The U.N. Resolution On Racism

I grew up in the best of both worlds, when I was young I depended on myself for entertainment, playing outside using an imagination but I was in the first class to work with computers at school. My dad did get a home computer pretty early on, but I was still only in middle school. Facebook was a thing but hadn’t taken off until after my college antics. I escaped pretty unscathed from the digital era but still have the knowledge from growing up at the same time as the technology. Even with my background, I still forget what it was like to not have the news available at my fingertips.

What’s the weather? Click. Done.

What airline went down? Click. Done.

Stream a game while at work? Click. Done.

I forget that people used to need to be home to hear the radio or watch the home B&W TV or wait until the morning paper was out. That’s why albums like this exist. People couldn’t stream political addresses on their Facebook timeline, get the hottest trending news by push alert or just Google it. It’s amazing how far the technology has come in what could’ve been my dad’s lifetime (he was born in 1940) and how that shaped the vinyl industry.

We picked this up because we needed some more spoken word discs, but also because racism has been the large pot in the middle of the room that’s boiling over lately. I can’t even keep up now with the excessive force deaths let alone incidents anymore. It’s gotten to a point where witnesses are too scared to come forward. What is this?

It’s pathetic. We’re supposed to be this great nation where we have freedom and are innocent until proven guilty with a fair justice system. For all. We’re not. I hope that we can start having open and honest discussions with our neighbors and friends to expand our minds and realize at the end of the day, we’re all people trying to survive, pay our damn taxes and live another day. Get out there, try some food, look up some parallels to your own religion or ask somebody something simple like “what’s your favorite holiday and why?” or “what kind of music do you like?”. You’ll never know what kind of awesome and wonderful things you’ll find out!

End Rant (for now).


Side One

Chaim Herzog: Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations

Side Two

Daniel P. Moynihan: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

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