Back Up And Spinning: Part Two (Folk Cats At A Wedding)

Part one of my reintroduction mentioned that I was busy with the fundraiser, but I’ve also had a lot of other stuff to keep up on. Babies, weddings, work and whatnot. You know how it can be. It’s a double edge sword, you want enough to do in your life to stay interested but when you’re writing about it, you also need time to write about it all!

This last week was jammed packed. Maybe everything should be broken up into different posts, but hey, I’m just getting back after a hiatus and need to ease into everything. This weekend wasn’t really supposed to be that full of activities, we were just going to a wedding and the folk fest was going on.

Acro-Cats 2015 Sign

That all changed Thursday. I was sitting at the desk job, and good old VanyaLand (love that blog, check it out) had an article about the Acro-Cats and I recognized the act from an Animal Planet show. Turns out, they were in town! Obviously, we had to go!!

Acro-Cats 2015

I don’t remember a time when I have laughed more. Seriously. The show started with simple tricks by a few of the cats but the three ladies running the show added great commentary between everything.

The audience were also participants, laughing and shouting for all the cats as they went through hoops, climbed poles and darted across the stage. A few times, the cats joined us in the seats! My favorite tricks included the applause sign which was lit when one cat would hit a button and when they would climb up above six feet and hop down onto the back of the trainers.

Acro-Cats Collage

Tuna was the star of the show, but the other cats were equally adorable. Above is Tuna on the cowbell and the rest of the cats up close. There was a meet and great after the show. Most of the cats don’t like to be pet, but one cat was gracious enough to let us snuggle.

There were a lot of kids in the audience so the show wrapped up pretty early, which was nice since Mr. Richard and I had to get to a wedding the next day in Western Massachusetts.

We get Wedding Guest Fancy

The wedding was beautiful. A work friend, we went for the groom and his now wife planned a wonderful day. Every detail was covered for the entire day; it was like a twelve hour day! We ended up leaving early, with me feeling that it would best to get a little of everything and do more than burn out on one thing.

Lowell Canals

Sunday, we woke up early to get back in time for the Lowell Folk Fest. I was a little upset, we were only about forty-five minutes late and still missed the pierogis! We parked by the Swamp Locks in the canals so our walk over to the festival was really pretty.

Trolley Selfies at the Lowell Folk Fest

We also managed to catch the trolley and have a scenic ride over to the food. The food! Oh my goodness, the selection of food is overwhelming. We immediately got in line for the Polish tent and I had Mr. Richard wait while I got drinks and samosas. We ate those while we waited but unfortunately, as I mentioned, the pierogis were gone.

It was sad, but I instead filled up on some Greek dessert, a fried dough with honey and nuts while Mr. Richard had some spinach pie. We topped everything with ice cream. It was a delicious mixture! My little cousin works the ice trucks and had a gyro which looked amazing as well.

Lowell Folk Fest 2015 Art Walk

After feeling stuffed, we walked down the artist way, and this year had some fantastic artists, particularly the fabric arts. I really fell in love with the different textiles. It was a beautiful contrast to have traditional African or Caribbean fabrics contrasted with the North American styles Lowell is known for.

Lowell Folk Fest Art Walk

Of course, they do demonstrations and you can purchase items if you’re so inclined!

Boarding Park Stage Folk Fest 2015

At the end of the walk, we were at Boarding Park Stage and it was an Armenian act. They really got the crowd going, a lot of folks got up to dance and celebrate the culture. I don’t know how many times I can say it, I love Lowell for it’s diversity and this folk fest is really the perfect example of it all.

Indian Dance Collage Folk Fest 2015

Before we headed back around, we managed to catch a talented act out of a Brookline, MA Indian dance school. These girls were incredible! I took a ton of pictures and videos because all of it was stunning. The hair, make up, saris and of course, the dance moves were all gorgeous.

See, they were amazing! I do try to keep it all different and interesting, so make sure you check out the social media pages like Facebook and Instagram for even more footage.

