Rainbow Wednesdays: A New Wicked Pink Mix

Oh, hump day. It can feel like the longest day of the week, with 3 more days to go, or the shortest day with three days in the week down. To get over the hump, I figured I’d feature a new colored vinyl disc every week. I have what seems like a lot of different colored discs, but when you get down to it, I really only have enough in comparison to regular vinyl to feature just one or two a week.


To kick it all off, I figured we’d start with a various artists EP because it’s really a beautiful color!


Wicked Mix N-10-C-T

Various Artists

Side One

Sesame’s Treet – Smarte’s
Nightmare – Kid Unknown
Bonus Beat

Side Two

Ragga Tip – e-Lustrious
Systematic Input – Frequency
Bonus Beat

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