Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (4/6 – 4/13)

First up, I’d like to apologize for not closing out Rainbow Week. I thought I had prescheduled enough to get through it without getting to the last minute, but I got the flu or some sort of bug this week that knocked me out Thursday into Friday. I’m working on a new system for May so thanks for being patient while we work through some hiccups this month.

I did make it out for drinks with my girls from work on Friday so our Saturday record store trip was a little later in the afternoon. I think we were running late and worried Robert because he ended up calling while we were grabbing lunch before heading to Garnick’s. They’re doing some spring cleaning and putting more albums on the floor so it looks really good in there. The back side of the store is still a bit clustered with TVs, but next week it should be done.

I overheard Robert say that everyday now, they’re getting more and more customers that are new and looking for records. When I go there now, it’s busy! While I love the vinyl revolution, I’m also a bit wary since y’all could be digging out music from under my fingertips!


There were three stacks of new albums that they had just received so we instantly went through and picked up a lot of rock albums. I also set a ton of aside so now our bag of albums to bring home is literally bursting at the seams. It’s intense but we do occasionally decide to put some back. Sometimes. Okay, we’ve done that once.


Most often, I just set aside a certain amount of money for albums from the bag a slightly smaller amount for new albums. The goal is to bring home some of the ones we’ve had sitting for a while. I wish the bag didn’t grow as quickly as it did, but we’re lucky Robert likes us enough to let us keep doing it. Hell, he knows we’re good for it so it just encourages it! We picked up a really eclectic mix this week:



Sir Mix-A-Lot

Erroll Garner single

Miles Davis (pretty banged up and without a cover but it was a gift from Robert)


Demetrius Perry

And a few more from artists we’ve featured on here before!

This upcoming week also marks twelve years (4/15) since my dad passed away. In honor of that anniversary, I’m asking that people donate $12.00 to my Over the Edge for Special Olympics fundraising page. I do the rappel because I love the work the Special Olympics does but also because my dad pushed me to be adventurous and caring towards others. While we walked glaciers in Alaska and flew over volcanoes in the Caribbean together on our last family vacations, he always gave back to every hospital – Dana Farber in Boston and our local one at the time in New Hampshire. You can help me reach my goal and make this the biggest year for the fundraiser ever by CLICKING HERE!


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