Lowell Canals by Swamp Locks

As we headed back to the canals for the tour, we found some really great spots for taking pictures, I hope to go down there next weekend at some point for a little side project. We also learned a lot about Lowell, including the original settlers, the immigrants that maintained what the settlers started and how we got where we are today.

Lowell Canal Boat Tour

The tour also focused a bit on the environment. Due to the industrial nature, the river was so polluted but now it’s up to a class B which means you can now swim in it. I remember how it worked it’s way up! The river used to be absolutely horrible.

The whole day was really informative but I was exhausted by the end of the entire weekend. I spent Sunday catching up on some TV with my feet up, somehow trying to write some posts. Tonight when I get home though, I plan on doing some cataloging so everything catches back up to steam by mid-week.

Part of the blogging hiatus was spent planning how the blog would look coming back. I’ve broken down the “Things Randomly Related to the Collection” section into even more. It was a lot of work on the backend of things so it’s not super noticeable but do check out the category section on the right or bottom of any post to explore!

There’s sections now! Life Updates, Concerts, Record Stores and more. It’ll be easier to find anything you’re looking for, well, that’s the goal anyway! What else? I hoping to include a weekly events schedule on Sundays too so you can catch local Boston music too.

Back Up And Spinning

It has been over a month now since my last post and I do apologize! As many of you know, I had been working on a fundraiser for the Special Olympics and it really ate up a lot more time than I expected. We had 50/50 raffles, a bar night and bake sales over the last two months so it really felt like every moment outside of the day job was focused on fundraising.

I did still manage to do a lot of fun things that I wanted to share with y’all but just didn’t have the time to get posts up so I’m going to dive into the last two months’ activities here. Well, not really June since it really didn’t end with a bang or any sort of music related activity.

Fourth of July fireworks 2015

You know what’s kind of odd? Mr. Richard and I have been roommates for nearly a decade now and we’ve never watched fireworks together. They’re loud, you usually get ash in your face and the smokey smell is kinda obnoxious. However, in the interest of new experiences and adventures, we went out to Revere Beach on the Fourth this year to watch the fireworks with friends and listen to one of the Grateful Dead’s last shows.

Roomie selfies on Revere beach 7/4/15

Fireworks on Revere beach 7/4/2015

The fireworks were simply spectacular and one of the best private displays I’ve seen. We were on a private beach and the entire mile must have had set ups every few feet. The fireworks went off for hours all down the beach. I posted some time lapse videos on social media so make sure you’re following along!

Mr. Richard screen fun

After some of the main fireworks set ups had calmed down, we went back to our friend’s to listen to the Dead. As you can tell, we had a bit of fun with the screen and trippy graphics. It felt a bit like college again but I suppose that feeling is heightened by the fact we ran into one of our friends from back in the day. That’s New England. So small town, you can never really escape people you know!

After hanging with hippies for the Fourth, we needed a little hip hop back in our lives so the roomie and I hit up Boston’s Hip Hop festival at the Middle East in Cambridge. We got there a little late, which was unfortunate because we missed out on some great acts, but I did get to see some of my favorites! I really would have liked to get the festival it’s own post, but it just never happened.

STL GLD Hip Hop Fest 2015

We walked in for STL GLD’s set so right off the bat, I was happy. If you are following along with my social media pages, you know I’m currently obsessing over the group. I dare say, I’m even fan girling out over them. The best part about seeing them live is the energy. Between the Arcitype’s insane musical skills and ability, Moe Pope’s lyrical content and delivery and Chris Talken’s hype man screams, you really can’t just sit still.

There’s a listening party coming up in August for their new EP and I’m overly excited. If you can make it out, do so. You’ll be bummed if you miss one of the first chances to hear their new tracks.

Akrobatik Hip Hop Fest 2015

Up next was Akrobatik. Mr. Richard is very familiar with his work, me not so much. Sometimes, it just becomes overwhelming to keep up with everyone’s discography. Despite this, I still greatly enjoyed his fifteen minutes and wanted more time on stage.

