Are You Caught Up?

I’m not sure where I picked this up right now since I’m a bit behind cataloging and I’m feeling lazy so I didn’t look up if it was mentioned in a weekly wrap up, but it’s such a great album. Lost Boyz, Snoop, KRS-One, Shaggy?!?! It’s a joint you really need to pick up if you come across it.


Caught Up (The Soundtrack)

Various Artists

Side One

Ride On (Caught Up!) – Snoop Doggy Dogg & Kurupt
Work – Gang Starr
Work (Instrumental) – Gang Starr
You Don’t Want None – Mack 10 & Road Dawgs
Ordinary Guy – The Lost Boyz

Side Two

Ey-Yo (The Reggae Virus) – KRS-One, Mad Lion & Shaggy
Ey-Yo (The Reggae Virus (Instrumental)) – KRS-One, Mad Lion & Shaggy
Rock Me – AZ feat. Jermaine Dupri
All in the Club – Do or Die feat. Danny Boy & Johnny P.

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