Back Up And Spinning

It has been over a month now since my last post and I do apologize! As many of you know, I had been working on a fundraiser for the Special Olympics and it really ate up a lot more time than I expected. We had 50/50 raffles, a bar night and bake sales over the last two months so it really felt like every moment outside of the day job was focused on fundraising.

I did still manage to do a lot of fun things that I wanted to share with y’all but just didn’t have the time to get posts up so I’m going to dive into the last two months’ activities here. Well, not really June since it really didn’t end with a bang or any sort of music related activity.

Fourth of July fireworks 2015

You know what’s kind of odd? Mr. Richard and I have been roommates for nearly a decade now and we’ve never watched fireworks together. They’re loud, you usually get ash in your face and the smokey smell is kinda obnoxious. However, in the interest of new experiences and adventures, we went out to Revere Beach on the Fourth this year to watch the fireworks with friends and listen to one of the Grateful Dead’s last shows.

Roomie selfies on Revere beach 7/4/15

Fireworks on Revere beach 7/4/2015

The fireworks were simply spectacular and one of the best private displays I’ve seen. We were on a private beach and the entire mile must have had set ups every few feet. The fireworks went off for hours all down the beach. I posted some time lapse videos on social media so make sure you’re following along!

Mr. Richard screen fun

After some of the main fireworks set ups had calmed down, we went back to our friend’s to listen to the Dead. As you can tell, we had a bit of fun with the screen and trippy graphics. It felt a bit like college again but I suppose that feeling is heightened by the fact we ran into one of our friends from back in the day. That’s New England. So small town, you can never really escape people you know!

After hanging with hippies for the Fourth, we needed a little hip hop back in our lives so the roomie and I hit up Boston’s Hip Hop festival at the Middle East in Cambridge. We got there a little late, which was unfortunate because we missed out on some great acts, but I did get to see some of my favorites! I really would have liked to get the festival it’s own post, but it just never happened.

STL GLD Hip Hop Fest 2015

We walked in for STL GLD’s set so right off the bat, I was happy. If you are following along with my social media pages, you know I’m currently obsessing over the group. I dare say, I’m even fan girling out over them. The best part about seeing them live is the energy. Between the Arcitype’s insane musical skills and ability, Moe Pope’s lyrical content and delivery and Chris Talken’s hype man screams, you really can’t just sit still.

There’s a listening party coming up in August for their new EP and I’m overly excited. If you can make it out, do so. You’ll be bummed if you miss one of the first chances to hear their new tracks.

Akrobatik Hip Hop Fest 2015

Up next was Akrobatik. Mr. Richard is very familiar with his work, me not so much. Sometimes, it just becomes overwhelming to keep up with everyone’s discography. Despite this, I still greatly enjoyed his fifteen minutes and wanted more time on stage.

Reks Hip Hop Fest 2015

A smoke break later and we were back inside in time for Reks. Again, Mr. Richard is more familiar than I am, but I’m definitely planning on listening more. We’ve seen him live before so by now, I should really have some of his songs under my belt. I also need to figure out where he got tattooed, I really like his arm ones!

Dutch ReBelle Hip Hop Fest 2015

Dutch ReBelle was the last act I managed to snag some pictures of. Unfortunately, right after her set, I felt horrible. My stomach was apparently trying to escape my body and it felt like it was about to bust through my belly button to do so.

Any time I get to see Dutch ReBelle, I’m there for it. You all know this by now. This 15 minute set of hers was one of the best showings I’ve personally seen from her.

All of the acts at the Hip Hop fest, even the ones not mentioned here are phenomenal. It’s refreshing to take a break from the same 20 songs on the radio that all seem to contain the same lyrics and music and actually listen to something authentic.

OTEBoston 2015 Rappel

As I mentioned above, the Special Olympics fundraiser ate up a lot of time, but it’s over with now. What an exhilarating day! I rappelled twenty two stories down the side of the Hyatt in Boston and raised nearly $1,100 for the Special Olympics! My team raised over 24K!

OTEBoston 2015

It was an incredibly humbling experience, and not just because you’re on a ledge 22 stories above the city, but because you get to meet these amazing athletes that give their all and never give up. We say they should have limitations, but they don’t. They’re strong. They’re smart. They’re determined. And lastly, they’re beautiful. Inside and out.

OTEBoston Collage 2015

I was honored to have my girls with me this year. I honestly can’t believe I talked them into this!