Reks Hip Hop Fest 2015

A smoke break later and we were back inside in time for Reks. Again, Mr. Richard is more familiar than I am, but I’m definitely planning on listening more. We’ve seen him live before so by now, I should really have some of his songs under my belt. I also need to figure out where he got tattooed, I really like his arm ones!

Dutch ReBelle Hip Hop Fest 2015

Dutch ReBelle was the last act I managed to snag some pictures of. Unfortunately, right after her set, I felt horrible. My stomach was apparently trying to escape my body and it felt like it was about to bust through my belly button to do so.

Any time I get to see Dutch ReBelle, I’m there for it. You all know this by now. This 15 minute set of hers was one of the best showings I’ve personally seen from her.

All of the acts at the Hip Hop fest, even the ones not mentioned here are phenomenal. It’s refreshing to take a break from the same 20 songs on the radio that all seem to contain the same lyrics and music and actually listen to something authentic.

OTEBoston 2015 Rappel

As I mentioned above, the Special Olympics fundraiser ate up a lot of time, but it’s over with now. What an exhilarating day! I rappelled twenty two stories down the side of the Hyatt in Boston and raised nearly $1,100 for the Special Olympics! My team raised over 24K!

OTEBoston 2015

It was an incredibly humbling experience, and not just because you’re on a ledge 22 stories above the city, but because you get to meet these amazing athletes that give their all and never give up. We say they should have limitations, but they don’t. They’re strong. They’re smart. They’re determined. And lastly, they’re beautiful. Inside and out.

OTEBoston Collage 2015

I was honored to have my girls with me this year. I honestly can’t believe I talked them into this!

As if rappelling a building wasn’t enough for one weekend, Outside the Box made its return to Boston that same weekend. I wasn’t familiar or into most of the acts and since I was so busy, it was convenient to skip out on most days. I’m sure I did miss out on a lot, but I was focused on getting there Sunday to see Shea Rose.

Air Traffic Controller OTB2015

I overslept was and was kind of pooped so we didn’t make it until Air Traffic Controller was on stage for Sunday’s events, but they put on a great show. Boston’s music seen is so diverse but you can get lost in one genre so it’s nice to see acts you normally wouldn’t.

Shea Rose OTB2015

Shea Rose absolutely slayed her performance. I mean slayed. She always does, but this performance featured a medley at the end of all cover songs. It was epic! I posted some footage on social media and the divine Miss Shea even shared one of the pictures herself.

Honestly, since the show was last week and I’ve been to a cat circus, wedding and folk fest since, I’m not really doing it justice. I would really suggest trolling around for videos of the event. It’s a great, free festival and more arts should be public like this.

There’s so much more, especially from this last weekend, including the Lowell Folk Fest so I’m going to break up this post into two parts. Look for part two tomorrow and for your regularly scheduled vinyl posts to resume soon after!

End Of The Month Wrap Up: May 2015

I said I wanted to make May a more musical month and I did for sure. However, my mix of wanting to see love music, the Special Olympics fundraiser and just a tad bit of laziness didn’t make for an excellent cataloging and blog month. I do apologize for leaving you, my faithful followers hanging!!

Ea$y Money Preview Party

Like I said, it was a more musical month with mine and the roomie’s first trip out to Ea$y Money’s listening party for his new music. We found out about it because Mr. Richard is now interning for Killer Boombox. He’s starting up this week I believe so we’ll have some more events on the horizon and I’m really excited for him.


The party was at AWOL, a sneaker and clothing store in Alston. It made for an intimate feel and Seduce vodka was there serving up some adult beverages. Pretty much everyone from the Boston rap and hip hop scene was there, Dutch ReBelle, members of STL GLD, etc. There happens to be a show coming up at the Middle East with all of them in a few months so if you’re in the area, be sure to look it up.

Ea$y Money at Preview Party

At times, it was a bit hard to hear the music, with everyone chatting but I do strongly recommend you head over to iTunes and download Ea$y Money’s new album ASAP. The samples used are dope, there were a few instances with the crowd singing along and his flow is damn on point too.

