Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Player – Baby Come Back

Player – Baby Come Back (written by P. Beckett and J.C. Crowley and produced by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter)

I love this track and it’s the only single that we have in our collection by Player. So do a lot of companies as well.

Fortunately, Player owns part of its own publishing to this 1978 number one hit because it is incredibly lucrative working to sell many different products. You are probably familiar with this tune because it is being used to sell Swiffer mops, dusters and such for eight to nine month intervals at a time. Currently Human Leaugue is in possession of the rights, but “Baby Come Back” has been used by Sprint, SBC, Toyota and a slew of other smaller companies since its release. It has also been used in more than 30 movies.

The main singer, Peter Beckett, loves the publicity and is proud of his gold record with J.C. Crowley. The aquatic like guitar riff combined with great usage of background vocals is what catches my attention whenever I hear this track. Although this is their only major hit, it opened the door for their career as they opened for Eric Clapton, The Bee Gees, Kenny Loggins and Heart and many others as well as headlined tours in America. It’s a little bit of a guilty pleasure in my opinion, because every time that I listen I remember halfway through that Becket and Crowley are both white and from Liverpool and Texas accordingly…

– Mr. Richard

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