Back Up And Spinning: Part Two (Folk Cats At A Wedding)

Part one of my reintroduction mentioned that I was busy with the fundraiser, but I’ve also had a lot of other stuff to keep up on. Babies, weddings, work and whatnot. You know how it can be. It’s a double edge sword, you want enough to do in your life to stay interested but when you’re writing about it, you also need time to write about it all!

This last week was jammed packed. Maybe everything should be broken up into different posts, but hey, I’m just getting back after a hiatus and need to ease into everything. This weekend wasn’t really supposed to be that full of activities, we were just going to a wedding and the folk fest was going on.

Acro-Cats 2015 Sign

That all changed Thursday. I was sitting at the desk job, and good old VanyaLand (love that blog, check it out) had an article about the Acro-Cats and I recognized the act from an Animal Planet show. Turns out, they were in town! Obviously, we had to go!!

Acro-Cats 2015

I don’t remember a time when I have laughed more. Seriously. The show started with simple tricks by a few of the cats but the three ladies running the show added great commentary between everything.

The audience were also participants, laughing and shouting for all the cats as they went through hoops, climbed poles and darted across the stage. A few times, the cats joined us in the seats! My favorite tricks included the applause sign which was lit when one cat would hit a button and when they would climb up above six feet and hop down onto the back of the trainers.

Acro-Cats Collage

Tuna was the star of the show, but the other cats were equally adorable. Above is Tuna on the cowbell and the rest of the cats up close. There was a meet and great after the show. Most of the cats don’t like to be pet, but one cat was gracious enough to let us snuggle.

There were a lot of kids in the audience so the show wrapped up pretty early, which was nice since Mr. Richard and I had to get to a wedding the next day in Western Massachusetts.

We get Wedding Guest Fancy

The wedding was beautiful. A work friend, we went for the groom and his now wife planned a wonderful day. Every detail was covered for the entire day; it was like a twelve hour day! We ended up leaving early, with me feeling that it would best to get a little of everything and do more than burn out on one thing.

Lowell Canals

Sunday, we woke up early to get back in time for the Lowell Folk Fest. I was a little upset, we were only about forty-five minutes late and still missed the pierogis! We parked by the Swamp Locks in the canals so our walk over to the festival was really pretty.

Trolley Selfies at the Lowell Folk Fest

We also managed to catch the trolley and have a scenic ride over to the food. The food! Oh my goodness, the selection of food is overwhelming. We immediately got in line for the Polish tent and I had Mr. Richard wait while I got drinks and samosas. We ate those while we waited but unfortunately, as I mentioned, the pierogis were gone.

It was sad, but I instead filled up on some Greek dessert, a fried dough with honey and nuts while Mr. Richard had some spinach pie. We topped everything with ice cream. It was a delicious mixture! My little cousin works the ice trucks and had a gyro which looked amazing as well.

Lowell Folk Fest 2015 Art Walk

After feeling stuffed, we walked down the artist way, and this year had some fantastic artists, particularly the fabric arts. I really fell in love with the different textiles. It was a beautiful contrast to have traditional African or Caribbean fabrics contrasted with the North American styles Lowell is known for.

Lowell Folk Fest Art Walk

Of course, they do demonstrations and you can purchase items if you’re so inclined!

Boarding Park Stage Folk Fest 2015

At the end of the walk, we were at Boarding Park Stage and it was an Armenian act. They really got the crowd going, a lot of folks got up to dance and celebrate the culture. I don’t know how many times I can say it, I love Lowell for it’s diversity and this folk fest is really the perfect example of it all.

Indian Dance Collage Folk Fest 2015

Before we headed back around, we managed to catch a talented act out of a Brookline, MA Indian dance school. These girls were incredible! I took a ton of pictures and videos because all of it was stunning. The hair, make up, saris and of course, the dance moves were all gorgeous.

See, they were amazing! I do try to keep it all different and interesting, so make sure you check out the social media pages like Facebook and Instagram for even more footage.

