Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/27 – 5/3)

I was still reeling from birthday activities this week, as evident from my monthly wrap up a few days ago but I made it a point to stop by Garnick’s on Tuesday to spend a little piece of my birthday with the guys. My mom and aunt took Mr. Richard and I to IHop for breakfast so we had the day free after that. Nothing too fancy, but filling and we had just gone out for a nice lunch for my dad’s anniversary a few weeks ago.


After digesting my stack of pancakes with bacon and his crepes, Mr. Richard and I visited the guys. Well, two out of three, Robert doesn’t work Tuesdays. I told Paul and David to rub it in his face that they got to spend my birthday with me and he didn’t. The guys sang happy birthday to me of course, luckily there was only one other guy in there so it wasn’t that embarrassing. David also gifted me five records from the dollar bin (we didn’t want to make them figure out the unmarked albums).


We ended up bringing home Kenny G., Joan Armatrading and Yaz since those had prices marked and then a huge haul from the dollar bin. Some artists like Carly Simon I expected in the dollar bin since there tend to be a lot of copies of certain discs, but others like Nancy Wilson were complete gems to find. We also grabbed some Basie, Ray Charles, Linda Ronstadt, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and more! After it was said and done and I was lugging the bag back to the car, I was very happy with the mid-week pop by.

RRRecords Trip 5/2

On Saturday we decided to pop into RRRecords again. I’m kind of obsessed now that I’ve actually gone in. Mr. Richard was at the bank so I picked out some surprises for him including Destiny’s Child and Ja Rule. I didn’t show him until we left the store and he screamed quite loudly on the street. Two women stared at us, but hey, it’s worth it for some Ja.

 RRRecords Trip 5/2 Pano

When he got there, he couldn’t help but go through and pick out some reggae albums. He added some Yellowman, Scratch Lee Perry, Aswad, Peter Tosh, Sister Nancy, Jimmy Cliff and more to the pile (mostly on various artists discs). Scoring Legalize It on vinyl was definitely one of the gems we found at RRR.

BDay Cake at Garnick's

After leaving there, we walked over to Garnick’s for my birthday celebration. We ended up leaving with so many albums, I won’t list them here but let’s just say my bag was stuffed!

The guys were super nice and got me a cake on top of gifting me $25 worth f albums from our bag. I managed to give enough out but there’s still half of Spiderman’s face sitting in my fridge for today. All of the guys sang happy birthday to me and made me promise to come back every year; as if I’m not in there every week already or something!

Mr. Richard At Garnick's 5/2

Almost on our way out, Mr. Richard discovered a stash of amazing albums. I had already paid for what we picked out together, but he had all the crate digging luck yesterday and we just needed these so I had him run back and just pay for them rather than setting them aside for next week. I’m praying my taxes come back soon so I can clear out a lot of what we have set aside. There’s a lot of double disc sets that add up quickly!

Garnick's Pano 5/2

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/20 – 4/26)

Did everybody catch the showing of Friday with Ice Cube in theaters this week? I didn’t because of the marathon and the amount of tourists / blocked roadways I’d have to get around. I’ve also seen the movie about 1000 times so it was okay I missed it. I do hope a new generation appreciates the classic movie and they don’t remake it. So sick of that trend!


I did pop over to the glass walkway by Lord & Taylor on Boylston Street to watch the Boston Marathon. It wasn’t far from the finish line, kind of just out of view, but I didn’t need to wait in many check points to watch the race for a bit. Every runner is inspiring, but I was so pumped to know that one of the Special Olympians I’m doing the Over the Edge fundraiser for was out there running.

This week was a bit hectic, I babysat on Wednesday night, did a sushi dinner with Mr. Richard and some of my girls on Friday, went to Garnick’s and a play on Saturday and have a few more treats lined up over the next few days. Look for the monthly wrap up if you want to know more, but for now, let’s focus on Garnick’s.


We went a bit later in the afternoon and it was a bit slower in there. The front is coming along very nicely, with a lot of jukes moved out of the way to display more records. It’s mostly western and folk up there but I found some gems that went into the bag for later. I think we’re also going to pop in there for my birthday on Tuesday so I didn’t want to spend too much right off the bat. Honestly, we have so much set aside and keep putting more aside, it’s a bit ridiculous, but that’s kind of the best part!

We ended up walking out with:

Living Color

Lady Red

Chuck Stanley

Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy

Jefferson Starship

Sesame Street album

…and a whole lot more! I was surprised by the amount of albums we came home with for $30, but Robert gave us a deal on a lot of them since they’re not in the greatest condition.

Don’t forget! You can donate $10.00 to my Special Olympics Over the Edge fundraiser to help bring me closer to my goal of $1000! Every $500 I raise covers an athlete for the year – transportation, facilities, equipment, etc. so lets do this people!!! Check out the page HERE to donate and learn more.


