Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Lil Kim – The Notorious Kim

Lil Kim – The Notorious Kim (written by Kim Jones and produced by Rockwilder, Sean “Puffy” Combs, and Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace)

Honestly, this has been my jam for a cool minute. I don’t even want to put the record back in the stacks. It’s such an amazing track.

The fact that it features Notorious B.I.G. is too cool. His hook isn’t overbearing, but it brings some of that great 90’s flavor. The beat and production has so much Bad Boy Entertainment flair to it that it clearly qualifies as top notch golden era hip hop.

Lil Kim is one of my favorite female rappers of all time. It is so difficult to keep up with her delivery because she honestly speaks over 180 beats per minute. It’s a little nutty. This maxi-single goes right into “Big Momma Thang” featuring Jay-Z and both versions are dirty so I don’t have to move the needle all over the place. I don’t mind radio edits sometimes, but Lil Kim swears so much that the songs are always ruined. It’s so grimy and erotic but it’s not played out. Today’s female rappers on the radio use phrases that don’t get edited but mean totally disgusting things.

You know, but Lil Kim is an artist that rap vinyl lovers must have in their catalogue.

– Mr. Richard

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