics were my first volunteering experience when I was a crappy, spoiled teenager and all of these years later, it’s nice to fully commit. I need YOUR help to do this though so I’m calling on my followers! Donate just $10.00 HERE to help out!! Imagine if just five of my followers donated ten dollars, that would be a quick $50!! What if ten people donated $10?! Mind blowing what just a few people can do!!

Every $500 we raise helps an athlete for a year. That covers transportation, securing locations, equipment, everything they need. When you think of it, it’s really not that much to cover an athlete so lets do it people!!

On that note, even though I’ll be celebrating next week with the Greek side of my family, Happy Easter everyone! Dawson wasn’t a fan of playing bunny and delivering baskets to the girls downstairs…


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/9 – 3/15)

This last Wednesday, Mr. Richard was going to run out and have himself a record store day so he could surprise me when I got home from work that day, but I ended up leaving work early and came home sick. Since I was going to be home right after his appointment, he held off until we could both go this weekend. It was nice because we ended up making out with a TON of albums from Garnick’s this week.

First, we picked up a number of colored discs. They were sitting in a pile, waiting to be hung up on the wall, no sleeves or anything. The bright colors called our names so we had one of the guys play a few of the discs and since they did play relatively well, we bought six different colors, mostly dance tracks. I’m going to have a rainbow week to highlight the colored vinyl, hot off yesterday’s post so be on the look out for that in a few weeks!

Then, I had to move to the back and see what we were bringing home from our bag of albums that we’ve set aside. The bag is literally bursting at the seams because we have found so many great albums that we need to bring home but can’t yet afford. Also, it’s great when my birthday and Christmas roll around so my family can easily pick up vinyl and know what I’ll like. We always try to bring home something from this pile. This week it was:

Mary Jane Girls

Linda Ronstadt

Breakfast Club Soundtrack


The soundtrack to Roots

And really, so, so much more!

We then moved to the back room, well, one of them. There’s a stack of albums that Robert’s giving us a great deal on and first pick at.

Harry Belafonte

Wes Montgomery

A few various artists discs

Sha Na Na

Oh, and of course there was a line by the register and that’s conveniently where the nice new albums are. I really, really wanted a whole bunch of these, but at $15 – $40 a clip, its hard to splurge on them. Snoop Dogg called to me though when I was trying to decide between a bunch. I think it was mostly because we have two other albums from him and I’d like to complete the discography before moving on to other artists.

Last night, I had to baby sit for a friend. Okay, I 100% didn’t have to, I willingly offered. She’s one of the only babies I’ll chill with. As a gift for watching lil’ M, my friends gave me a Grateful Dead album and some yummy, yummy wine. See how cute she is?!? Side note: She tends to pull the blanket in front of her while trying to fall asleep, I obviously kept pulling it back because I’m paranoid about fibers and suffocating and what not! I don’t want you thinking I just tossed a fuzzy, heavy blanket on this cutie’s head!


Let Me Make You A Rainbow

I only found one other blog post (okay, I didn’t really hunt that hard), that had a history of colored vinyl, so I’m going to ask about it next time I’m at Garnick’s. Robert knows so much, I’m hoping to get a first hand history rather than copy and paste something from the internet. Since I didn’t find as much information as I wanted, I’m just going to show off a bit and share the other site so you can check it out for now. I hope to get a more complete glimpse at all the colored vinyl we have so keep checking back!

About Vinyl Records had a post from 2013, Color Me Intrigued, which you can check out HERE. It covers the first colored discs in the early 1900s up to the 1970s resurgence.

I’ve found that today, Record Store Day drives the upswing in colored and shaped vinyl’s popularity. It is a lot of fun to hunt for new colors or designs and there’s a bunch of albums I want to add to the collection because of this. It could be just a novelty, but I don’t care, I love it.


First album up is a newly purchased Red Fox 12″ single. I love the deep red!


I didn’t photograph an orange album since we’re still organizing the room and I’m not sure which stack it’s in at the moment, but I do have some deep yellow 45s. Above is the 311 one we got a few months ago and I’m pretty sure we also grabbed the Stryper one then too!



If you’ve been following along, you might recognize this green disc. It’s a Pinback single and since green is my favorite color, I’m especially drawn to the disc’s color. This was one of the roomie’s discs from before we met too.


On to blue! Robert at Garnick’s was going to hang this on the wall at the store but we purchased it instead. Look for the actual post on this 12″ single soon.


I also have this older blue single from Bill Nelson’s Red Noise. Blue albums are just so stunning!


There are just so many purple discs to pick from. For 7″, I wanted to show off Prince again since it is Prince month after all. Below is a 12″ single from the same pile Robert had planned to hang on a wall. It pays very well, but single the vinyl is veiny, it’s hard to really show it off unless you hold it up to light.


I also found this beautiful, more opaque disc that’s a marbled pinkish hue. It’s another new addition to the collection and I’ll go a bit more into detail tomorrow during the Weekly Wrap Up.