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/14 – 4/19)


This week was Record Store Day so on Friday night, we fueled up on some Mexican food in Boston. Zocalo Back Bay to be exact. Don’t let the hostess’ resting bitch face fool you, this place has great margaritas and the service was quite lovely. We were treated very well despite being there on a TravelZoo.com voucher.

We got home late Friday so the Saturday exploits for Record Store Day started a bit late and we didn’t hit up any larger record stores, opting to stay local. Our first stop was our home away from home, Garnick’s.


“Every day is record store day here!” Robert replied when we wished him a happy holiday, but he did note it was busier than a normal Saturday. They even made some progress in clearing out the front to make room for records. It’s looking really great in there. I posted an image on Instagram of the new front area so make sure you’re following on social media! You don’t want to miss anything!


You know that bag I reference most every trip to Granick’s? The one with all of our records that we need to pay for but definitely want? That’s it above. It’s literally bursting at the seams and overflowing but we keep adding to it. This week I thought for sure we’d make some progress but then we found some singles we absolutely needed to have so in the bag they went. Honestly, we got way too much to list out here and this post will be pretty jammed with pictures so we’ll just leave at: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Blackstreet, Madonna and more!


Yesterday was a beautiful day out and despite my sinuses (yeah, if you’ve been following on Twitter, they were my downfall this week) Mr. Richard and I went for a nice stroll up to RRRecords. Don’t tell my mom, but I left to take out just a little more money from the ATM to splurge.


It was my first trip in, the roomie having gone many times. We didn’t make it past one small section of singles and I needed it all. Justin Timberlake, Run DMC, 2Pac and so, so much more. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept trying to limit it myself and there was so much more in there that I wanted. I definitely need to go back sooner rather than later.


I also want to give a quick shout out to a blog that shred one of my posts last week. If you’re into the 80s, much like I am, than hop over to Forever ’80s: Death by Nostalgia!

Don’t forget, it’s not too late to donate to my Over the Edge / Special Olympics fundraiser. In honor of the 12th anniversary of my dad’s passing, I’ve asked people donate $12 in his name. A few people have, but as I’ve mentioned before, I want to make this the biggest year for the event to date. Check out my personal donation page HERE if you want to learn more and donate!

Thank you so very much!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/6 – 4/13)

First up, I’d like to apologize for not closing out Rainbow Week. I thought I had prescheduled enough to get through it without getting to the last minute, but I got the flu or some sort of bug this week that knocked me out Thursday into Friday. I’m working on a new system for May so thanks for being patient while we work through some hiccups this month.

I did make it out for drinks with my girls from work on Friday so our Saturday record store trip was a little later in the afternoon. I think we were running late and worried Robert because he ended up calling while we were grabbing lunch before heading to Garnick’s. They’re doing some spring cleaning and putting more albums on the floor so it looks really good in there. The back side of the store is still a bit clustered with TVs, but next week it should be done.

I overheard Robert say that everyday now, they’re getting more and more customers that are new and looking for records. When I go there now, it’s busy! While I love the vinyl revolution, I’m also a bit wary since y’all could be digging out music from under my fingertips!


There were three stacks of new albums that they had just received so we instantly went through and picked up a lot of rock albums. I also set a ton of aside so now our bag of albums to bring home is literally bursting at the seams. It’s intense but we do occasionally decide to put some back. Sometimes. Okay, we’ve done that once.


Most often, I just set aside a certain amount of money for albums from the bag a slightly smaller amount for new albums. The goal is to bring home some of the ones we’ve had sitting for a while. I wish the bag didn’t grow as quickly as it did, but we’re lucky Robert likes us enough to let us keep doing it. Hell, he knows we’re good for it so it just encourages it! We picked up a really eclectic mix this week:



Sir Mix-A-Lot

Erroll Garner single

Miles Davis (pretty banged up and without a cover but it was a gift from Robert)


Demetrius Perry

And a few more from artists we’ve featured on here before!

This upcoming week also marks twelve years (4/15) since my dad passed away. In honor of that anniversary, I’m asking that people donate $12.00 to my Over the Edge for Special Olympics fundraising page. I do the rappel because I love the work the Special Olympics does but also because my dad pushed me to be adventurous and caring towards others. While we walked glaciers in Alaska and flew over volcanoes in the Caribbean together on our last family vacations, he always gave back to every hospital – Dana Farber in Boston and our local one at the time in New Hampshire. You can help me reach my goal and make this the biggest year for the fundraiser ever by CLICKING HERE!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/30 – 4/5)


This last Friday I was wandering around, checking out the anime convention in Boston as you can see above, and I noticed Underground Hip Hop was packed up! There was a building custodian locking up the front so I asked if they had moved. He said yes, so I had Mr. Richard look into it, and they haven’t actually found a new location. The online shop is up an running if you need a fix in the meantime, but if you were hoping to do a little physical crate digging, you’ll have to wait.


