Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/27 – 5/3)

I was still reeling from birthday activities this week, as evident from my monthly wrap up a few days ago but I made it a point to stop by Garnick’s on Tuesday to spend a little piece of my birthday with the guys. My mom and aunt took Mr. Richard and I to IHop for breakfast so we had the day free after that. Nothing too fancy, but filling and we had just gone out for a nice lunch for my dad’s anniversary a few weeks ago.


After digesting my stack of pancakes with bacon and his crepes, Mr. Richard and I visited the guys. Well, two out of three, Robert doesn’t work Tuesdays. I told Paul and David to rub it in his face that they got to spend my birthday with me and he didn’t. The guys sang happy birthday to me of course, luckily there was only one other guy in there so it wasn’t that embarrassing. David also gifted me five records from the dollar bin (we didn’t want to make them figure out the unmarked albums).


We ended up bringing home Kenny G., Joan Armatrading and Yaz since those had prices marked and then a huge haul from the dollar bin. Some artists like Carly Simon I expected in the dollar bin since there tend to be a lot of copies of certain discs, but others like Nancy Wilson were complete gems to find. We also grabbed some Basie, Ray Charles, Linda Ronstadt, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and more! After it was said and done and I was lugging the bag back to the car, I was very happy with the mid-week pop by.

RRRecords Trip 5/2

On Saturday we decided to pop into RRRecords again. I’m kind of obsessed now that I’ve actually gone in. Mr. Richard was at the bank so I picked out some surprises for him including Destiny’s Child and Ja Rule. I didn’t show him until we left the store and he screamed quite loudly on the street. Two women stared at us, but hey, it’s worth it for some Ja.

 RRRecords Trip 5/2 Pano

When he got there, he couldn’t help but go through and pick out some reggae albums. He added some Yellowman, Scratch Lee Perry, Aswad, Peter Tosh, Sister Nancy, Jimmy Cliff and more to the pile (mostly on various artists discs). Scoring Legalize It on vinyl was definitely one of the gems we found at RRR.

BDay Cake at Garnick's

After leaving there, we walked over to Garnick’s for my birthday celebration. We ended up leaving with so many albums, I won’t list them here but let’s just say my bag was stuffed!

The guys were super nice and got me a cake on top of gifting me $25 worth f albums from our bag. I managed to give enough out but there’s still half of Spiderman’s face sitting in my fridge for today. All of the guys sang happy birthday to me and made me promise to come back every year; as if I’m not in there every week already or something!

Mr. Richard At Garnick's 5/2

Almost on our way out, Mr. Richard discovered a stash of amazing albums. I had already paid for what we picked out together, but he had all the crate digging luck yesterday and we just needed these so I had him run back and just pay for them rather than setting them aside for next week. I’m praying my taxes come back soon so I can clear out a lot of what we have set aside. There’s a lot of double disc sets that add up quickly!

Garnick's Pano 5/2

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