Piff Unit in Lawrence MA

That was the beginning of the month and we kept it pretty low key until last weekend. We ventured up to Lawrence. LawTown as they call it, LawlessTown as the roommate calls it. We went up because Dutch was going to be there, so as much as we did enjoy finding some new acts like Piff Unit, I was bummed she only performed Yen. Aside from Piff Unit (above), we also got some songs by Ea$y Money and Terminology.

Lumidee in Lawrence MA

Closing out the show was Lumidee. Since Lawrence does have that reputation, lights went up and security was quick to rush us out.  And by quick, I mean, I’m glad I didn’t need to us the rest room or anything because I’m sure they would have watched. We were rushed to waiting police, rushing everyone to their cars. It was a little intense.

When it was over with, it was still a great show. Dutch can always perform, even switching out mics mid song without missing a beat. Check out my Instagram for that!

June is the month of Boone – Pat Boone! I have pretty much scheduled those out so here’s hoping there’s no hiccups! I’m also planning on getting back to work on the blog. As much as I want to get back on it right away tonight, it’s getting late and I have a Special Olympian visiting my office tomorrow that I need to prepare for.

Raffles in the office every week, bake sales every two weeks and a bar night coming up! I’ve hit my initial goal for the fundraiser, but I’m hoping to have my whole team of 22 hit $30,000 for the Special Olympics. We have just under 50 days until the rappel down the Hyatt in Boston and are at almost at $18,000 so I think it’s very possible!

You can check out my fundraising page HERE (it’d be f*cking awesome if you donated) and follow along on the My Dad’s Albums Facebook page for a more personal look at my adventure from start to rappel day!

Over the Edge 2014 Collage

End Of The Month Wrap Up: April 2015

How are we at the end of April already? The start of the month was pretty slow but by the end of the month we had lots of things to do and places to be. It seems like we ate a ton, which we definitely did, but we did a ton of record store shopping (see the weekly wrap ups) and spent a lot of time with friends. There were some great local shows we wanted to get to as well, but we never ended up making any. I want to make May a more musical month for sure.

A lot of what we had to do surrounded my birthday, but Mr. Richard and I also attended a wedding! It was actually my first sort of affair as a functioning adult so it was a new and exciting experience off the bat. One of my friends was finally getting hitched so I dressed up, did my nails (kinda obsessed with Jamberry) and we went out for their reception after city hall. I failed a bit and didn’t get a picture with the bride, but I also had some gross sinuses mid month and bailed fairly early.


The reception was in Jamaica Plain and there was a terrific mood set. I am pretty socially awkward in those settings so I’m looking forward to a more intimate lunch or dinner with the bride and groom some time soon.

We did end up grabbing dinner downtown in Boston at Zocalo after to use up one of the gift certificates the roomie’s parents got us, but it was a pretty early and sober night for me. I had taken three days off that week and barely left the house. It was pretty pathetic! I had all of these plans, take my aunt’s dog for walks, visit my mom, clean the house and so on but nothing got done. I’m really thankful to have a roomie like I do to at least keep up on laundry and whatnot when I go down like for days.

Last weekend was really where we crammed things in because I turned 29 on the 28th. Wooo! Honestly, it doesn’t feel that exciting but maybe next year I’ll get amped. I just wanted to spend time with good people.

Friday we went for sushi at Moksa in Central Square. The cocktails were delicious and the food was really good. I didn’t take any pictures, we were busy actually talking with friends, but trust me here people. We started off with tempura and spring rolls. The sweet potato tempura was unbelievable. Cooked all the way through but not soggy at all. Mr. Richard got a vegetarian platter of sushi and I got the pad thai while our friends got some fish rolls. Everything was presented beautifully and the food matched the presentation.

If you’re going to be in the Boston area soon, check out for one of their deals to Moksa. It’s definitely worth it to pick up the voucher! No paid plug here, I’m just literally obsessed with the site. I blame the roomie’s mom since her Christmas gifts got me hooked. The one we had from Mr. Richard’s parents was good for $60.00 in food but I’m pretty sure there’s one with a drink credit on there now.

