Mr. Richard’s Reviews: The Playmates – Little Miss Stuck Up

The Playmates – Little Miss Stuck Up (written by Vance and Pockriss and produced by The Playmates- Donny, Morey, and Chic with Joe Reisman’s Orchestra & Chorus)

Upon the first play and listening to the opening structure of this song, I thought that I was listening to the soundtrack to a surf rock, doo-wop horror movie. However, once all of the melodies are built up The Playmates arranged a pretty good example to represent the times.

This single is so old that it is not a promotional copy, but rather a radio station copy. It also has that wonderful crackling that epitomizes music on vinyl. Like I mentioned, wait for this track and others which might be a stretch on your personal taste to culminate. Sometimes it’s worth it, and after six listens “Little Miss Stuck Up” is an example of a weak arrangement yet strong use of vocals and the lyrics themselves. It is a chauvinistic jam, but what popular institutions weren’t when this was released or even today?

Although this was not much of a finger find, I am appreciative that we have this kind of music in our catalogue. Unfortunately, The Playmates are probably not going to get much airtime in our living room.

– Mr. Richard

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