Lowell Canals by Swamp Locks

As we headed back to the canals for the tour, we found some really great spots for taking pictures, I hope to go down there next weekend at some point for a little side project. We also learned a lot about Lowell, including the original settlers, the immigrants that maintained what the settlers started and how we got where we are today.

Lowell Canal Boat Tour

The tour also focused a bit on the environment. Due to the industrial nature, the river was so polluted but now it’s up to a class B which means you can now swim in it. I remember how it worked it’s way up! The river used to be absolutely horrible.

The whole day was really informative but I was exhausted by the end of the entire weekend. I spent Sunday catching up on some TV with my feet up, somehow trying to write some posts. Tonight when I get home though, I plan on doing some cataloging so everything catches back up to steam by mid-week.

Part of the blogging hiatus was spent planning how the blog would look coming back. I’ve broken down the “Things Randomly Related to the Collection” section into even more. It was a lot of work on the backend of things so it’s not super noticeable but do check out the category section on the right or bottom of any post to explore!

There’s sections now! Life Updates, Concerts, Record Stores and more. It’ll be easier to find anything you’re looking for, well, that’s the goal anyway! What else? I hoping to include a weekly events schedule on Sundays too so you can catch local Boston music too.

End Of The Month Wrap Up: April 2015

How are we at the end of April already? The start of the month was pretty slow but by the end of the month we had lots of things to do and places to be. It seems like we ate a ton, which we definitely did, but we did a ton of record store shopping (see the weekly wrap ups) and spent a lot of time with friends. There were some great local shows we wanted to get to as well, but we never ended up making any. I want to make May a more musical month for sure.

A lot of what we had to do surrounded my birthday, but Mr. Richard and I also attended a wedding! It was actually my first sort of affair as a functioning adult so it was a new and exciting experience off the bat. One of my friends was finally getting hitched so I dressed up, did my nails (kinda obsessed with Jamberry) and we went out for their reception after city hall. I failed a bit and didn’t get a picture with the bride, but I also had some gross sinuses mid month and bailed fairly early.


The reception was in Jamaica Plain and there was a terrific mood set. I am pretty socially awkward in those settings so I’m looking forward to a more intimate lunch or dinner with the bride and groom some time soon.

We did end up grabbing dinner downtown in Boston at Zocalo after to use up one of the gift certificates the roomie’s parents got us, but it was a pretty early and sober night for me. I had taken three days off that week and barely left the house. It was pretty pathetic! I had all of these plans, take my aunt’s dog for walks, visit my mom, clean the house and so on but nothing got done. I’m really thankful to have a roomie like I do to at least keep up on laundry and whatnot when I go down like for days.

Last weekend was really where we crammed things in because I turned 29 on the 28th. Wooo! Honestly, it doesn’t feel that exciting but maybe next year I’ll get amped. I just wanted to spend time with good people.

Friday we went for sushi at Moksa in Central Square. The cocktails were delicious and the food was really good. I didn’t take any pictures, we were busy actually talking with friends, but trust me here people. We started off with tempura and spring rolls. The sweet potato tempura was unbelievable. Cooked all the way through but not soggy at all. Mr. Richard got a vegetarian platter of sushi and I got the pad thai while our friends got some fish rolls. Everything was presented beautifully and the food matched the presentation.

If you’re going to be in the Boston area soon, check out for one of their deals to Moksa. It’s definitely worth it to pick up the voucher! No paid plug here, I’m just literally obsessed with the site. I blame the roomie’s mom since her Christmas gifts got me hooked. The one we had from Mr. Richard’s parents was good for $60.00 in food but I’m pretty sure there’s one with a drink credit on there now.

