Rainbow Week: DJ Magic Mike Feels The Beat


This is an absolutely stunning disc, but really hard to photograph and my typical ways. I mean, it’s nothing fancy, I use daylight and sit on the floor snapping pictures on the album covers. Even against white, this album looked really, really dark. Of course, I also live in a tightly packed neighborhood so holding the disc up to a window to try and capture the color usually presents the challenge of cropping out power lines, rooftops and/or various wildlife. The above came after trying three or four different windows!

I know, as a person with a photography background, my set up is pretty pathetic. Between the moves, Mr. Richard’s illness and work, I haven’t had time to do much else, but it’s on my list to tackle within the next few months!

DJ Magic Mike (born Michael Hampton) from Orlando, Florida is one of the most pivotal Miami bass producers, and the first platinum selling recording artist from Orlando.


Feel the Beat

DJ Magic Mike

Side One

Feel the Beat
Sorry Wrong Beat

Side Two

Listen to the Bass Go Boom
Feel the Beat (Radio Edit)

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