As if rappelling a building wasn’t enough for one weekend, Outside the Box made its return to Boston that same weekend. I wasn’t familiar or into most of the acts and since I was so busy, it was convenient to skip out on most days. I’m sure I did miss out on a lot, but I was focused on getting there Sunday to see Shea Rose.

Air Traffic Controller OTB2015

I overslept was and was kind of pooped so we didn’t make it until Air Traffic Controller was on stage for Sunday’s events, but they put on a great show. Boston’s music seen is so diverse but you can get lost in one genre so it’s nice to see acts you normally wouldn’t.

Shea Rose OTB2015

Shea Rose absolutely slayed her performance. I mean slayed. She always does, but this performance featured a medley at the end of all cover songs. It was epic! I posted some footage on social media and the divine Miss Shea even shared one of the pictures herself.

Honestly, since the show was last week and I’ve been to a cat circus, wedding and folk fest since, I’m not really doing it justice. I would really suggest trolling around for videos of the event. It’s a great, free festival and more arts should be public like this.

There’s so much more, especially from this last weekend, including the Lowell Folk Fest so I’m going to break up this post into two parts. Look for part two tomorrow and for your regularly scheduled vinyl posts to resume soon after!

End Of The Month Wrap Up: May 2015

I said I wanted to make May a more musical month and I did for sure. However, my mix of wanting to see love music, the Special Olympics fundraiser and just a tad bit of laziness didn’t make for an excellent cataloging and blog month. I do apologize for leaving you, my faithful followers hanging!!

Ea$y Money Preview Party

Like I said, it was a more musical month with mine and the roomie’s first trip out to Ea$y Money’s listening party for his new music. We found out about it because Mr. Richard is now interning for Killer Boombox. He’s starting up this week I believe so we’ll have some more events on the horizon and I’m really excited for him.


The party was at AWOL, a sneaker and clothing store in Alston. It made for an intimate feel and Seduce vodka was there serving up some adult beverages. Pretty much everyone from the Boston rap and hip hop scene was there, Dutch ReBelle, members of STL GLD, etc. There happens to be a show coming up at the Middle East with all of them in a few months so if you’re in the area, be sure to look it up.

Ea$y Money at Preview Party

At times, it was a bit hard to hear the music, with everyone chatting but I do strongly recommend you head over to iTunes and download Ea$y Money’s new album ASAP. The samples used are dope, there were a few instances with the crowd singing along and his flow is damn on point too.

Piff Unit in Lawrence MA

That was the beginning of the month and we kept it pretty low key until last weekend. We ventured up to Lawrence. LawTown as they call it, LawlessTown as the roommate calls it. We went up because Dutch was going to be there, so as much as we did enjoy finding some new acts like Piff Unit, I was bummed she only performed Yen. Aside from Piff Unit (above), we also got some songs by Ea$y Money and Terminology.

Lumidee in Lawrence MA

Closing out the show was Lumidee. Since Lawrence does have that reputation, lights went up and security was quick to rush us out.  And by quick, I mean, I’m glad I didn’t need to us the rest room or anything because I’m sure they would have watched. We were rushed to waiting police, rushing everyone to their cars. It was a little intense.

When it was over with, it was still a great show. Dutch can always perform, even switching out mics mid song without missing a beat. Check out my Instagram for that!

June is the month of Boone – Pat Boone! I have pretty much scheduled those out so here’s hoping there’s no hiccups! I’m also planning on getting back to work on the blog. As much as I want to get back on it right away tonight, it’s getting late and I have a Special Olympian visiting my office tomorrow that I need to prepare for.

Raffles in the office every week, bake sales every two weeks and a bar night coming up! I’ve hit my initial goal for the fundraiser, but I’m hoping to have my whole team of 22 hit $30,000 for the Special Olympics. We have just under 50 days until the rappel down the Hyatt in Boston and are at almost at $18,000 so I think it’s very possible!

You can check out my fundraising page HERE (it’d be f*cking awesome if you donated) and follow along on the My Dad’s Albums Facebook page for a more personal look at my adventure from start to rappel day!