Lastly, the opposite of the traditional black disc. White. Above is an opaque single from Psychic Twin and on the translucent side (I guess there are some green hues to it, but play along here people) we have a House of Magic disc below. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through the rainbow. Be on the look out for a future post on colored vinyl and formats soon and as always, check out Instagram for more pictures!!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (2/23 – 3/1)

This will be a pretty quick update since I just completed the monthly wrap up yesterday and only have two stores to talk about. Did you check out the monthly wrap up post? Last month was super busy and actually ended up being a lot of fun despite the record cold.

I sent Mr. Richard out to RRRecords again. I really like what he picks out by himself, but I have to set tighter budgets since he always goes over by a few bucks! He scooped up a ton, but Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Masta Killa and Lil’ Kim top my picks for the week!


After the trip to the butterfly garden yesterday, we hit up Garnick’s, per our usual Saturday afternoon routine. Robert had set aside a ton of $1.00 albums for us. It was really hard  to narrow down the selection but we picked out seven from there and a few from our bag of more expensive albums. We managed to limit ourselves down to:


Johnny Kemp


More Duke Ellington

Two Errol Garner albums

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Patti Page

A various artists jazz disc

Mae West with Duke

Dionne Warwick

Welp, that’s it! Like I said, this was a quick wrap up since I had such a big monthly wrap up yesterday. What do y’all think I should be on the look out for this week while we crate dig?


End Of The Month Wrap Up: February 2015

Between all the snow we had in February, the roomie and I did make it out quite a bit. Of course, you know about all the trips to record stores because you’ve been following along and know I do a weekly summary. Right?!? Of course, there was Garnick’s but Mr. Richard went to RRRecords for me and we made it to Bull Moose in Portsmouth together. As the crate digging trips are regular, we also wanted to get out and have some new experiences.


First up this month, we went to go see Green Porno live in Boston. Are you familiar with the act? If not, it’s a bit educational, a bit sexy and absolutely hilarious. We used to watch the TV show while we were in college so it was like a flashback going to see the show. The actual performance itself was part lecture, part performance art and featured some of her TV clips like her hamster, duck, dolphin and praying mantis.


We were a bit high up, but despite the above photo, it really wasn’t that blurry. We saw everything on stage from the puppets, to the screen to Isabella recreating some of her films, like when she used tomatoes to symbolize eggs in her mouth and sprayed herself in the face to show how a certain fish reproduces. Mr. Richard and I laughed harder than we have in a long time while still learning a ton.

We had other plans to spend “Pal-entine’s Day” (I just made that up, ripping off Lesley Knope’s Galentine’s) but the snow hit. I won’t bore you with more images of my trash cans covered in snow, but check out the past updates if you’re visiting this blog from outside the north east. It’s been quite the month for snowfall here and I certainly haven’t lived through anything like it.

Luckily all of our plans could be moved, like a trip to the Butterfly Garden a few towns over and a few dinners we have certificates for. Look for those little adventures next month! Our luck did take a turn for the best and we avoided any bad weather for our trip to Maine.


I mean, it was cold, obviously. This is winter in New England people, but bundled appropriately, we trekked out, stopping in Portsmouth for some crate digging (again, check out some of the previous weekly updates for more).

In Maine, we stayed right on the water, a gift from his parents. We arrived early and pulled over to go for a little walk along the beach. Obviously, most stairs were blocked off, but just staring out was peaceful enough. It was so calming! Below is a little collage of the ocean, the top picture being sunset of our first night, the middle being early the next day and bottom of a lighthouse we visited.


We got to the hotel, Anchorage Inn, and it was beautiful. There was a heated indoor pool with bar, fitness room and in the summer, a playground. The only slight hiccup was we planned our trip over school vacation. We got into the room and barely had the bags off our shoulders when the phone rang. Assuming it was the front desk to say they forgot something or ask if we were okay, I answered. Screaming. I hung up.

Ring, ring. “Is your refrigerator running?” comes out of what I best could guess was a six year old. I hung up again and thought of Dave Chapelle. “I don’t like people playing on my phone!” and called the front desk. It took one more prank call before it ended. We were settling in and as funny as it would have been to a younger me, I wanted to relax damn it!!


After we got the chance to settle in, we ventured back out for some dinner. Obviously, a lot was closed for the winter but we drove into Kittery and found this amazing Thai restaurant, Tasty Thai. It was a bit of a drive but every single bit was worth it.

We eat a ton of Thai food, like, we’ve probably tried 90% of the Thai in Boston and at least 80% in Lowell and a lot in New Hampshire, Vermont and other random places but this was hands down the best. Mr. Richard even went as far to say it was better than anything he had in Vancouver when he was there for school. He never says that! I mean, he compares everything to there and nothing ever compares, but this was a total 180!