LifeAliveOn Saturday, after our usual record store shopping, we went for a light dinner and attended a play put on by the Middlesex Community College at Lowell High School. We ended up at Life Alive which has a location in Lowell and Cambridge. Their apple slices with hummus is a really tasty snack and their smoothies are flavorful. I thought they wouldn’t be sweet enough for me, but they were really good even without being loaded with sweeteners. We also got a PB&J but it wasn’t that great to photograph. It’s on a wrap so it’s kind of awkward. It was really good though, with natural peanut butter and strawberry jam.


The play we saw was Bat Boy the Musical. It was produced very well and the cast was amazing. Mr. Richard and I laughed throughout the entire play. Overall, it was a really entertaining comedy with an enlightening message. I won’t spoil too much in case there’s a local showing in your town, but it opens with the discovery of Bat Boy and his capture and leads you to his eventually domesticating at the hands of a local family. The sheriff and towns folk are of course frightened but that’s not the twist! See it yourself for the final act, it’s really good! My mom recommended we go because she laughed through three nights prior (she works at the school).


On Monday, Mr. Richard and I had tickets for the Sox game and we decided to make it a full day in Boston. We hit up the Gardner museum to take in some art since it’s free on birthdays (well, in my case the Monday or Wednesday after since they’re closed on Tuesdays). If you wear Red So gear or have an EBT (food stamps) card, you can get $2 off any day too! I hadn’t been in years, I think since we went on a field trip the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. Summer field trip? Yep! I was in pre-college for some credits up at Maine College of Art. Anyway, back to this year’s visit…


Have you ever been? If you’re in Boston, visit. Seriously. I know, there’s the MFA and ICA but make the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum your first stop. They’ve added a new wing and everything but the core of Isabella’s home remains untouched (well, minus the art stolen in the largest art heist). She was a woman you aspire to be, wealthy with an appreciation for arts and love of people. Her humanity stretches to this date, in preserving the museum after her death.


We spent some time just lounging around the main level where you could snap photos and they had paper and pencils available for doodling. Of course the roomie drew for a bit while I snapped pictures of the garden. You can check everything on the Facebook page and Instagram account for My Dad’s Albums!


Oh, and of course, we selfied. They do have really great info books around too if you’re interested in the fauna and how it changes throughout the seasons. We were just coming out of the winter lilies in case you’re wondering.


The garden is just so stunning. I really couldn’t help but take a million pictures from every angle. Imagine Isabella hosting lavish gardens here! With musical friends from all over! I didn’t take pictures in the room, but the yellow room contained letters from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and more that I can’t remember the name of now. It’s truly amazing how well known and connected Ms. Gardner was, before the dawn of social media.


Obviously, we were there for the art. Mr. Richard would like for me to let you know there was lots of uh, male genitalia. You can’t really take him anywhere. The collection is impressive. Titian, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Manet, Degas, Whistler, Sargent! All the names you recognize from any art history class, or Google if you want to look smart. I remember so many of the paintings from my own art history classes, like the one I met Mr. Richard in!

How could you not be inspired here? There is literally art around every little corner and nook.


After the museum we hit up one of our favorite spots in Boston, well Brighton. Darbar restaurant. Do you eat Halal? Eat here. Don’t eat Halal? Eat here. It’s the most delicious, scrumptious, filling food you’ll get. For less than $40 with a tip, you’ll be stuffed. Yeah, I’m still burping up pakora but it’s so worth it.


Game time. We showed up late but I looked good. Like I said above, I’m pretty obsessed with Jamberry wraps and ordered these in special for the game. I think they’re pretty magical because this wound up being one of the best games I’ve ever been to. Spoiler: SOX WON!


When at the ball game, one must take lots of pictures. It’s kind of my rule. I had plenty of reason to for this game! I managed to catch a fly ball! Well not epically catch, more like awkwardly chase after a ball and yell “it’s my birthday” at the other people. I’ve never even come close to getting one so I was ecstatic!


Fenway is like my holy ground, one of the most beautiful places you can be. Manmade that is. The monster, Pesky’s pole, the wall of team logos, it’s all so perfect and sacred. Yes, I’m one of the people that love the movie Fever Pitch.


