Mr. Richard’s Reviews: N.W.A. – Panic Zone

N.W.A. – Panic Zone (written by Krazy Dee, A. Young, and Arabian Prince and produced by Dr. Dre)

In lieu of the biopic that is soon to be released in theaters, I figured it was time to rock some N.W.A. It doesn’t hurt that my neighbors play repetitive reggaeton beats all day and I have to listen if I want the windows open.

There’s not much to say about this epic supergroup, although not because they were successful individuals that came together but because they all left to pursue lucrative careers. Dr. Dre’s early production demonstrates his development as an artist later. I’m not the biggest fan of Ice Cube, but N.W.A. is so good and more relatable than his personal ambitions and statements lyrically. Every time that I play “Panic Zone” or “Dope Man” on the B-side, I do remember that I like his music and should try to get into it more. Ice Tea, I mean “hello?!”- how can you not love his ability to make serious drama into a danceable sing along. He is such an amazing entertainer. And Eazy E must not be passed over. This is the only maxi-single that we have in our collection with Eazy and I don’t like that. I want more of his music in our catalogue!

Thank you Erica for this important piece that you let me unwrap at Christmas last year, because everybody needs a little N.W.A. in their summertime mixes.

– Mr. Richard

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