Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Destiny’s Child – No No No (Part II ft. Wyclef Jean)

Destiny’s Child – No No No (Part II ft. Wyclef Jean) (written by V. Herbert, R. Fusari, M. Brown, and C. Gaines and produced by Wyclef Jean)

This maxi-single is an amazing gem from 1997 that is collectible for so many reasons.

First of all, it was the first single from ‘Destiny’s Child’ and released before the album even came out. All four original members, Beyoncé, Kelly, Le Toya, and La Tavia are on this track and of course it was still being executively produced by Mathew Knowles, aka Beyoncé’s dad. Le Toya and La Tavia were quickly replaced by Michelle, but I won’t forget. The second song is the original version and includes instrumentals and an a cappella version for sampling I assume. Wyclef was still trying to project himself as a hard rapper and yet the girls keep up with his tone and delivery fine.

Whenever Erica and I need an amazing 90’s pop flashback, this is the perfect go to. I barely know the hook, but Erica likes to sing the entire song (either version) to me. I think about the music video every time that I hear it, so I usually get distracted from memorizing the lyrics.

– Mr. Richard

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