I didn’t shut up about my ball and I must have told Mr. Richard a million times, it was the most perfect birthday. I think if you don’t plan on too much, the universe hands you moments of true bliss. I spent my actual birthday relaxing after breakfast with my favorite aunt and mom. You can’t really ask for too much more these days.

I don’t mean to cram it in down at the bottom of this post, but April was also a turbulent month for my country. I don’t condone rioting, but I also feel that in some ways, its the only way people pay attention. There is injustice and this country is messed up. If there are both white and black criminals why are the punishments different? If there are good white people and good black people, why don’t we honor them all the same? It’s the underlying injustices that affect people everyday. We need to change before we revert into archaic thinking and ways. I hope our future is bright and we can one day find some peace. I care for all of you and will do what I can to make tomorrow better.


Getz / Gilberto

Getz/Gilberto is a 1964 jazz-bossa nova album by American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto, featuring composer and pianist Antônio Carlos Jobim. Its release helped fuel the bossa nova craze in the United States and internationally.

The album brought together Stan Getz, who had already performed the genre on his LP Jazz Samba, João Gilberto (one of the creators of the style), and Jobim, a celebrated Brazilian composer (and also one of the main creators of the genre), who wrote most of the songs in the album. It became one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time, and turned Astrud Gilberto, who sang on the tracks “The Girl from Ipanema” and “Corcovado”, into an internationally celebrated musician. The painting on the cover is by Olga Albizu.



Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto feat. Antonio Carlos Jobim

Side One

The Girl from Ipanema
P’ra Machucar Meu Coracao

Side Two

Corcov Ado
So Danco Samba
O Grande Amor
Vivo Sohando

A Peek Inside The Music Room Part Two

The clean up and finishing of the record room took a bit longer than I hoped but I should have known better since I do procrastinate a bit. There was a lot to do, and I documented each step so check it out!


Mr. Richard painted all the new crates we picked up. This meant all of the albums needed to be taken down and stored until the paint dried. Daria helped us out which is unusual, seeing as she normally avoids the camera like it’s going to attack her. Unless she’s eating cheese or trying for the bacon, then she’s so distracted she doesn’t care.

While everything was being put away again, it was the opportunity I needed to make sure everything was alphabetized. I had never organized the various artist albums so those all needed to be done and sometimes, albums get moved a little to the left, a little to the right so it was good to double check everything again. There were also stacks upon stacks in the living room that needed to be put away! Did you check out the videos on Instagram and Facebook that I posted while organizing? If not, hop on over to my social media pages. The videos are time lapsed so they’re really quite interesting.

Below is a collage of the room right before we started putting in the finishing touches. We had to run out and get a few more crates so everything would fit so it seemed like the right time to snap a few pictures to show how far I had come. Just about every 12″ was put away and our new curtains were also on the way. Of course they came on a day when  Mr. Richard and I were both out. That almost never happens!


After the new crates were in place, the 12″ disc section was done (aside from stuff that’s in the living room in the to-be-catalogued pile) but there was still some work to do. The 7″ discs are still being cataloged so there’s some piles that didn’t fit where they should have. I tried to shelf as many of these piles but it’s hard to do since I can only catalog about 50 every two weeks. Anybody want to help me out? I have such a specific process, the roomie can’t even really figure it out!


As the weeks went on, I did get more put away and finalized some of the décor choices. The top right is a collage down the left wall of the room, the top pictures being the first shelving unit you see when you walk in. As you walk down that side of the room, you reach the second shelf for singles. As you can see, a ton of the piles are put away on the shelves and the curtains made it up!


Across from that wall is our daybed. Without my day job and the employee discount, I wouldn’t have been able to outfit the bed with all the pillows. It makes it super cozy and the large one is great for pulling onto the floor to sit on while you thumb through the crates. As much as I have a distain for having to help customers, the employee discount makes it worth it!


