Rainbow Week: Christmas With Run DMC

Perhaps you remember my Portsmouth NH / Maine trip earlier this year when I picked this up. If not, check it out HERE. We picked up this Run DMC single there and that previous post has a little story about how the roomie and I both picked it out for each other.

I know it’s not Christmas or even July and I can get away with a Christmas in July theme, but the different format and fun, red color of the floppy makes this a great disc to feature during Rainbow Week!


Another Record Store Day release, the actual single is on your typical black vinyl, but it also includes a red floppy disc. Can you see the grooves in the below close up? It’s so flimsy, you have to be super careful taking it out of the plastic so you don’t bend it or get finger prints all over it. As interesting as the floppy format is, I often worry about keeping them safe! Luckily, this came with a very durable sleeve but I’ve found others that are loose and I worry about them so much.


“Christmas in Hollis” is a single by Run–D.M.C. that was included on two 1987 Christmas compilation albums featuring various artists: A Very Special Christmas and Christmas Rap. It reached number 78 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 2000, 13 years after it was first released. The title refers to Hollis, the neighborhood in Queens where the members of Run-D.M.C. grew up.


Side One

Christmas in Hollis

Side Two

Peter Piper

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