Rainbow Week: Dem a Murderer By Red Fox

Sometimes when I can’t find an artist on Wikipedia, it makes me panic. How lazy is that? Instead, I found his biography on All Music and I must say, they typically use a lot more specifics! I had to have this single from Red Fox since it was on of the first reggae / dancehall songs I truly loved and the fact it’s a blazing red is absolutely perfect.

Red Fox (born c.1970, Jamaica) mixes hip-hop and reggae.

He was initially compared to Yellowman when he appeared at sound systems in his native country, owing to his light complexion. However, it was not until he moved to New York, USA (still at the age of 16) that his musical career found its feet. Following stage shows alongside dancehall stars such as Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton, he hooked up with producer Peter McKenzie to record ‘Come Boogie Down’ on FM Records. It quickly became a cult item both in his adopted home of Brooklyn and back in Jamaica. His debut album, As A Matter Of Fox was preceded by the roughneck ‘Dem A Murderer’ single, which, like the album, entwined dancehall and rap.


Dem a Murderer

Red Fox

Side One

Dem a Murderer (Album Vocal)
Dem a Murderer (SD50 remix)
Dem a Murderer (Roc’s 70’s Funk Remix)

Side Two

Born Again Black Man (Album Vocal)
Born Again Black Man (Salaam’s Bounce Mix)
Born Again Black Man (Salaam’s Bubblin’ Mix)

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