LifeAliveOn Saturday, after our usual record store shopping, we went for a light dinner and attended a play put on by the Middlesex Community College at Lowell High School. We ended up at Life Alive which has a location in Lowell and Cambridge. Their apple slices with hummus is a really tasty snack and their smoothies are flavorful. I thought they wouldn’t be sweet enough for me, but they were really good even without being loaded with sweeteners. We also got a PB&J but it wasn’t that great to photograph. It’s on a wrap so it’s kind of awkward. It was really good though, with natural peanut butter and strawberry jam.


The play we saw was Bat Boy the Musical. It was produced very well and the cast was amazing. Mr. Richard and I laughed throughout the entire play. Overall, it was a really entertaining comedy with an enlightening message. I won’t spoil too much in case there’s a local showing in your town, but it opens with the discovery of Bat Boy and his capture and leads you to his eventually domesticating at the hands of a local family. The sheriff and towns folk are of course frightened but that’s not the twist! See it yourself for the final act, it’s really good! My mom recommended we go because she laughed through three nights prior (she works at the school).


On Monday, Mr. Richard and I had tickets for the Sox game and we decided to make it a full day in Boston. We hit up the Gardner museum to take in some art since it’s free on birthdays (well, in my case the Monday or Wednesday after since they’re closed on Tuesdays). If you wear Red So gear or have an EBT (food stamps) card, you can get $2 off any day too! I hadn’t been in years, I think since we went on a field trip the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. Summer field trip? Yep! I was in pre-college for some credits up at Maine College of Art. Anyway, back to this year’s visit…


Have you ever been? If you’re in Boston, visit. Seriously. I know, there’s the MFA and ICA but make the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum your first stop. They’ve added a new wing and everything but the core of Isabella’s home remains untouched (well, minus the art stolen in the largest art heist). She was a woman you aspire to be, wealthy with an appreciation for arts and love of people. Her humanity stretches to this date, in preserving the museum after her death.


We spent some time just lounging around the main level where you could snap photos and they had paper and pencils available for doodling. Of course the roomie drew for a bit while I snapped pictures of the garden. You can check everything on the Facebook page and Instagram account for My Dad’s Albums!


Oh, and of course, we selfied. They do have really great info books around too if you’re interested in the fauna and how it changes throughout the seasons. We were just coming out of the winter lilies in case you’re wondering.


The garden is just so stunning. I really couldn’t help but take a million pictures from every angle. Imagine Isabella hosting lavish gardens here! With musical friends from all over! I didn’t take pictures in the room, but the yellow room contained letters from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and more that I can’t remember the name of now. It’s truly amazing how well known and connected Ms. Gardner was, before the dawn of social media.


Obviously, we were there for the art. Mr. Richard would like for me to let you know there was lots of uh, male genitalia. You can’t really take him anywhere. The collection is impressive. Titian, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Manet, Degas, Whistler, Sargent! All the names you recognize from any art history class, or Google if you want to look smart. I remember so many of the paintings from my own art history classes, like the one I met Mr. Richard in!

How could you not be inspired here? There is literally art around every little corner and nook.


After the museum we hit up one of our favorite spots in Boston, well Brighton. Darbar restaurant. Do you eat Halal? Eat here. Don’t eat Halal? Eat here. It’s the most delicious, scrumptious, filling food you’ll get. For less than $40 with a tip, you’ll be stuffed. Yeah, I’m still burping up pakora but it’s so worth it.


Game time. We showed up late but I looked good. Like I said above, I’m pretty obsessed with Jamberry wraps and ordered these in special for the game. I think they’re pretty magical because this wound up being one of the best games I’ve ever been to. Spoiler: SOX WON!