Over the Edge 2014 Collage

Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Barrington Levy Too Experienced: The Best of Barrington Levy

Barrington Levy Too Experienced: The Best of Barrington Levy (executive produced by Chris Chin, “Dave Love” Sanguinetti, and Joel Chin and album producers include Jah Screw, Jah Life, Junjo Lawes, Morris Johnson, Whitfield Henry, Lee Jaffe, Sly Dunbar, and Robbie Shakespeare)

I just had to review this album for you, because Barrington Levy is my all-time favorite reggae artist. I actually wanted to purchase this album as soon as I saw it in the record store, but I had to call Frank’s daughter before pulling the trigger. Erica had told me that she ordered my birthday gifts coming from the internet and I had this overwhelming feeling that she had already picked this out for me. I probably mentioned finding Barrington Levy on vinyl a hundred times and to be honest, I’m still on the hunt. Obviously, this release is not an original pressing, but it was worth it. It’s the Bob Marley ‘Legend’ from a lesser known, underappreciated musician of the same island. He is currently working on an acoustic album set to be released soon. When I heard that, I cried a little in excitement.

Barrington Levy performs in a range of reggae styles that demonstrates his talent and unique identity amongst many others. Oddly, I have been a fan of Levy’s since 2004 unknowingly. I was in love with the ‘White People’ album by Handsome Boy Modeling School, Prince Paul (De La Soul) and Dan the Automator (Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, Dr. Octagon), unaware that Barrington collaborated with them on their single “The World’s Gone Mad” also featuring Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand and Del tha Funkee Homosapian. Having gone to underground reggae clubs in Vancouver, I was also well acquainted with his hit “Black Roses”. When I discovered Dutch Rebelle last summer with Erica, I was reminded of how much I loved that song with her group of fellow musicians known as The Black Roses. After listening to her discography, I discovered that Dutch Rebelle directly uses a sample of that song on her single “Anthem”. We both have so much love for her now and know Dutch and her family personally.

I’ve always known black roses to symbolize true, extreme and undying love. In the play Phantom of the Opera, it literally represents that concept. However upon a little digging, it seems that it also stands for anarchism. Apparently, Black Rose was the title of a respected journal of anarchist ideas published in the Boston area during the 1970s. It also was the name of an anarchist lecture series addressed by notable anarchists and libertarian socialists into the 90’s. This included Murray Bookchin and Noam Chomsky, whom I love and have seen orate once. Erica had reminded me of 2Pac’s poem The Rose That Grew From Concrete as well and how roses have been used in urban audience music for a while.

Of course, this album is a collection of hits and “Black Roses” is actually my second favorite track on this record. My personal favorite, chart topper is “Vice Versa Love” followed by “Living Dangerously ft. Bounty Killer”. It’s crazy to think how talented Barrington is that he can take four years off from recording and drop one single that becomes a classic almost overnight. For example, “Living Dangerously” climbed to number one in the United Kingdom and America in 1996. Levy’s music is so transcendent that he can always deliver a 90 minute set where everyone in the crowd sings along to the entire set list. His catalogue is so conscious and profound as well that I don’t know how they decided which songs to be included on this pressing.

Having his mellow voice at my disposal is the best, gifted record that I have ever received. If I did have to place him into a specific genre of reggae I would agree with others that Barring Levy is lover’s rock artist. His lyrics are appealing and not superficial, therefore timeless. Other musicians idolize him too. Two years after releasing the single, Levy released the album ‘Living Dangerously’ which included a collaboration with Snoop Dogg. He also recorded two songs with Long Beach Dub Allstars and played several shows with them in 1999. Not that I like them, but Slightly Stoopid also were able to work together with Levy on a couple of tracks. I think his best, but not most recent, collaboration was with Rascalz entitled “Top of the World”, also featuring my favorite Canadian rapper K-os. It will never be Drake.

Even though Barrington is only 50 years old, he has been recording and making music since 1977, as in 37 years! He released “My Black Girl” with his cousin Everton Dacres when he was only 13 years old. In his West St. Andrew’s community, people were talking about Levy as people in Kingston would talk about Bob Marley or Slim Smith. Records were not particularly important to Jamaicans at the time, so it was a gamble when Clancy Eccles booked Barrington for a Christmas morning concert in 1978, never having heard him sing a note. The Carib Cinema concert was a major event and nobody in the audience knew what to expect. As the story goes, only a few notes in with his epic voice he brought the crowd to their feet for the rest of his performance. He was virtually unknown and it was one of those make it or break chances. Fortunately, all of his original songs, no covers, were well liked instantly. It makes me a little envious that Levy’s art has been loved since he was just 14.

