Boone June: There’s A Gold Mine Walking The Floor Over You My Candy Sweet

Last month, I hit my initial goal for my Over the Edge / Special Olympics Massachusetts fundraiser so I upped my goal to double! Next month will be the rappel so don’t worry if you haven’t donated yet, you still can HERE! It’s a really fun event that gets the Special Olympics a lot of attention. I mean, just look at the views from last year!

Over the Edge 2014 Collage

I had been a bit distracted from the blog because of the fundraising but it’s really so worth it. Since I’m still working on raising more for the Special Olympics, I do also want to shed some light on celebrity philanthropy efforts, even with different organizations. I haven’t touched on Pat Boone’s work up until now, but he’s partnered with some great foundations!

Since 1977, Boone has hosted the annual Pat Boone Golf Tournament in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a celebrity event that benefits a faith-based home for children of families in crisis.

According to the Nashville Gospel Music & Entertainment Examiner, Boone partnered with GOD TV in 2010 to provide foundational funding for a community development center in East Africa. The Pat Boone Family Life Center in Loiborsoit, Tanzania provides much needed health services and clean water through a deep water well.

“Clean water, and with it small medical clinics and even basic primary and secondary schools, are literally life-changing developments, offering healthy lives and unthought-of futures to countless thousands who otherwise would live and die with no chance even to participate in the 21st century,” Boone wrote in an article about his trip to Africa, in WorldNetDaily.

Pat Boone There's a Gold Mine in the Sky

Side One

There’s a Gold Mine in the Sky

Side Two

Remember You’re Mine

Pat Boone Walking the Floor Over You

Side One

Walking the Floor Over You

Side Two

Walking the Floor Over You

Pat Boone Candy Sweet

Side One

Candy Sweet

Side Two

Delia Gone

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