With all the different pillows, texture on the curtains and records themselves, the room has turned into this really comfortable, homey slightly bohemian place. You’ve see the yellow submarine decal before, but I managed to set out some books and hang the record frames too. Obviously, there’s still some work to do and I’m excited to set out some of our art on the shelves, but I’m really happy with the progress.

Mr. Richard’s Reviews: The Power Station – Get It On

The Power Station – Get It On (written by M. Bolan and produced by Bernard Edwards)

What an odd yet great finger find?! I knew this song from listening to the radio with my dad and I believe it’s been in a soundtrack or commercial on a couple of occasions. The chorus is super recognizable once the first stanza is complete.

Like The Power Station suggests, “Bang a gong and get it on…” is kind of the current sexual attitude that the song seems to proclaim. It’s more like “Grab your phone and swipe to bone…” however. Musically this group is in a weird niche. The Power Station is part hair band, part 80’s synth pop, and part conceptual art rock I guess.

The one thing that makes this band great for our collection is very recognizable sleeve artwork. It remains the same for all of their singles and LP’s. Whoever created it was clearly inspired by futurism. If you don’t have a minor in art history like myself (total nerd), then just search for images of futurism and you’ll get what I’m trying to explain. I like the departure through flat color blocking because it also reminds me Russian propaganda poster art. The Power Station stands out in a catalogue that can be difficult to navigate.

Give it a listen if you haven’t in a minute because it is fun to try and take it all in without creating imagery in your head.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

End Of The Month Wrap Up: February 2015

Between all the snow we had in February, the roomie and I did make it out quite a bit. Of course, you know about all the trips to record stores because you’ve been following along and know I do a weekly summary. Right?!? Of course, there was Garnick’s but Mr. Richard went to RRRecords for me and we made it to Bull Moose in Portsmouth together. As the crate digging trips are regular, we also wanted to get out and have some new experiences.


First up this month, we went to go see Green Porno live in Boston. Are you familiar with the act? If not, it’s a bit educational, a bit sexy and absolutely hilarious. We used to watch the TV show while we were in college so it was like a flashback going to see the show. The actual performance itself was part lecture, part performance art and featured some of her TV clips like her hamster, duck, dolphin and praying mantis.


We were a bit high up, but despite the above photo, it really wasn’t that blurry. We saw everything on stage from the puppets, to the screen to Isabella recreating some of her films, like when she used tomatoes to symbolize eggs in her mouth and sprayed herself in the face to show how a certain fish reproduces. Mr. Richard and I laughed harder than we have in a long time while still learning a ton.

We had other plans to spend “Pal-entine’s Day” (I just made that up, ripping off Lesley Knope’s Galentine’s) but the snow hit. I won’t bore you with more images of my trash cans covered in snow, but check out the past updates if you’re visiting this blog from outside the north east. It’s been quite the month for snowfall here and I certainly haven’t lived through anything like it.

Luckily all of our plans could be moved, like a trip to the Butterfly Garden a few towns over and a few dinners we have certificates for. Look for those little adventures next month! Our luck did take a turn for the best and we avoided any bad weather for our trip to Maine.


I mean, it was cold, obviously. This is winter in New England people, but bundled appropriately, we trekked out, stopping in Portsmouth for some crate digging (again, check out some of the previous weekly updates for more).

In Maine, we stayed right on the water, a gift from his parents. We arrived early and pulled over to go for a little walk along the beach. Obviously, most stairs were blocked off, but just staring out was peaceful enough. It was so calming! Below is a little collage of the ocean, the top picture being sunset of our first night, the middle being early the next day and bottom of a lighthouse we visited.


We got to the hotel, Anchorage Inn, and it was beautiful. There was a heated indoor pool with bar, fitness room and in the summer, a playground. The only slight hiccup was we planned our trip over school vacation. We got into the room and barely had the bags off our shoulders when the phone rang. Assuming it was the front desk to say they forgot something or ask if we were okay, I answered. Screaming. I hung up.

