Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Patti Page- Everytime You Touch Me

Patti Page- Everytime You Touch Me (written by Finley Duncan and produced by Shelby S. Singleton)

For someone whose voice isn’t instantly recognizable, Patti Page has a really pretty sound and delivery. Her gospel experience is demonstrated excellently on this track.

The big band backing is classy and harmonious, but it’s her singing that gives the song any merit. I was going to review the Patti Page single “No Aces” that is pressed on translucent green vinyl, but it’s on the B-side of this 45. It’s also a great tune and I can see why both were released as A-sides.

I definitely don’t claim to like country music typically, however I love Patti and she’s my go to country queen. Erica and I have a bunch of her music in our catalogue now, so I’ll keep playing her smooth numbers without twang indefinitely.

– Mr. Richard

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