When at the ball game, one must take lots of pictures. It’s kind of my rule. I had plenty of reason to for this game! I managed to catch a fly ball! Well not epically catch, more like awkwardly chase after a ball and yell “it’s my birthday” at the other people. I’ve never even come close to getting one so I was ecstatic!


Fenway is like my holy ground, one of the most beautiful places you can be. Manmade that is. The monster, Pesky’s pole, the wall of team logos, it’s all so perfect and sacred. Yes, I’m one of the people that love the movie Fever Pitch.


I didn’t shut up about my ball and I must have told Mr. Richard a million times, it was the most perfect birthday. I think if you don’t plan on too much, the universe hands you moments of true bliss. I spent my actual birthday relaxing after breakfast with my favorite aunt and mom. You can’t really ask for too much more these days.

I don’t mean to cram it in down at the bottom of this post, but April was also a turbulent month for my country. I don’t condone rioting, but I also feel that in some ways, its the only way people pay attention. There is injustice and this country is messed up. If there are both white and black criminals why are the punishments different? If there are good white people and good black people, why don’t we honor them all the same? It’s the underlying injustices that affect people everyday. We need to change before we revert into archaic thinking and ways. I hope our future is bright and we can one day find some peace. I care for all of you and will do what I can to make tomorrow better.


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/20 – 4/26)

Did everybody catch the showing of Friday with Ice Cube in theaters this week? I didn’t because of the marathon and the amount of tourists / blocked roadways I’d have to get around. I’ve also seen the movie about 1000 times so it was okay I missed it. I do hope a new generation appreciates the classic movie and they don’t remake it. So sick of that trend!


I did pop over to the glass walkway by Lord & Taylor on Boylston Street to watch the Boston Marathon. It wasn’t far from the finish line, kind of just out of view, but I didn’t need to wait in many check points to watch the race for a bit. Every runner is inspiring, but I was so pumped to know that one of the Special Olympians I’m doing the Over the Edge fundraiser for was out there running.

This week was a bit hectic, I babysat on Wednesday night, did a sushi dinner with Mr. Richard and some of my girls on Friday, went to Garnick’s and a play on Saturday and have a few more treats lined up over the next few days. Look for the monthly wrap up if you want to know more, but for now, let’s focus on Garnick’s.


We went a bit later in the afternoon and it was a bit slower in there. The front is coming along very nicely, with a lot of jukes moved out of the way to display more records. It’s mostly western and folk up there but I found some gems that went into the bag for later. I think we’re also going to pop in there for my birthday on Tuesday so I didn’t want to spend too much right off the bat. Honestly, we have so much set aside and keep putting more aside, it’s a bit ridiculous, but that’s kind of the best part!

We ended up walking out with:

Living Color

Lady Red

Chuck Stanley

Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy

Jefferson Starship

Sesame Street album

…and a whole lot more! I was surprised by the amount of albums we came home with for $30, but Robert gave us a deal on a lot of them since they’re not in the greatest condition.

Don’t forget! You can donate $10.00 to my Special Olympics Over the Edge fundraiser to help bring me closer to my goal of $1000! Every $500 I raise covers an athlete for the year – transportation, facilities, equipment, etc. so lets do this people!!! Check out the page HERE to donate and learn more.


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/14 – 4/19)


This week was Record Store Day so on Friday night, we fueled up on some Mexican food in Boston. Zocalo Back Bay to be exact. Don’t let the hostess’ resting bitch face fool you, this place has great margaritas and the service was quite lovely. We were treated very well despite being there on a voucher.

We got home late Friday so the Saturday exploits for Record Store Day started a bit late and we didn’t hit up any larger record stores, opting to stay local. Our first stop was our home away from home, Garnick’s.


“Every day is record store day here!” Robert replied when we wished him a happy holiday, but he did note it was busier than a normal Saturday. They even made some progress in clearing out the front to make room for records. It’s looking really great in there. I posted an image on Instagram of the new front area so make sure you’re following on social media! You don’t want to miss anything!