Ring, ring. “Is your refrigerator running?” comes out of what I best could guess was a six year old. I hung up again and thought of Dave Chapelle. “I don’t like people playing on my phone!” and called the front desk. It took one more prank call before it ended. We were settling in and as funny as it would have been to a younger me, I wanted to relax damn it!!


After we got the chance to settle in, we ventured back out for some dinner. Obviously, a lot was closed for the winter but we drove into Kittery and found this amazing Thai restaurant, Tasty Thai. It was a bit of a drive but every single bit was worth it.

We eat a ton of Thai food, like, we’ve probably tried 90% of the Thai in Boston and at least 80% in Lowell and a lot in New Hampshire, Vermont and other random places but this was hands down the best. Mr. Richard even went as far to say it was better than anything he had in Vancouver when he was there for school. He never says that! I mean, he compares everything to there and nothing ever compares, but this was a total 180!

The Thai rolls were crispy and perfectly filled, curry puffs to die for and the pad Thai was plate licking delicious. We even considered stopping back there on the way home to get three orders of the curry puffs and 500 side orders of the peanut sauce.


We woke up early and headed north before turning back to Massachusetts. We ended up at a lighthouse where we both snapped some great pictures. It was about 10 degrees cooler there and five times as windy so we could only stay so long. The view was still breathtaking and we managed to catch some beautiful lighting and sat in the heated car a moment to take it all in.


It was so windy, Mr. Richard was photographing the lighthouse while I was coming up from exploring off the pavement and the wind blew his phone down onto me! I’m surprised he managed any pictures of the lighthouse since the parking lot was full of seagulls. He loves them and must have snapped a dozen or so reference pictures for more stencils he’ll cut!


We both don’t particularly like our pictures taken, but I did get a few throughout. Above is our little collage of ice cream and beer in the hotel, selfies while walking the beach, free breakfast and a little gambling on the way home.


This last week, I went out to a bridal expo with a friend from work. It was at the aquarium, free to go with free food and wine! We expected a sort of time share pitch to get her to have her wedding there, but we pigged out and ran around the aquarium taking full advantage of the child free zone.


The food was amazing, pasta, bacon wrapped scallops and jerk chicken! It was a bit strange to eat so much seafood in front of the fish but that’s the circle of life I suppose! I definitely want to somehow go back when it’s this empty so I can get more close up pictures of all the sea life, but who knows when I’ll have that chance again…


This morning, for Rare Disease Day, Mr. Richard and I spent the morning at the Butterfly Place in Westford, Massachusetts before going out to the record store. It was so beautiful!


We so many different butterflies! It was spectacular! They had some small birds as well, but since it’s winter the plant life wasn’t as full. We’re definitely planning a trip back in summer when it’s more lush. I’d also like to get my friend up here with her baby. I think she’d be in awe!


It was also really warm so it was a really, really great treat to bask in the 80 degree temperature. I didn’t want to leave. If you’re in the Boston area, get up here to Westford. Right now on you can even get a great deal!


I hope you like the pictures, there’s larger versions on Facebook so make sure you’re following along! Check it out in the sidebar of the blog or by clicking HERE. I try to keep all the social media pages current and a bit more personal. For instance, on Twitter, I’m using today to shout out different rare diseases in honor of the roomie! Check it out and raise awareness! #RareDiseaseDay2015


Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Hi Tek 3 – Spin That Wheel (Extended Flick Mix) (ft. Ya Kid K)

Hi Tek 3 – Spin That Wheel (Extended Flick Mix) (ft. Ya Kid K) (written by Ya Kid K, Kovali, and El Sati and produced by Jo “Thomas De Quincey” Bogaert)

So, I just adore Hi Tek 3, which is a production and DJ group consisting of Kovali, El Sati and Yosef.

First of all, I remember my father taking my four blocks down the street to the cinema to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the original live action version in 1990. I was 4 years old at the time and was obsessed with the Ninja Turtles. I had VHS tapes of the cartoon, posters and wall stickers, all of the toys (including the van, blimp and lair), a Raphael costume, and I even drew them religiously and had one of my pictures on the back of the Ninja Turtles magazine.

