Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/14 – 4/19)


This week was Record Store Day so on Friday night, we fueled up on some Mexican food in Boston. Zocalo Back Bay to be exact. Don’t let the hostess’ resting bitch face fool you, this place has great margaritas and the service was quite lovely. We were treated very well despite being there on a TravelZoo.com voucher.

We got home late Friday so the Saturday exploits for Record Store Day started a bit late and we didn’t hit up any larger record stores, opting to stay local. Our first stop was our home away from home, Garnick’s.


“Every day is record store day here!” Robert replied when we wished him a happy holiday, but he did note it was busier than a normal Saturday. They even made some progress in clearing out the front to make room for records. It’s looking really great in there. I posted an image on Instagram of the new front area so make sure you’re following on social media! You don’t want to miss anything!


You know that bag I reference most every trip to Granick’s? The one with all of our records that we need to pay for but definitely want? That’s it above. It’s literally bursting at the seams and overflowing but we keep adding to it. This week I thought for sure we’d make some progress but then we found some singles we absolutely needed to have so in the bag they went. Honestly, we got way too much to list out here and this post will be pretty jammed with pictures so we’ll just leave at: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Blackstreet, Madonna and more!


Yesterday was a beautiful day out and despite my sinuses (yeah, if you’ve been following on Twitter, they were my downfall this week) Mr. Richard and I went for a nice stroll up to RRRecords. Don’t tell my mom, but I left to take out just a little more money from the ATM to splurge.


It was my first trip in, the roomie having gone many times. We didn’t make it past one small section of singles and I needed it all. Justin Timberlake, Run DMC, 2Pac and so, so much more. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept trying to limit it myself and there was so much more in there that I wanted. I definitely need to go back sooner rather than later.


I also want to give a quick shout out to a blog that shred one of my posts last week. If you’re into the 80s, much like I am, than hop over to Forever ’80s: Death by Nostalgia!

Don’t forget, it’s not too late to donate to my Over the Edge / Special Olympics fundraiser. In honor of the 12th anniversary of my dad’s passing, I’ve asked people donate $12 in his name. A few people have, but as I’ve mentioned before, I want to make this the biggest year for the event to date. Check out my personal donation page HERE if you want to learn more and donate!

Thank you so very much!


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