In conclusion, before I ramble on and on about my love and true respect for Barrington Levy, if you are unfamiliar with his music, then you need to acquaint yourself as soon as possible. Now I just need to convince my “Shine Eye Girl” that we absolutely must go to Jamaica and see Barrington Levy live in concert. We do have a potential wedding to go to, so maybe one of his show dates will conveniently fit into our vacation. I’d even settle seeing his son, Krishane, perform. Whatever happens, we are currently planning a trip to Washington, D.C. to see some music. If that does go through, then you can plan on a trip review from me! I adore Erica for everything that she gives to me, especially her love of music. Even though I can be a real turd, she always comes through with something special to cheer me up.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

Ladies Of Boston Rock (And Rap, Tap And Sing!)

What a night! I had purchased the tickets for Ladies of Boston Rock quite some time ago so I’ve just been here, excited and waiting for the show. We convinced @Shecollectsvinyl from Instagram to tag along with the roomie and I since she’s one of our favorite people to go crate digging with. The whole night was a blast, experienced with great friends and excellent music.

Traffic on Storrow drive was a nightmare so we were a little late in meeting up with @Shecollectsvinyl but we made it to the show just as doors were opening. I had to pick up my new show swag (you’ll see what I got a little later) and we like to grab a drink and settle in before the bars get too busy.


DJ Leah V. opened up and was already spinning when we settled in. She’s been performing with Dutch ReBelle for a while but it was interesting to find out she’s one half of the duo Orchids as well. Mr. Richard was familiar with the group but I wasn’t and wish I was! They’re an arty rock pair that blew my mind. I’m a sucker for groups that get the electronic feel through uncommon instruments and Orchids slayed on the theremin, which is one of the stranger instruments out there!


Orchids opening was an intriguing decision that was likely fueled by Leah V.’s spinning for Dutch, but the show fit my musical personality so well. I felt like the genres I love so much; rock, soul and hip hop were so masterfully infused, the acts lead beautifully into each other. The decision to follow Orchids with Shea Rose was smart since it goes from an electronica / artsy rock dance party to a soulful, live band, urban rock and hip hop performance.


When Shea Rose hit the stage, she was powerful, beautiful and put on the amazing show we expected with some few twists and turns that were incredibly exciting. I have so many videos and pictures so please, follow @MyDadsAlbums on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because my words may not capture the full experience.


Along with playing some of her hits and my favorite songs, she brought out a tap dancer and did this acoustic song with just the tap, a woman drumming on a wooden box and using chimes and Shea’s beautiful voice. I don’t even know how to describe it. I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s one of those experiences when your jaw is on the ground and the only time it really closes is when you hoot and scream in total appreciation of what’s happening.

Lisa Bello also joined the ladies on stage for a performance of Pretty Girls. The song gets me every time. I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin and it’s a terrible thing to get through. When you finally hit a point where you are comfortable, it’s very freeing and this song is one of the closest I’ve heard that really gets it the closest.


Shea also called up Dutch for a performance of Sinéad O’Connor’s “Black Boys on Mopeds”. It was a very touching way to end her set, in light of recent events. It brought chills to your body. Like I said, I’ll be posting some videos and pictures on social media so be sure to check them out.


Dutch ReBelle opened with “Meant For Me” which also features Lisa Bello. All around, I really loved what each individual woman contributed to the sound of the entire night. All of the styles they brought to the stage were infused so well.


Dutch also played two songs we don’t usually catch live so that was incredible. The roomie and I have seen her live quite a bit and each show is different. It really makes you feel like the tickets were worth it. I’ve seen some bands multiple times and it just gets boring. Dutch manages to keep it fresh and exciting every damn time! Old songs, new songs, it doesn’t matter! Every song Ms. ReBelle performs is pure amazingness. I always say it, but her lyrics and flow are incredible.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite song from Dutch. She has a song for everything, whether I need to be amped up before a long day at work or just need to relax and “Recline”. 2015 will be the year of Dutch ReBelle and the goddess and I’m so glad I caught all of these amazing ones live and all in one place.


After the show, we caught up with Shea and Dutch ReBelle so Mr. Richard could give them his portraits he made for them. I stayed warm with my new Shea Rose beanie as 1:00 AM outside in Boston during winter isn’t the warmest place on earth. Check out the roomie’s art below (photo credit goes to @DutchReBelle herself on Instagram) and be sure to catch any of the ladies from this show live next time you can!!