When I found this, I just had to scoop it up and “Spin That Wheel”. The song itself is awesome. I love Ya Kid K’s rap delivery over Hi Tek 3’s jungle, drum and bass dance beats. The more you listen to it, you can appreciate how well this fit into the motion picture soundtrack, especially for an action sequence.

After studying art history, I now find that Donatello is my favorite turtle because of his lifelike proportions in sculpture (I’m talking about the artist). I also prefer this version of the film because they were limited in special effects and the fighting is actually grounded in reality. Michael Bay’s excessive use of “bullet time” and computer generated graphics is so far from the real world that I’m at a loss for words. It just sucks I guess? Plus, there were real people sweating their tails off inside of a costume that took like four hours to prepare. Now, it’s just four guys in spandex body suits with ping pong balls attached, in front of a green screen.

Plus, this song trumps any of tracks on the newer soundtrack.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

Bilal In The Fastlane

Bilal Sayeed Oliver (born August 23, 1979), better known mononymously as Bilal, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer. He is currently an independent artist residing in New York City.

Bilal is noted for his wide vocal range, his work across multiple genres, and his live performances. He has been well received, both nationally and internationally, with an extensive list of collaborations including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, The Roots, and many more.


Fastlane feat. Dr. Dre & Jadakiss


Side One

Radio Edit

Side Two

A Capella
W/O Rap

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (1/19 – 1/25)


This week was pretty packed full, with this storm that his New England yesterday the Ladies of Boston Rock show on Thursday. If you missed the original post from the show, check it out HERE! I’ll be covering some more of the show and swag I got there in this post because I do think it’s a very important topic before we launch into the albums.

What I missed talking about in the original post about Ladies of Boston Rock was the Safer is Sexy crew. They do amazing work in the sexual safety field while empowering all women. Oh, and they give out amazing swag bags!


I really suggest checking out their social media pages and website (HERE) to get informed. It always shocks me by how little women can know about their own bodies and am often reminded of that scene from Orange is the New Black on Netflix where it takes the transgendered inmate to explain the actual anatomy (loooove Laverne!!!). That’s only a TV show, but it does ring true, a lot of women have been shamed and embarrassed into not knowing themselves. I think a lot of a woman’s power does come from knowing herself in all ways; you can’t hide or deny a part of you now matter how vanilla or kinky that part of you may be (wink, wink). Mr. Richard loved them too, check out the picture they took with him and his art!


Shea Rose works with them to spread awareness which is how the roomie and I first discovered them, but we’re now looking forward to going to more of their events. In addition to supporting safe sex, they really support artists, musicians and have mad love for the city of Boston. It’s a great organization and the roomie and I are very fortunate to have met some of the ladies at the show on Thursday. See y’all at an upcoming event!!


As I mentioned, we had a storm yesterday, above being the view from our living room. Mr. Richard and I both thought that Garnick’s would be closed, but at least one of the guys decided to trudge through the snow. Rain or shine, you can count on my guys at Garnick’s! Since we had the store to ourselves for the most part, we spent some time digging through areas we don’t usually get too. I even set aside some Broadway soundtracks to pick up at a later date.


What did we scoop for the week? I kind of went big this week since I got my bonus from the day job. Nothing huge, but enough to spoil myself at the record store this week.

Duke Ellington’s Yale Concert

The Modern Jazz Quartet for Ellington

Another Basie album (Mr. Richard is pretty obsessed)


A Rita Marley 12″ single

Listen Up (Various artists including Ray Charles, Tevin Campbell and more!)

Ton Loc Posse Love 12″ single

The Big Chill Soundtrack (Motown baby!)