You know that bag I reference most every trip to Granick’s? The one with all of our records that we need to pay for but definitely want? That’s it above. It’s literally bursting at the seams and overflowing but we keep adding to it. This week I thought for sure we’d make some progress but then we found some singles we absolutely needed to have so in the bag they went. Honestly, we got way too much to list out here and this post will be pretty jammed with pictures so we’ll just leave at: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Blackstreet, Madonna and more!


Yesterday was a beautiful day out and despite my sinuses (yeah, if you’ve been following on Twitter, they were my downfall this week) Mr. Richard and I went for a nice stroll up to RRRecords. Don’t tell my mom, but I left to take out just a little more money from the ATM to splurge.


It was my first trip in, the roomie having gone many times. We didn’t make it past one small section of singles and I needed it all. Justin Timberlake, Run DMC, 2Pac and so, so much more. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept trying to limit it myself and there was so much more in there that I wanted. I definitely need to go back sooner rather than later.


I also want to give a quick shout out to a blog that shred one of my posts last week. If you’re into the 80s, much like I am, than hop over to Forever ’80s: Death by Nostalgia!

Don’t forget, it’s not too late to donate to my Over the Edge / Special Olympics fundraiser. In honor of the 12th anniversary of my dad’s passing, I’ve asked people donate $12 in his name. A few people have, but as I’ve mentioned before, I want to make this the biggest year for the event to date. Check out my personal donation page HERE if you want to learn more and donate!

Thank you so very much!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/6 – 4/13)

First up, I’d like to apologize for not closing out Rainbow Week. I thought I had prescheduled enough to get through it without getting to the last minute, but I got the flu or some sort of bug this week that knocked me out Thursday into Friday. I’m working on a new system for May so thanks for being patient while we work through some hiccups this month.

I did make it out for drinks with my girls from work on Friday so our Saturday record store trip was a little later in the afternoon. I think we were running late and worried Robert because he ended up calling while we were grabbing lunch before heading to Garnick’s. They’re doing some spring cleaning and putting more albums on the floor so it looks really good in there. The back side of the store is still a bit clustered with TVs, but next week it should be done.

I overheard Robert say that everyday now, they’re getting more and more customers that are new and looking for records. When I go there now, it’s busy! While I love the vinyl revolution, I’m also a bit wary since y’all could be digging out music from under my fingertips!


There were three stacks of new albums that they had just received so we instantly went through and picked up a lot of rock albums. I also set a ton of aside so now our bag of albums to bring home is literally bursting at the seams. It’s intense but we do occasionally decide to put some back. Sometimes. Okay, we’ve done that once.


Most often, I just set aside a certain amount of money for albums from the bag a slightly smaller amount for new albums. The goal is to bring home some of the ones we’ve had sitting for a while. I wish the bag didn’t grow as quickly as it did, but we’re lucky Robert likes us enough to let us keep doing it. Hell, he knows we’re good for it so it just encourages it! We picked up a really eclectic mix this week:



Sir Mix-A-Lot

Erroll Garner single

Miles Davis (pretty banged up and without a cover but it was a gift from Robert)


Demetrius Perry

And a few more from artists we’ve featured on here before!

This upcoming week also marks twelve years (4/15) since my dad passed away. In honor of that anniversary, I’m asking that people donate $12.00 to my Over the Edge for Special Olympics fundraising page. I do the rappel because I love the work the Special Olympics does but also because my dad pushed me to be adventurous and caring towards others. While we walked glaciers in Alaska and flew over volcanoes in the Caribbean together on our last family vacations, he always gave back to every hospital – Dana Farber in Boston and our local one at the time in New Hampshire. You can help me reach my goal and make this the biggest year for the fundraiser ever by CLICKING HERE!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/30 – 4/5)


This last Friday I was wandering around, checking out the anime convention in Boston as you can see above, and I noticed Underground Hip Hop was packed up! There was a building custodian locking up the front so I asked if they had moved. He said yes, so I had Mr. Richard look into it, and they haven’t actually found a new location. The online shop is up an running if you need a fix in the meantime, but if you were hoping to do a little physical crate digging, you’ll have to wait.