End Of The Month Wrap Up: December 2014


Counting down to the New Year has had me reflecting on the past year a lot. Personally, it has been a major year for me and this blog. I’ve gained many followers, the social media pages are blowing up and I’ve made a lot of great personal connections through it all. I’ve also managed to get the roomie on board! I hope you’re enjoying the reviews!

The first few months of 2014, I really wasn’t posting often. Or at all. That all started to change around April and by June, I had these End of the Month Wrap Ups (check out June’s start to the wrap ups HERE), was settled into the new record room at home and was actually getting out to see more concerts.

In July, I was almost posting every day which was great – I was cataloging everything at a decent pace and just starting to manage the social media pages. Oh, and I jumped off a building! Check out my cat lady outfit and pictures of me scaling a 22 story building in Boston in the July wrap up. I also introduced the roomie to the Lowell Folk Fest and I’m already excited for the food and music next year!

August was quite the month! I first fell in love with Shea Rose, Dutch ReBelle and STL GLD at the Urban Music Fest and, well, the rest is history as you may know.

August also marked the start of what I hope to be change in America. Artists began speaking out about Michael Brown and although there have been more excessive force cases since, we’re ending the year with protests going strong and hopefully people are not only talking to each other to better our country but listening too.

September was a huge music month for me. Boston Calling, Dutch ReBelle’s album release party, so many trips to the record stores and I amped up my posting then. You can check out the original wrap up HERE for some pictures of the shows and links back to Facebook and some other posts about all the events.

In October, I went to the Boston Music Awards nominee announcement at Lawn on D since Dutch was performing again. It was here that we met her family and got to take some pictures together. I’ve said it a million times in the last few months, bit you need to check her out if you haven’t already.

November was a slower month for music as the holidays were approaching but there were some pretty awesome small events I managed to get to. Check them out HERE.

Even with all the hectic holiday dashing around I’ve done this month, I’ve managed to keep up on posting in December and managed to get to the Boston Music Awards. You can check out the original post if you’d like, but if not, let me tell you, it was quite the experience.

Everything seemed to come full circle, with Dutch winning an award. We’d been to a free show, her album release, the nominee announcement to see her and then to watch her perform right after winning was incredibly amazing.

I also got out to the record store on Saturdays, always starting with a quick trip to the diner around the corner. This last weekend we were joined by a friend from Lynn and it was a battle of who could dig faster and snipe out the best records. She’ll likely be attending the Dutch ReBelle and Shea Rose concert with us next month.

Well, that was my whole year in a nutshell. I hope you all had equally fantastic years and continue to do so into the New Year! Be safe tonight and have some fun!!

Mr. Richard Reviews: Boston Music Awards 2014

Wow, what a fun night we had! Firstly, the venue at the Revere Hotel Boston Common was perfect. It is gorgeous, the staff was super friendly, and the stage area separations were ideal for this kind of event (not to Yelp too much). Secondly, Frank’s daughter, my best friend and sugar roommate, looked amazing as did most of the crowd and she not only tolerated but moderated my mania. And thirdly, because of its size and setup, the performances were beyond intimate for a well-respected award show.

I had so much fun dancing, that I actually produced feet sweat, which is hard for someone with a handicapped walk. Strategically, we mostly stayed in the Space 57 Stage, as Dutch Rebelle was performing there before STL GLD was set to play. It worked out as we both enjoyed Creaturos, Sidewalk Driver, and Goddamn Draculas whom performed before the goddess. The stage had plenty of couches, tables and chairs, bars, and two levels around it. Although the acoustics could have been affected by the concrete floor and walls, the amount of fans buffered it well enough that there were few hiccups.

As always Ms. Rebelle put on an amazing performance, dressed to the nine, before being awarded hip-hop artist of the year. We were so close she was basically walking around us and that’s rare for a live show. Sidewalk Driver certainly took advantage of this opportunity by changing wardrobe for every song and singing in the middle of the crowd. This was as memorable a Dutch experience as when we went to the initial nomination show, in the rain, at Lawn On D. It’s so nice that Ms. Rebelle and her family recognize us now and don’t mind when we swing by and mingle for a few minutes. Her family support system is so incredibly charming that it makes me envious. Her mother loves that I know a little Haitian Creole and speak French, because she always hugs me now and asks about us.