Denroy Morgan


A 10″ Jazz disc

An awesome book and album combo: The Story of the Music Box

I let the roomie pick out a lot more than 50 / 50 today mostly because I was really happy with his choices and next week I have a stack set aside for myself. For once, I wanted his picks before mine but it’s probably because he thought of me anyway!


Ladies Of Boston Rock (And Rap, Tap And Sing!)

What a night! I had purchased the tickets for Ladies of Boston Rock quite some time ago so I’ve just been here, excited and waiting for the show. We convinced @Shecollectsvinyl from Instagram to tag along with the roomie and I since she’s one of our favorite people to go crate digging with. The whole night was a blast, experienced with great friends and excellent music.

Traffic on Storrow drive was a nightmare so we were a little late in meeting up with @Shecollectsvinyl but we made it to the show just as doors were opening. I had to pick up my new show swag (you’ll see what I got a little later) and we like to grab a drink and settle in before the bars get too busy.


DJ Leah V. opened up and was already spinning when we settled in. She’s been performing with Dutch ReBelle for a while but it was interesting to find out she’s one half of the duo Orchids as well. Mr. Richard was familiar with the group but I wasn’t and wish I was! They’re an arty rock pair that blew my mind. I’m a sucker for groups that get the electronic feel through uncommon instruments and Orchids slayed on the theremin, which is one of the stranger instruments out there!


Orchids opening was an intriguing decision that was likely fueled by Leah V.’s spinning for Dutch, but the show fit my musical personality so well. I felt like the genres I love so much; rock, soul and hip hop were so masterfully infused, the acts lead beautifully into each other. The decision to follow Orchids with Shea Rose was smart since it goes from an electronica / artsy rock dance party to a soulful, live band, urban rock and hip hop performance.


When Shea Rose hit the stage, she was powerful, beautiful and put on the amazing show we expected with some few twists and turns that were incredibly exciting. I have so many videos and pictures so please, follow @MyDadsAlbums on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because my words may not capture the full experience.


Along with playing some of her hits and my favorite songs, she brought out a tap dancer and did this acoustic song with just the tap, a woman drumming on a wooden box and using chimes and Shea’s beautiful voice. I don’t even know how to describe it. I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s one of those experiences when your jaw is on the ground and the only time it really closes is when you hoot and scream in total appreciation of what’s happening.

Lisa Bello also joined the ladies on stage for a performance of Pretty Girls. The song gets me every time. I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin and it’s a terrible thing to get through. When you finally hit a point where you are comfortable, it’s very freeing and this song is one of the closest I’ve heard that really gets it the closest.


Shea also called up Dutch for a performance of Sinéad O’Connor’s “Black Boys on Mopeds”. It was a very touching way to end her set, in light of recent events. It brought chills to your body. Like I said, I’ll be posting some videos and pictures on social media so be sure to check them out.


Dutch ReBelle opened with “Meant For Me” which also features Lisa Bello. All around, I really loved what each individual woman contributed to the sound of the entire night. All of the styles they brought to the stage were infused so well.


Dutch also played two songs we don’t usually catch live so that was incredible. The roomie and I have seen her live quite a bit and each show is different. It really makes you feel like the tickets were worth it. I’ve seen some bands multiple times and it just gets boring. Dutch manages to keep it fresh and exciting every damn time! Old songs, new songs, it doesn’t matter! Every song Ms. ReBelle performs is pure amazingness. I always say it, but her lyrics and flow are incredible.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite song from Dutch. She has a song for everything, whether I need to be amped up before a long day at work or just need to relax and “Recline”. 2015 will be the year of Dutch ReBelle and the goddess and I’m so glad I caught all of these amazing ones live and all in one place.


After the show, we caught up with Shea and Dutch ReBelle so Mr. Richard could give them his portraits he made for them. I stayed warm with my new Shea Rose beanie as 1:00 AM outside in Boston during winter isn’t the warmest place on earth. Check out the roomie’s art below (photo credit goes to @DutchReBelle herself on Instagram) and be sure to catch any of the ladies from this show live next time you can!!