Mr. Richard’s Reviews: RuPaul – Back to My Roots (Jheri Curl Juice Mix)

RuPaul – Back to My Roots (Jheri Curl Juice Mix) (written by R. Charles, J. Harry, and E. Kupper and produced by Eric Kupper)

When I saw this maxi-single at RRRecords, I knew right away that Erica and I absolutely could not afford to pass over the opportunity to have the iconic RuPaul in our catalogue.

We both grew up with MTV and Ru was a huge part of that experience growing up in the 90’s. I used to love staying up late and laughing so hard at her television show interviews. RuPaul has always been known to bring laughs through double entendres and “Back to My Roots” does not fall short of these. It’s a celebration of black hair, as stated in the opening, and Ru’s lyrical opinion of each style. It’s a long list too. Musically, it is a great dance track and example of the range of club music that really took off during the period.

We love playing this track on the weekends because it always is a happy way to get motivated and maybe a little self-conscious of your hair.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

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