STL GLD turned it up for this appearance for sure. We moved over to Theatre 1 Stage after Dutch Rebelle to catch the end of Johnny A, who definitely deserved his Hall of Fame recognition, before STL GLD went on. Again, we got a front row couch seat, with tables, and it was a nice break before Moe Pope and The Arcitype wowed us with sound. We were glad that Moe addressed the situations with race and the police across the country. We were also pleased that The Arcitype, as always, switched up some of his samples for their songs. For example, we got a Peter, Bjorn, and John as well as a Johnny Cash clip for sure! He is an amazing producer and has great chemistry with Moe Pope and Christopher Talken on stage. Of course, Talken was quite drunk after taking advantage of free drinks for performers and they went on late. He’s always able to perform though, like during Dutch Rebelle’s ‘Rebelle Diaries’ release party.

I would just like to thank my roommate for being such a great person in general. I’m not the only one whom she cares deeply for without judgment. She truly made my night and weekend and we plan on returning next year undoubtedly! Without her in my life, none of this would be possible. She is my goddess and a rare gem of a friend.

– Mr. Richard

Boston Music Awards!

This was my first time attending the Boston Music Awards and it was an experience like no other. It was very classy and intimate, truly amazing! And the proceeds go right back to charity too!

Obviously, the roomie, Mr. Richard was with me as some of our favorites were nominated. He even wrote up a little post for tomorrow so be sure to check back!

Although we didn’t catch every act, what we did see was well worth it.


Before I get into it really, lets go into a little background on the awards. They’ve been around for 27 years now and the nominees are selected by a wide variety of 172 people dedicated to the music industry including Music Editors / Journalists, DJs, Artist Managers, Music Producers and Professors of Music.

All proceeds from the BMAs goes to Music Drives Us which is a New England non-profit organization supplying grants to music programs designed to effect positive change for people of all ages. The focus of the Foundation is on:

  • Music Therapy – Using music to help people develop relationships and address issues they may not be able to with words.
  • Music Education – Funding scholarships for worthy music students in Boston public schools
  • Music Enrichment – Funding for New England school music programs and live performances

Shea Rose, STL GLD, Dutch ReBelle, Lake Street Dive, Bad Rabbits and more were up for awards. I can’t find the full list of artists that were up for awards, but the Herald summed up all the performances very nicely. Check out their article HERE since I missed a few acts!


First act we saw was Creaturos. I’m not too familiar with the local punk scene, aside from a few acts people at work have named but these guys had the lungs to get the job done. It was a bit off, seeing people in sparkling cocktail dresses while also feeling like you should be in a garage or basement drinking PBRs. Also, as a bit of a side note, the beards in the crowd were epic. I mean, they were full, luscious and numerous. It was a hairy heaven.


Second, Sidewalk Driver was up on the stage we set ourselves up at. I apparently missed something because this group is the one to know. A bit outside my normal realm of things lately (I go through waves with genres, like them all but focus can go all over) but I was enthralled by Sidewalk Driver.

The music got you moving and the stage performance was absolutely insane. Tiny hats, a light up hood, butterfly wings… the list goes on! They had fun, shot glitter into the air and it translated beautifully to the crowd. Everyone was bopping around with huge smiles. There are some more pictures on @MyDadsAlbums on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to get over to check them out!

imageWe also caught Goddamn Draculas before the actual awards started. It’s funny, I kept catching the lead singer through the crowd and thought he was my friend from work. Up close they do look very different but it’s the general appearance and styling from a distance that got me.

They all rocked it out but I found the crowd was loaded with the group’s friends and family up front so it was harder to get decent pictures even though I was right up front. They were also up before the awards presentation so they started late and in order to play their set, they were slightly rushed off at the end. They got the songs in, but the planning should of planned a little break knowing all shows tend to be off by a minute or two!


 Keytar Bear did a nice medley of all the artist of the year nominees. How can you not love him?!?! Every time somebody gets to work and says they saw him, I get pissed if I missed him performing in the subway. He tends to be at Harvard a lot and I never get out that way because I work in Back Bay.

Side note: If you happen to be one of those f*ckers that has punched and assaulted Keytar Bear, I will find you and do the same. You don’t do that you degenerate piece.


Dutch won Hip Hop Artist of the Year! That was the most exciting part of the awards by far. Shea and STL GLD were not winners this year and that’s unfortunate but if all nominees have diehard fans like the roomie and I are of Shea, Dutch and STL GLD then it’s tough running! I voted twice (shhhh!) for my picks.


