Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (5/4 – 5/10)

First of all, happy Mother’s Day all! My mom is at work today (typical of the both of us) so I’m just working on some fundraiser things for Over the Edge / Special Olympics. Being a team leader can be stressful!

I have five different chocolate barks made up, including a fancy bacon whisky one for a bake sale next week, am planning 50/50 raffles for every Friday and a huge bar night with prizes and whatnot. It’s very intense but I so wholeheartedly believe in the work the Special Olympics does as a foundation.

You may have noticed that the blog posts have kind of just dropped off in volume suddenly. I do apologize my faithful followers! I’m hoping to get some of the fundraising stuff wrapped up this week so I can get back to focusing on the music. If you are curious in learning more about the event, foundation or want to donate (you’d be awesome!), check out my fundraising page HERE.

The roomie hit up Garnick’s on Wednesday because they had a special visitor. I didn’t get to meet him as I was at work but Mr. Richard got to meet Chris Farlowe. You might recognize his name from Colosseum but apparently he and Robert go way back. The roomie said it was interesting to hear some of his stories and advice from other musicians.

We went back on Saturday, per our usual routine. We really didn’t stay long, just grabbed some albums from the top of our pile, but I was especially pumped to have finally brought home some more Nina Simone.

I’m so sorry for the quick update, but I do promise to get up to speed by next week. I was hoping May would be a month of reinvention for the blog and I hope it’s just a slow start and will pick up steam soon! More coffee for now and I’ll get there!

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