Saturday finally marked our return to Garnick’s. It felt like it had been forever! The stacks were still piled high, but I feel like that’s just a given here. Bobby had found some random albums that didn’t have covers and weren’t in 100% great condition, so he tossed those in for free this week. It definitely pays to be regulars in a local shop!

Since it’s baseball season and that is by far my favorite sport, we picked up a disc of the greatest sports moments. I forget which decade exactly, but it has some really historic moments on it and I’m really excited to enter it. The roomie and I have tickets to a Sox game at the end of the month so I might try to time it up with that. I consider Fenway holy ground and get a little teary eyed walking down the hall of old logos after all!

I still need to pay for some more work on my car, but we managed to come out with a decent haul. On top of the two free discs and sporting one, we grabbed:

Before Dark (I’ll likely be posting this soon for Rainbow Week – a week focused on colored vinyl)

Marcia Griffiths single

Changing Faces feat. Jay Z

Sam Mangwana

And lastly, a various artists reggae LP

You may have noticed that some of my posts now have a footer with a little mention of my Over the Edge rappel in Boston for the Special Olympics. I’m my company’s tem leader and due to my extreme competitiveness, I want to raise more money than last year and be the top team for the event. I rappelled the 22 stories last year and it was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences that I’ve ever had.

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On that note, even though I’ll be celebrating next week with the Greek side of my family, Happy Easter everyone! Dawson wasn’t a fan of playing bunny and delivering baskets to the girls downstairs…


End Of The Month Wrap Up: March 2015

March proved to be the end of winter / start of spring lull I expected. I honestly didn’t do much this month, barely even getting to record stores for my weekly updates.

I wanted to at least get out and get to one music related event, but I found myself working and when at home, being exceptionally lazy. I’m pretty sure my sofa now has an imprint of my ass. At least I got a new sofa and can get rid of the butt stamped one! I suppose that is one thing I did this month, order some new furniture and décor for the house.

I suppose my monthly updates will also be lacking from here until July, when I go Over the Edge again for the Special Olympics. I’m the team leader for my day job this year and I really hope to make it the biggest year to date. Last year, I raised over $1000.00 and this year, I want to raise at least $1500.00. I’ll need your help to do this so be sure to hop over to my donation page HERE and donate $10.00 to help me reach my goal! Below is some of the pictures from last year and I promise this year’s outfit will be even more spectacular!


Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/23 – 3/29)

Or lack of record store update I should say…

What a week. By the end of it, I was really looking forward to our usual Saturday morning routine. Mr. Richard has been so busy with doctors and chasing the damn insurance company, his reviews have been sparse so he does apologize. I’ve also been busy with work and my manager announced he was moving to Philly, which as exciting as it’ll be for him, I’m pretty bummed. It’s also spring and still shitty out. My apologies for the language on here, but honestly, it’s been a long, torturous winter.

Then Saturday hit. The roomie was still feeling under the weather, it was a snowy, rainy day and I just still felt lazy. I didn’t even wake up until 11:00 and then just sat on the couch watching movies for a few hours. We didn’t leave the house, instead focusing on cleaning and organizing the house. Boring, I know, but needed.

In other news, I’m going Over the Edge again this year! If you’ve been following for the last year or so, you know I participated in this fundraiser last year and I think it would be really awesome if some of my followers donated! I usually hate to ask for things, but this is for the Special Olympics, a foundation I 100% believe in. You can check out last year’s rappel HERE and donate HERE if you’d like!

If you’ve been following on social media, you know I’m hoping to not only meet my goal but surpass it by at least a few hundred. Every $500 I raise covers one athlete in Massachusetts. I’ll be posting more about the event throughout the next few months and am even thinking of a raffle on Instagram!

A Peek Inside The Music Room Part Two

The clean up and finishing of the record room took a bit longer than I hoped but I should have known better since I do procrastinate a bit. There was a lot to do, and I documented each step so check it out!


Mr. Richard painted all the new crates we picked up. This meant all of the albums needed to be taken down and stored until the paint dried. Daria helped us out which is unusual, seeing as she normally avoids the camera like it’s going to attack her. Unless she’s eating cheese or trying for the bacon, then she’s so distracted she doesn’t care.

While everything was being put away again, it was the opportunity I needed to make sure everything was alphabetized. I had never organized the various artist albums so those all needed to be done and sometimes, albums get moved a little to the left, a little to the right so it was good to double check everything again. There were also stacks upon stacks in the living room that needed to be put away! Did you check out the videos on Instagram and Facebook that I posted while organizing? If not, hop on over to my social media pages. The videos are time lapsed so they’re really quite interesting.