Dutch hit the stage and my mind was blown. I’ve seen her a few time now and really, every time it’s fresh and exciting. She looked stunning this evening and to perform right off a win but have been exhilarating. She, her hype man and DJ were definitely feeling it and when you feel the love, you give love right back to the crowd.

I posted so many pictures already and more videos are coming so, again, please be sure to hop on over to Facebook and Instagram to check them all out.


We moved stages after Dutch’s performance and caught the end of Johnny A.’s performance. Don’t recognize the name? He’s huge; playing with both the J. Geils Band and Peter Wolf and having a successful solo career. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame last night and is definitely deserving! Oh and that A. for a last name? Shortened like most of my Greek folks down from Antonopoulos!


The last performance of the night that we caught was STL GLD. The show went on longer, but I had to work Monday (which is also why this post wasn’t done first thing Monday!). I always make it a point to catch them as I love their infusion of sounds. Hip hop, screaming, classic songs all fused together into this mix of pure epicness.


I also greatly appreciate the fact that they did touch on the current situation. The crowd chanted “I can’t breathe” for a few moments. I’ve briefly met Moe Pope’s family and it’s tragic that he has to worry about his kids. Didn’t we fight this battle decades ago? Why are we still so quick to judge and react with violence still? It’s barbaric and things need to change. We can’t keep going at this pace, we need peace and understanding for every human – regardless of color, gender or sexuality.

I guess that’s about it for this year’s Boston Music Awards, at least for me! I definitely suggest you check them out next year if you’re in the area. It’s a blast and with proceeds going to charity, I’m probably going to be upgrading to VIP tickets next year!!

End Of The Month Wrap Up: November 2014

November was more of a laid back month for me, at least when it comes to music. With the holidays coming up, I’ve been a bit more focused on friends and family (and shopping!). I did pick up tickets to the Boston Music Awards and the Ladies of Boston Rock (with Shea Rose and Dutch ReBelle – my hip hop goddesses from the city) for December and January!

I’m really excited to see the BMA’s. It’ll be my first time there and there’s a fantastic mix of musicians, some new and some I’ve seen like STL GLD. They’re nominated for an award as well as Dutch and Shea. Oh, and Keytar Bear is performing!!

Although, not completely music related, the roommate and I stumbled upon the TedX Talk in Brookline. I had heard about the Ted talks but had never attended one before. If you’re not familiar either, please, check it out! Shea Rose was speaking so it was obvious we were going once we found out about it. I don’t even know where to begin writing about the experience though! It was so inspiring and heartwarming.


Shea Rose took the stage to discuss losing her voice, both literally and figuratively. She had a polyp on her vocal cords and had to remain speechless until after surgery. The roommate could relate as he lost his “voice” by being unable to make art during the time he was bedridden. I can’t imagine never hearing her sing and am so thankful she pushed through after surgery and is here today.


She also spoke of the pressures within the music industry to be “urban” or to be “blacker” or she’d never get a record deal. Upon actually being offered that record deal with a major label, she decided no, she didn’t want to lose her voice again and turned them down. It takes true strength to stand up for yourself like that and I was moved to tears at this point. Who would want to change Shea Rose to be anything but herself? That’s what I love most about her!


We didn’t really intend on staying too long, as I was sick leading up to the talk and needed to work the next day but we caught the next speaker, David Sengeh. You can check out some more information on him HERE. A mutli-talented man from Sierra Leone, he works to better fit people in prosthetic limbs. He could very well just focus on his work at MIT, but instead continues to work with the youth to inspire and push them towards their dreams. Oh, and he also raps!

November also brought us the Aaliyah movie on Lifetime. The hour long documentary prior to the movie had me choking back tears at the funeral footage. We lost that star far, far too young. As for the movie itself, well, the costume department did pretty well. Casting, acting, overall storytelling of Aaliyah’s life and music catalog were all pretty terrible. Let’s just say, if the family doesn’t support it, it’s probably for a reason. It was a huge disappointment and certainly did no justice to the legend that is Aaliyah.

I did manage to hit a pretty big milestone this month. My 1000th Single / EP was entered! It ended up being The Routers, check the post out HERE. You may remember that I made the decision to split the lists in Excel so it’s now three tabs; Full LPs, Singles / EPs (7″ and 12″) and then 10″ LPs, EPs and singles. It’s easier to find everything when I’m checking to see if we have a song or not. It’s also a lot easier to make note of these milestones. They push me to keep going.


