MC Skat Kat And The Stray Mob

Oye, I haven’t posted at all today. My apologies, I have been hugely distracted by the Over the Edge fundraiser, even with prescheduling most of the time. Bake sales, raffles and hopefully a bar night at a local Boston restaurant and I’m leading the team! There’s 22 of us from my day job and although I can dish out some of the work, it’s still a ton of work! Don’t know what I’m talking about since you happen to be new to this blog?

Over the Edge is a unique fundraising event, providing participants the thrilling, once in a life time chance of rappelling down a building in an exciting and completely safe environment. Over the Edge, will be hosted by the Hyatt Regency, Boston on July 18, 2015.

Why am I doing this whole thing? Because individuals with intellectual disabilities face their fears every day and Special Olympics has been there helping them do that for over 40 years.  Special Olympics Massachusetts provides year round sports training and competition programs for over 11,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities for free. Sports is the platform from which athletes gain self esteem and confidence to achieve their everyday objectives. Sports is the catalyst for acceptance, inclusion, community engagement and so much more.

I also do it because I want to be a decent person. You can’t really grow as a person until you humble yourself a bit. This experience, from working with the athletes to actually standing up there 22 stories up is definitely humbling. Some of the greatest musicians have done a lot for various charities and the passionate ones are definitely an inspiration.

You can check out my personal donation page HERE. It’d be awesome if you donated $10.00 to help this fantastic foundation.

Anyway, I’m excited to lead the team, despite it being a bit distracting from the blog. I’m hoping to get some real work done this weekend though. I guess, that is if I don’t pass out face down and sleep all damn weekend again!

The Adventures of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob is a 1991 album from fictional rapper MC Skat Kat. The album came about as the result of Paula Abdul’s hugely successful “Opposites Attract” video of 1990.

The Stray Mob consists of Fatz (the short, raspy voiced cat who happens to be the second most heard in the album), Taboo, Micetro, Leo, Katleen, and Silk, the first three of whom also appeared in the Opposites Attract music video.

Skat Strut MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob

Skat Strut

MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob

Side One

Skat Strut (Hip Hop Remix)
Skat Strut (LP Version)

Side Two

Skat Strut (Club Mix)
Skat Strut (Instrumental)

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