The Thai rolls were crispy and perfectly filled, curry puffs to die for and the pad Thai was plate licking delicious. We even considered stopping back there on the way home to get three orders of the curry puffs and 500 side orders of the peanut sauce.


We woke up early and headed north before turning back to Massachusetts. We ended up at a lighthouse where we both snapped some great pictures. It was about 10 degrees cooler there and five times as windy so we could only stay so long. The view was still breathtaking and we managed to catch some beautiful lighting and sat in the heated car a moment to take it all in.


It was so windy, Mr. Richard was photographing the lighthouse while I was coming up from exploring off the pavement and the wind blew his phone down onto me! I’m surprised he managed any pictures of the lighthouse since the parking lot was full of seagulls. He loves them and must have snapped a dozen or so reference pictures for more stencils he’ll cut!


We both don’t particularly like our pictures taken, but I did get a few throughout. Above is our little collage of ice cream and beer in the hotel, selfies while walking the beach, free breakfast and a little gambling on the way home.


This last week, I went out to a bridal expo with a friend from work. It was at the aquarium, free to go with free food and wine! We expected a sort of time share pitch to get her to have her wedding there, but we pigged out and ran around the aquarium taking full advantage of the child free zone.


The food was amazing, pasta, bacon wrapped scallops and jerk chicken! It was a bit strange to eat so much seafood in front of the fish but that’s the circle of life I suppose! I definitely want to somehow go back when it’s this empty so I can get more close up pictures of all the sea life, but who knows when I’ll have that chance again…


This morning, for Rare Disease Day, Mr. Richard and I spent the morning at the Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts before going out to the record store. It was so beautiful!


We so many different butterflies! It was spectacular! They had some small birds as well, but since it’s winter the plant life wasn’t as full. We’re definitely planning a trip back in summer when it’s more lush. I’d also like to get my friend up here with her baby. I think she’d be in awe!


It was also really warm so it was a really, really great treat to bask in the 80 degree temperature. I didn’t want to leave. If you’re in the Boston area, get up here to Westford. Right now on TravelZoo.com you can even get a great deal!


I hope you like the pictures, there’s larger versions on Facebook so make sure you’re following along! Check it out in the sidebar of the blog or by clicking HERE. I try to keep all the social media pages current and a bit more personal. For instance, on Twitter, I’m using today to shout out different rare diseases in honor of the roomie! Check it out and raise awareness! #RareDiseaseDay2015


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (2/16 – 2/22)

Where do I even start with this weekly record store wrap up? I guess we’ll go in order!


The roomie hit up RRREcords on Wednesday and Thursday without me, as I was working and he was on a mission to surprise me. He even babysat the downstairs neighbor’s kids to get some extra cash to go. He grabbed a ton of neat surprises, including:

  • Jackie Wilson and Linda Hopkins
  • Patti Page
  • Various artist disc with UB40, Afrodiziak, Gasper Lawal, Ray Lema and more
  • Faith Evans
  • Da Brat (with Missy freakin’ Elliott!)
  • Fun Lovin’ Criminals
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Destiny’s Child

And really, a lot more but since we went to three different stores this week, I’m trying to restrain myself a bit on these lists!



We had a trip planned to Maine for the weekend so I had Friday off. More on that Maine trip in the monthly wrap up! We stopped at the Owl Diner for breakfast and then hit up Garnick’s before heading out. Robert has so many albums put aside and it was tricky limiting ourselves to save up for the next stop! We scooped:

  • Yma Sumac
  • Big Pig
  • Daddy Freddy
  • Donovan (not the one you’re thinking of)
  • An album of T.S. Eliot reading poetry

And of course a few more, but again, holding myself back!

After leaving Garnick’s it was a quick trip up the highway to Portsmouth. We’ve separately spent so much time there so it was nice to make a day trip together.


Bull Moose Portsmouth:

We both picked out quite a bit of vinyl and came together to make our purchase. I thumbed through the $3.00 albums, finding Rick James and Donna Summer and clearance (we’ll get to more on that later), leaving Mr. Richard to go through the new releases, focusing on hip hop and reggae / world music. I am really happy with what we picked out, but definitely need to get up there more often to buy even more!


I picked out some clearance items, like this Run D.M.C. Christmas single but when I showed the roomie, he was like “meh”. Little did I know he had picked out four surprise singles and had been saving his own Christmas money! He surprised me yesterday when we got home, sneaky and patient. Something I am not since I usually buy and give immediately. One top of the Run D.M.C. single, he bought me:

  • Karen O (Yep, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!)
  • The Black Keys (with RZA!)
  • Thievery Corporation (wait until you see the album art on this)
  • Together we limited ourselves to:
  • Fences feat. Macklemore
  • A single that has The Naked and Famous doing a White Sea song and on the B Side, a Naked and Famous song done by White Sea
  • Chuck English with Ab-Soul and Mac Miller
  • Skatalites

Before I wrap up this unusually long weekly post, here’s a teaser of some of the Maine photos coming up!