I’ll Listen To Nancy Wilson Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Do you know why I go to the same record store every week? Because consistency is the key to building the type of relationship where the owner will set aside amazing albums, like this one!

I guess Mr. Richard and I are the true modern day odd couple, not the sort of played out male duo rehashed for today. He’s the early riser, I’m lazy. He organizes, I tornado through and destroy it. I could live in a bed for days, assuming somebody brought food, I had my computer and there was obviously a bathroom nearby. If I could do that, this album would need to come. Nancy is perfect lounging music.

Yes, there are upbeat moments and I’m not implying that just because I want to lounge in bed, I need depressing music or something like that, I just love being lazy when I can and listening to good music!

Nancy Wilson Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Nancy Wilson

Side One

One Note Samba
Go Away, Little Boy
Unchain My Heart
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Wives and Lovers
The Good Life

Side Two

What Kimd of Fool Am I?
I Can’t Stop Loving You
On Broadway
Our Day Will Come
Call Me Irresponsible
Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life

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