Only For The Mary Jane Girls

For long time followers of this blog, y’all know my love for Rick James and everything Rick James from cover songs to TV appearances. It only makes sense to have his protégées, the Mary Jane Girls on vinyl too!

The Mary Jane Girls were an American soul and funk group in the 1980s. They are known for their hit songs “In My House”, “All Night Long”, and “Candy Man”.

The project was to be a solo project for Joanne “Jojo” McDuffie who was the only member that sang background for Rick on tour and in the studio. Rick got who he could to make the rest of the group up. No auditions took place which resulted in other members who could not sing at all or were very limited vocally. The group could not perform live and missed opportunities such as the Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live.

The four group members took on distinctive character looks with matching personalities:

Joanne “JoJo” McDuffie – Sexy and streetwise
Cheryl “Cheri” Bailey – Valley Girl
Candice “Candi” Ghant – Vamp
Kimberly “Maxi” Wuletich – Dominatrix


Only for You

Mary Jane Girls

Side One

In My House
Break It Up
Shadow Lover Interlude
Shadow Lover
Lonely for You

Side Two

Wild & Crazy Love
I Betcha
Leather Queen

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