Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/16 – 3/22)

I really didn’t get many albums this week and actually, I didn’t go into a store at all! Sneaky Mr. Richard was in town for a doctor’s appointment and made his way to Underground Hip Hop. They actually got an album back in and set it aside so it was good he snuck over there while I was at work even if I was a little peeved he didn’t call me for a lunch break. I mean, geeze, I work two blocks away! The purchases were a little more expensive than we normally spend per disc, but definitely worth it.

The Plastic Ono Band with RZA was a disc both the roomie and I were interested in but it was never in stock. Since they knew Mr. Richard would be back for it, the guys set it aside for us when it came back. I guess this means we’re leaving our mark on record stores everywhere!

The sly fox of a roommate also picked up:

Tall Black Guy vs. Al Green


and Dandy Teru

This was a pretty quick weekly update, but my car stalled out on my way out on Saturday. The GMC dealership is closed until Monday so I’m stuck at home and at the mercy of mom to get things done this weekend. She’ll go all concerned mom on me and I’ll get the “you spend too much on albums” lecture if she knows!

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