Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Tevin Campbell – Round and Round (Soul Mix Extended)

Tevin Campbell – Round and Round (Soul Mix Extended) (composed, arranged, and produced by Prince with post production and mix by Junior Vasquez)

I first threw this in our “shopping cart” at the record store because I saw the symbol and thought Erica would like a Prince max-single for her upcoming posts at the time. Of course, Erica corrected me almost immediately, but it worked out because she wanted more of his Tevin’s recordings on vinyl. I was not aware that we had any at all and now I’m curious to spin some when I have the time to appreciate it.

Campbell’s performance on this track is soulfully pop and certainly has my attention. It’s probably because this song has a worldly sounding R&B leaning without being an overly sensual love song. It is a happy celebration more than a declaration of admiration through lust. Plus, Tevin’s voice almost echoes against the all synthesized production behind him, just not during his attempt to include a hip hop breakdown.

I would also suggest pulling the needle before the Dub Mix because it is a pretty awful attempt at both dub and dance music as Campbell would have needed to change his singing style before successfully winning his audience over.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

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