Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/20 – 4/26)

Did everybody catch the showing of Friday with Ice Cube in theaters this week? I didn’t because of the marathon and the amount of tourists / blocked roadways I’d have to get around. I’ve also seen the movie about 1000 times so it was okay I missed it. I do hope a new generation appreciates the classic movie and they don’t remake it. So sick of that trend!


I did pop over to the glass walkway by Lord & Taylor on Boylston Street to watch the Boston Marathon. It wasn’t far from the finish line, kind of just out of view, but I didn’t need to wait in many check points to watch the race for a bit. Every runner is inspiring, but I was so pumped to know that one of the Special Olympians I’m doing the Over the Edge fundraiser for was out there running.

This week was a bit hectic, I babysat on Wednesday night, did a sushi dinner with Mr. Richard and some of my girls on Friday, went to Garnick’s and a play on Saturday and have a few more treats lined up over the next few days. Look for the monthly wrap up if you want to know more, but for now, let’s focus on Garnick’s.


We went a bit later in the afternoon and it was a bit slower in there. The front is coming along very nicely, with a lot of jukes moved out of the way to display more records. It’s mostly western and folk up there but I found some gems that went into the bag for later. I think we’re also going to pop in there for my birthday on Tuesday so I didn’t want to spend too much right off the bat. Honestly, we have so much set aside and keep putting more aside, it’s a bit ridiculous, but that’s kind of the best part!

We ended up walking out with:

Living Color

Lady Red

Chuck Stanley

Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy

Jefferson Starship

Sesame Street album

…and a whole lot more! I was surprised by the amount of albums we came home with for $30, but Robert gave us a deal on a lot of them since they’re not in the greatest condition.

Don’t forget! You can donate $10.00 to my Special Olympics Over the Edge fundraiser to help bring me closer to my goal of $1000! Every $500 I raise covers an athlete for the year – transportation, facilities, equipment, etc. so lets do this people!!! Check out the page HERE to donate and learn more.


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