Rainbow Week: Daddy Freddy’s In Town

S. Frederick Small (born 1965), better known as Daddy Freddy is a ragga vocalist, born in Kingston, Jamaica, and grew up in the city’s Trenchtown district.

He recorded his first single (“Zoo Party”) in 1985 for Studio One. He released his first album, Body Lasher, in 1986, and that year had six top ten hits in Jamaica. After successful touring in the US under the Chrysalis record label, Freddy came to England in 1987. His first UK work was a collaboration with Asher D called, Raggamuffin Hip-Hop. This album created a new style of music that was a fusion of Jamaican ragga and UK hip-hop. This album created even more interest for Freddy. Artists such as Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill and more all requested collaborations and others like Salt ‘n’ Pepa and KRS-One all sampled his unique voice.

This fame culminated in Freddy attempting and breaking the World Record for World’s fastest rapper in 1989 as part of the Capital radio Music Festival. Eventually Freddy broke the record four times taking it from 346 to 598 syllables a minute. First and second time in UK  and two times in America. Renowned live performances have always been Freddy’s hallmark, most notably at the New Music Seminar in New York and Tim Westwoods live rap shows on Capital radio.


Daddy Freddy’s In Town

Daddy Freddy

Side One

Daddy Freddy’s In Town (Album Version)
Daddy Freddy’s In Town (Instrumental)
Daddy Freddy’s In Town (Single Edit)

Side Two

We are the Champions

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