Don’t forget! If you want to see images of Dawson and Daria, the whole vinyl collection or local musicians, hop on over to the Instagram account for My Dad’s Albums. Hashtag your own vinyl pictures with #MyDadsAlbums so I can check them out too!

Nifty Links For November:

Be sure to follow My Dad’s Albums on Facebook for all the links I share. These are the best ones from the last month for you!

Do you ever get jealous of another person’s record collection? I do all the time! One collection I’m insanely jealous of is Questlove’s. I mean, it just makes me drool in envy! Check out Questlove’s (you know, from The Roots) record collection HERE.

Need some new jewelry and have an eclectic style, kind of like me? Check out THIS blog from Vinyl Expressionz. The blog is just starting out but I found it through Instagram and am planning on ordering my own necklace soon on their Etsy page! I have their Facebook and Etsy pages listed on my Great Links page too if you’re interested in getting a piece of your own.

As we enter December, there’s a lot of holidays coming up. I hope everyone, of every faith has a fantastic month! November, as relaxing as it was for me, was a month of turmoil for this country. I was very worked up by the events because I just want us to respect each other and treat every single person equally. You don’t need to like every person you meet but at least take a minute to hear their story. Much love to you all!

End Of The Month Wrap Up: October 2014


Happy Halloween everyone! Before we get into some of the best Halloween, spooktacular songs, I do want to kind of wrap up October. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as some summer months, but I’m definitely not a cold weather person. I need to move south, to an island, in the tropics with drinks in coconuts now.

Well, I guess I did do one pretty damn spectacular thing this month. I met Dutch ReBelle at the Lawn on D. You can check out the original post HERE. She is so inspiring, kind and talented, I could go one too but I’ll spare you since you should be checking out the original post! My roommate, I’ve mentioned his chronic diseases before, had been down in the dumps but now she’s inspired him to start “arting” again. It makes me happy to see him come around. I’m even going to show him off a little bit!

Aside from cataloging while he creates, we’ve hit up record stores and added a ton of new albums to the mix. Mostly reggae, but a few international records for you guys outside the US. I check my stats, I see you visiting! I’ve posed the pictures on Instagram and have an album on Facebook so be sure you’re following along on social media too!


I haven’t posted too many links in my last updates, but y’all should test your knowledge with THIS quiz on Buzzfeed. It takes little pieces of album covers and you need to try and identify the album off just that. It’s actually pretty tricky!

It’s Halloween and I’m definitely in the mood for some candy. I mean, I’m in the mood to pass out candy to all the neighborhood kids. Yeah, I’m totally giving them candy, right, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Not eat three bags yourself… Anyway, I wanted to create a little playlist to get in the mood. What do you think is the spookiest song?

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

Marilyn Manson – This is Halloween

Nina Simone’s I Put a Spell on You OR Screamin’ Jay Hawkins version

Rob Zombie – Dragula

D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – A Nightmare on My Street

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

Sheb Wooley – The Purple People Eater


In the simplest description from their Facebook page, Moe Pope and The Arcitype have teamed up to become STL GLD, the most exciting up and coming Emcee/Producer duo hailing from Boston, Ma. Both have been in the game for a considerable time and in my opinion, their teaming is one of the greatest things to happen to the Boston music scene.

We first caught them live at the Urban Music Fest and then again at Dutch ReBelle’s albums release. The album is definitely different from their stage shows which is really cool. I really appreciate not feeling like I spent money to see a group when it’s just like I could have put on an album. The live performances are a bit more hardcore while the album is on the laid back side. The album features a ton of other artists, one of which the roommate and I have seen together, Reks. Based on this album, we’ll probably be checking out the rest!


The album itself came with the digital download which is perfect since I’ll want it on my phone for the way to work. The album art is also pretty damn awesome. Instead of a plain insert, they used the above image and the album itself is white.




Side One

Sunrise feat. Tea Leigh
Zombies feat. Ruste Juxx & Reks
Bastard feat. Jake Mehrmann & Chris Klaxton (of Tan Vampires)
Kill ‘Em All feat. Tea Leigh
Sid Vicious
Rock Me Pt. III feat. Fran-P & Anonymous

Side Two

Conquest / Go-Ho feat. Dua Boakye (of Bad Rabbits)
Evryday feat. Chris Klaxton
PNY BOY The Hustler
Farewell feat. Jake Mehrmann (of Tan Vampires)