Below is a collage of the room right before we started putting in the finishing touches. We had to run out and get a few more crates so everything would fit so it seemed like the right time to snap a few pictures to show how far I had come. Just about every 12″ was put away and our new curtains were also on the way. Of course they came on a day when  Mr. Richard and I were both out. That almost never happens!


After the new crates were in place, the 12″ disc section was done (aside from stuff that’s in the living room in the to-be-catalogued pile) but there was still some work to do. The 7″ discs are still being cataloged so there’s some piles that didn’t fit where they should have. I tried to shelf as many of these piles but it’s hard to do since I can only catalog about 50 every two weeks. Anybody want to help me out? I have such a specific process, the roomie can’t even really figure it out!


As the weeks went on, I did get more put away and finalized some of the décor choices. The top right is a collage down the left wall of the room, the top pictures being the first shelving unit you see when you walk in. As you walk down that side of the room, you reach the second shelf for singles. As you can see, a ton of the piles are put away on the shelves and the curtains made it up!


Across from that wall is our daybed. Without my day job and the employee discount, I wouldn’t have been able to outfit the bed with all the pillows. It makes it super cozy and the large one is great for pulling onto the floor to sit on while you thumb through the crates. As much as I have a distain for having to help customers, the employee discount makes it worth it!


With all the different pillows, texture on the curtains and records themselves, the room has turned into this really comfortable, homey slightly bohemian place. You’ve see the yellow submarine decal before, but I managed to set out some books and hang the record frames too. Obviously, there’s still some work to do and I’m excited to set out some of our art on the shelves, but I’m really happy with the progress.

Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/16 – 3/22)

I really didn’t get many albums this week and actually, I didn’t go into a store at all! Sneaky Mr. Richard was in town for a doctor’s appointment and made his way to Underground Hip Hop. They actually got an album back in and set it aside so it was good he snuck over there while I was at work even if I was a little peeved he didn’t call me for a lunch break. I mean, geeze, I work two blocks away! The purchases were a little more expensive than we normally spend per disc, but definitely worth it.

The Plastic Ono Band with RZA was a disc both the roomie and I were interested in but it was never in stock. Since they knew Mr. Richard would be back for it, the guys set it aside for us when it came back. I guess this means we’re leaving our mark on record stores everywhere!

The sly fox of a roommate also picked up:

Tall Black Guy vs. Al Green


and Dandy Teru

This was a pretty quick weekly update, but my car stalled out on my way out on Saturday. The GMC dealership is closed until Monday so I’m stuck at home and at the mercy of mom to get things done this weekend. She’ll go all concerned mom on me and I’ll get the “you spend too much on albums” lecture if she knows!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A Post On Irish Music

While I do know a bit about the history of Irish music, especially when it comes to the dances since my best friend growing up participated in them, I do wish I knew more. I guess that’s what’s nice about this blog, I get to share memories and learn a lot more about music and musicians. This post will talk a little about the history of Irish music and look back at the Irish musicians I have in the collection.

Oh and for those of you not familiar with the holiday since you live abroad, we’ll cover judge a smidge on the history of the holiday!

Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17th, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century and is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Lutheran Church. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, céilithe, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. Christians also attend church services and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day, which has encouraged and propagated the holiday’s tradition of alcohol consumption.

The indigenous music of the island is termed Irish traditional music. It has remained vibrant through the 20th, and into the 21st century, despite globalizing cultural forces. In spite of emigration and a well-developed connection to music influences from Britain and the United States, Irish music has kept many of its traditional aspects and has itself influenced many forms of music, such as country and roots music in the USA, which in turn have had some influence on modern rock music. It has occasionally been fused with rock and roll, punk and rock and other genres. Some of these fusion artists have attained mainstream success, at home and abroad.

In recent decades Irish music in many different genres has been very successful internationally. However, the most successful genres have been rock, popular and traditional fusion, with performers such as: Rita Connolly, The Cranberries, Enya, Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats, Richard Harris, Andy Irvine, Van Morrison, Sinéad O’Connor, U2, and so many more achieving success nationally and internationally.

Some of the above mentioned artists, I don’t have yet on vinyl, but I would love to. I try to keep a good international selection in my collection and there’s a lot more that I could buy to represent Ireland. As you may know, I have U2, Sinéad, Bob Geldof and Van Morrison, so please use the tags to explore what singles and songs are in the collection.

For Bostonians, especially Irish ones, one tradition is seeing the Dropkick Murphys. I’ve never been as I’m kind of a bandwagon fan, knowing only their most popular songs (although those get me for their ties to Boston) but I did baby sit for my friends the other night so they could see the annual St. Patrick’s Day show.

I got a picture sent from the show to prove the new mom was having fun so check it out!