Let Me Make You A Rainbow

I only found one other blog post (okay, I didn’t really hunt that hard), that had a history of colored vinyl, so I’m going to ask about it next time I’m at Garnick’s. Robert knows so much, I’m hoping to get a first hand history rather than copy and paste something from the internet. Since I didn’t find as much information as I wanted, I’m just going to show off a bit and share the other site so you can check it out for now. I hope to get a more complete glimpse at all the colored vinyl we have so keep checking back!

About Vinyl Records had a post from 2013, Color Me Intrigued, which you can check out HERE. It covers the first colored discs in the early 1900s up to the 1970s resurgence.

I’ve found that today, Record Store Day drives the upswing in colored and shaped vinyl’s popularity. It is a lot of fun to hunt for new colors or designs and there’s a bunch of albums I want to add to the collection because of this. It could be just a novelty, but I don’t care, I love it.


First album up is a newly purchased Red Fox 12″ single. I love the deep red!


I didn’t photograph an orange album since we’re still organizing the room and I’m not sure which stack it’s in at the moment, but I do have some deep yellow 45s. Above is the 311 one we got a few months ago and I’m pretty sure we also grabbed the Stryper one then too!



If you’ve been following along, you might recognize this green disc. It’s a Pinback single and since green is my favorite color, I’m especially drawn to the disc’s color. This was one of the roomie’s discs from before we met too.


On to blue! Robert at Garnick’s was going to hang this on the wall at the store but we purchased it instead. Look for the actual post on this 12″ single soon.


I also have this older blue single from Bill Nelson’s Red Noise. Blue albums are just so stunning!


There are just so many purple discs to pick from. For 7″, I wanted to show off Prince again since it is Prince month after all. Below is a 12″ single from the same pile Robert had planned to hang on a wall. It pays very well, but single the vinyl is veiny, it’s hard to really show it off unless you hold it up to light.


I also found this beautiful, more opaque disc that’s a marbled pinkish hue. It’s another new addition to the collection and I’ll go a bit more into detail tomorrow during the Weekly Wrap Up.



Lastly, the opposite of the traditional black disc. White. Above is an opaque single from Psychic Twin and on the translucent side (I guess there are some green hues to it, but play along here people) we have a House of Magic disc below. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through the rainbow. Be on the look out for a future post on colored vinyl and formats soon and as always, check out Instagram for more pictures!!


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