Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Glue – Catch as Catch Can

Glue – Catch as Catch Can (all lyrics by Adeem and samples, scratches and interludes by DJ DQ and produced by Maker)

Lately, I have been incredibly busy and feel a little spread thin. As a result, I’ve been bumping this album pretty hard because it motivates me. For a local rap group, Glue still has a pretty solid following and people get ecited when they reunite. They’ve never broken up or dissolved the band, but Adeem, DJ DQ and Maker all have strong independent careers. I once met Adeem in his hometown of Keene, New Hampshire, a place that is the setting of many of his songs. The group’s wholehearted approach to creating music reaches out into new territory.

Asides from a tangential relationship to Keene and Adeem, DJ DQ’s folktablism is so beautiful and his choice of samples always tests your musical knowledge. I fell in love with their EP ‘Sunset Lodge’ and ‘Catch as Catch Can’ was their first, and only, major release all the way back in 2006. This album gem I happened to stumble across for quite cheap and just had to have it. So worth it, because they do have great distribution the count of pressings available locally has never been very high.

Lyrically, “Hometown Anthem” is touching and relevant to the majority of how Americans live. The members being from Keene, Cincinnati (DJ DQ), and Aurora, IL (Maker) gives him a lot of fodder for storytelling with heart. Although it’s not easy to sing along with Adeem’s delivery and complicated rhyming pattern, the first time that you listen to this track makes you feel like you somehow know the words. Maker’s production on this track is my second favorite on this vinyl as well. You can’t help but groove along.

Musically, “Glupies” is a romantic disregard for fame-chasing yuppies who lack any self-respect. One night stands don’t fly with Adeem as proclaimed. The production is superb with the sound of almost a Carly Simon or Carol King vibe. The hook “Say you’ll never let me catch my breath, cuz we only met a moment ago” reverberates long after the C-side stops turning. “Vessel” is another great beat composed by DJ DQ and Maker and if you’re interested has a music video. The analog guitar gives it a warm tone that is often lost to electronics in rap and hip hop.

Understandably, I am biased to a rapper who can perform so amazing without any experience in the “thug life” from the mean streets of Keene. However, I am not alone when I exclaim that another project from Glue is beyond overdue at this point! This album was made from nothing, on no budget, across the country. I assume family lives have gotten in the way, but just one single or something would satiate my quench for more. I’m probably going to have to order ‘Sunset Lodge’ and ‘Seconds Away’ online because I’ve never seen them. I suppose Erica and I could take an hour and a half ride up to New Hampshire for some crate digging too.

– Mr. Richard

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