Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Redman – Put It Down

Redman – Put It Down (written by Redman and Timbaland and produced by Timbaland)

Redman is my favorite contributing non-member of Wu-Tang Clan. I saw him on stage with Wu-Tang Clan in 2007 when he was touring to promote this song from his album ‘Red Gone Wild’ at the time. The concert was amazing, opened by Nas, Cypress Hill and Talib Kweli, but my experience was a total nightmare. I really want to see him perform again during better conditions and with Erica this time.

I really like this crate surprise because at the time I wasn’t looking for more Redman and I had forgotten about this track. I totally dig all of the awesome pop-culture comparisons in the song. This song will be a fun time capsule of lyrical information in another eight years. Even though “Put It Down” is an upbeat track, it’s much slower and funkier for Redman having being produced by Timbaland. There are additional vocals performed by DJ Kool on this track and it’s definitely the most laid back single ever released by Redman.

He wrote this song to remind his critics and fans about what he’s known for while pushing to create a different sound for his audience and the more that I listen to it the more that I love it. Although “Thee Album” didn’t do as well as his previous five studio albums, this maxi-single is a cherished piece of our collection.

– Mr. Richard

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