End Of The Month Wrap Up: April 2015

How are we at the end of April already? The start of the month was pretty slow but by the end of the month we had lots of things to do and places to be. It seems like we ate a ton, which we definitely did, but we did a ton of record store shopping (see the weekly wrap ups) and spent a lot of time with friends. There were some great local shows we wanted to get to as well, but we never ended up making any. I want to make May a more musical month for sure.

A lot of what we had to do surrounded my birthday, but Mr. Richard and I also attended a wedding! It was actually my first sort of affair as a functioning adult so it was a new and exciting experience off the bat. One of my friends was finally getting hitched so I dressed up, did my nails (kinda obsessed with Jamberry) and we went out for their reception after city hall. I failed a bit and didn’t get a picture with the bride, but I also had some gross sinuses mid month and bailed fairly early.


The reception was in Jamaica Plain and there was a terrific mood set. I am pretty socially awkward in those settings so I’m looking forward to a more intimate lunch or dinner with the bride and groom some time soon.

We did end up grabbing dinner downtown in Boston at Zocalo after to use up one of the gift certificates the roomie’s parents got us, but it was a pretty early and sober night for me. I had taken three days off that week and barely left the house. It was pretty pathetic! I had all of these plans, take my aunt’s dog for walks, visit my mom, clean the house and so on but nothing got done. I’m really thankful to have a roomie like I do to at least keep up on laundry and whatnot when I go down like for days.

Last weekend was really where we crammed things in because I turned 29 on the 28th. Wooo! Honestly, it doesn’t feel that exciting but maybe next year I’ll get amped. I just wanted to spend time with good people.

Friday we went for sushi at Moksa in Central Square. The cocktails were delicious and the food was really good. I didn’t take any pictures, we were busy actually talking with friends, but trust me here people. We started off with tempura and spring rolls. The sweet potato tempura was unbelievable. Cooked all the way through but not soggy at all. Mr. Richard got a vegetarian platter of sushi and I got the pad thai while our friends got some fish rolls. Everything was presented beautifully and the food matched the presentation.

If you’re going to be in the Boston area soon, check out TravelZoo.com for one of their deals to Moksa. It’s definitely worth it to pick up the voucher! No paid plug here, I’m just literally obsessed with the site. I blame the roomie’s mom since her Christmas gifts got me hooked. The one we had from Mr. Richard’s parents was good for $60.00 in food but I’m pretty sure there’s one with a drink credit on there now.

LifeAliveOn Saturday, after our usual record store shopping, we went for a light dinner and attended a play put on by the Middlesex Community College at Lowell High School. We ended up at Life Alive which has a location in Lowell and Cambridge. Their apple slices with hummus is a really tasty snack and their smoothies are flavorful. I thought they wouldn’t be sweet enough for me, but they were really good even without being loaded with sweeteners. We also got a PB&J but it wasn’t that great to photograph. It’s on a wrap so it’s kind of awkward. It was really good though, with natural peanut butter and strawberry jam.


The play we saw was Bat Boy the Musical. It was produced very well and the cast was amazing. Mr. Richard and I laughed throughout the entire play. Overall, it was a really entertaining comedy with an enlightening message. I won’t spoil too much in case there’s a local showing in your town, but it opens with the discovery of Bat Boy and his capture and leads you to his eventually domesticating at the hands of a local family. The sheriff and towns folk are of course frightened but that’s not the twist! See it yourself for the final act, it’s really good! My mom recommended we go because she laughed through three nights prior (she works at the school).


On Monday, Mr. Richard and I had tickets for the Sox game and we decided to make it a full day in Boston. We hit up the Gardner museum to take in some art since it’s free on birthdays (well, in my case the Monday or Wednesday after since they’re closed on Tuesdays). If you wear Red So gear or have an EBT (food stamps) card, you can get $2 off any day too! I hadn’t been in years, I think since we went on a field trip the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. Summer field trip? Yep! I was in pre-college for some credits up at Maine College of Art. Anyway, back to this year’s visit…


Have you ever been? If you’re in Boston, visit. Seriously. I know, there’s the MFA and ICA but make the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum your first stop. They’ve added a new wing and everything but the core of Isabella’s home remains untouched (well, minus the art stolen in the largest art heist). She was a woman you aspire to be, wealthy with an appreciation for arts and love of people. Her humanity stretches to this date, in preserving the museum after her death.


We spent some time just lounging around the main level where you could snap photos and they had paper and pencils available for doodling. Of course the roomie drew for a bit while I snapped pictures of the garden. You can check everything on the Facebook page and Instagram account for My Dad’s Albums!


Oh, and of course, we selfied. They do have really great info books around too if you’re interested in the fauna and how it changes throughout the seasons. We were just coming out of the winter lilies in case you’re wondering.


The garden is just so stunning. I really couldn’t help but take a million pictures from every angle. Imagine Isabella hosting lavish gardens here! With musical friends from all over! I didn’t take pictures in the room, but the yellow room contained letters from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and more that I can’t remember the name of now. It’s truly amazing how well known and connected Ms. Gardner was, before the dawn of social media.


Obviously, we were there for the art. Mr. Richard would like for me to let you know there was lots of uh, male genitalia. You can’t really take him anywhere. The collection is impressive. Titian, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Manet, Degas, Whistler, Sargent! All the names you recognize from any art history class, or Google if you want to look smart. I remember so many of the paintings from my own art history classes, like the one I met Mr. Richard in!

How could you not be inspired here? There is literally art around every little corner and nook.


After the museum we hit up one of our favorite spots in Boston, well Brighton. Darbar restaurant. Do you eat Halal? Eat here. Don’t eat Halal? Eat here. It’s the most delicious, scrumptious, filling food you’ll get. For less than $40 with a tip, you’ll be stuffed. Yeah, I’m still burping up pakora but it’s so worth it.


Game time. We showed up late but I looked good. Like I said above, I’m pretty obsessed with Jamberry wraps and ordered these in special for the game. I think they’re pretty magical because this wound up being one of the best games I’ve ever been to. Spoiler: SOX WON!


When at the ball game, one must take lots of pictures. It’s kind of my rule. I had plenty of reason to for this game! I managed to catch a fly ball! Well not epically catch, more like awkwardly chase after a ball and yell “it’s my birthday” at the other people. I’ve never even come close to getting one so I was ecstatic!


Fenway is like my holy ground, one of the most beautiful places you can be. Manmade that is. The monster, Pesky’s pole, the wall of team logos, it’s all so perfect and sacred. Yes, I’m one of the people that love the movie Fever Pitch.


I didn’t shut up about my ball and I must have told Mr. Richard a million times, it was the most perfect birthday. I think if you don’t plan on too much, the universe hands you moments of true bliss. I spent my actual birthday relaxing after breakfast with my favorite aunt and mom. You can’t really ask for too much more these days.

I don’t mean to cram it in down at the bottom of this post, but April was also a turbulent month for my country. I don’t condone rioting, but I also feel that in some ways, its the only way people pay attention. There is injustice and this country is messed up. If there are both white and black criminals why are the punishments different? If there are good white people and good black people, why don’t we honor them all the same? It’s the underlying injustices that affect people everyday. We need to change before we revert into archaic thinking and ways. I hope our future is bright and we can one day find some peace. I care for all of you and will do what I can to make tomorrow better.


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