Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Nas – The World is Yours

Nas – The World is Yours (written by P. Phillips and Nasir Jones and produced by Pete Rock)

“Whose world is this?” Apparently, it’s mine and a very jazzy one at that. I’m glad that I’ve been sitting on this maxi-single to review for a while. The more that I listen to it, the more that I just can’t get enough.

A Tribe Called Quest is a golden-era rap group that Erica and I need for our collection. Having Q-Tip from that epic team remix the song for the B-side is so perfect. ‘Illmatic’ produced so many singles for Nas and obviously for its noteworthy contribution to Queens-based rap and intellectual hip hop. I’d just like to highlight how my interest in music almost always works backwards and this is a great example.

My serious fascination with jazz and big band really comes from amazingly free flowing sounding rap like the temperament of this track. My favorite aspect of the musicality that Pete Rock brought to the tune is the synthesized horns that come in before the last segment. And then the remix by Q-Tip is complimentary that I think it’s even better. Twenty-one years later, it kind of feels like it’s even older to me because it is as if a platonic ideal from the heavens. Truly, the lyrics should speak to everyone because Nas’ confidence through struggles is beyond notable.

Just be jealous of this non-promotional gem and keep your eyes open for one of your own!

– Mr. Richard

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