Saturday finally marked our return to Garnick’s. It felt like it had been forever! The stacks were still piled high, but I feel like that’s just a given here. Bobby had found some random albums that didn’t have covers and weren’t in 100% great condition, so he tossed those in for free this week. It definitely pays to be regulars in a local shop!

Since it’s baseball season and that is by far my favorite sport, we picked up a disc of the greatest sports moments. I forget which decade exactly, but it has some really historic moments on it and I’m really excited to enter it. The roomie and I have tickets to a Sox game at the end of the month so I might try to time it up with that. I consider Fenway holy ground and get a little teary eyed walking down the hall of old logos after all!

I still need to pay for some more work on my car, but we managed to come out with a decent haul. On top of the two free discs and sporting one, we grabbed:

Before Dark (I’ll likely be posting this soon for Rainbow Week – a week focused on colored vinyl)

Marcia Griffiths single

Changing Faces feat. Jay Z

Sam Mangwana

And lastly, a various artists reggae LP

You may have noticed that some of my posts now have a footer with a little mention of my Over the Edge rappel in Boston for the Special Olympics. I’m my company’s tem leader and due to my extreme competitiveness, I want to raise more money than last year and be the top team for the event. I rappelled the 22 stories last year and it was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences that I’ve ever had.

The Special Olympics were my first volunteering experience when I was a crappy, spoiled teenager and all of these years later, it’s nice to fully commit. I need YOUR help to do this though so I’m calling on my followers! Donate just $10.00 HERE to help out!! Imagine if just five of my followers donated ten dollars, that would be a quick $50!! What if ten people donated $10?! Mind blowing what just a few people can do!!

Every $500 we raise helps an athlete for a year. That covers transportation, securing locations, equipment, everything they need. When you think of it, it’s really not that much to cover an athlete so lets do it people!!

On that note, even though I’ll be celebrating next week with the Greek side of my family, Happy Easter everyone! Dawson wasn’t a fan of playing bunny and delivering baskets to the girls downstairs…


End Of The Month Wrap Up: March 2015

March proved to be the end of winter / start of spring lull I expected. I honestly didn’t do much this month, barely even getting to record stores for my weekly updates.

I wanted to at least get out and get to one music related event, but I found myself working and when at home, being exceptionally lazy. I’m pretty sure my sofa now has an imprint of my ass. At least I got a new sofa and can get rid of the butt stamped one! I suppose that is one thing I did this month, order some new furniture and décor for the house.

I suppose my monthly updates will also be lacking from here until July, when I go Over the Edge again for the Special Olympics. I’m the team leader for my day job this year and I really hope to make it the biggest year to date. Last year, I raised over $1000.00 and this year, I want to raise at least $1500.00. I’ll need your help to do this so be sure to hop over to my donation page HERE and donate $10.00 to help me reach my goal! Below is some of the pictures from last year and I promise this year’s outfit will be even more spectacular!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/16 – 3/22)

I really didn’t get many albums this week and actually, I didn’t go into a store at all! Sneaky Mr. Richard was in town for a doctor’s appointment and made his way to Underground Hip Hop. They actually got an album back in and set it aside so it was good he snuck over there while I was at work even if I was a little peeved he didn’t call me for a lunch break. I mean, geeze, I work two blocks away! The purchases were a little more expensive than we normally spend per disc, but definitely worth it.

The Plastic Ono Band with RZA was a disc both the roomie and I were interested in but it was never in stock. Since they knew Mr. Richard would be back for it, the guys set it aside for us when it came back. I guess this means we’re leaving our mark on record stores everywhere!

The sly fox of a roommate also picked up:

Tall Black Guy vs. Al Green


and Dandy Teru

This was a pretty quick weekly update, but my car stalled out on my way out on Saturday. The GMC dealership is closed until Monday so I’m stuck at home and at the mercy of mom to get things done this weekend. She’ll go all concerned mom on me and I’ll get the “you spend too much on albums” lecture if she knows!