Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Mosaic III – Dance Now (ft. Zion) (Kickin’ Mix)

Mosaic III – Dance Now (ft. Zion) (Kickin’ Mix) (written by Boutsen, Vision, and Zion and produced by Mosaic)

This can only be described as the epitome of early 90’s club rap. Although “Dance Now” has a long introduction, the music itself is definitely catchy due to its rhythmic trance breaks and “Everybody Dance Now” sample.

The rap delivered by Zion is simple, yet extremely fast and complicated. Everything about this track screams “nightclub life for people who loved using drugs in 1991”. If you close your eyes and meditate on the song, then you can see how people high out of their minds would enjoy this very much. Even the second single on the A-side is entitled “E-Gasm (Overdose Mix)”…

If you crave a great pre- trip hop song to reminis with as much as I do, then you should at least check out Mosaic III. This maxi-single was a decent place for my introduction. I definitely don’t regret gambling on this, for our collection.

– Mr. Richard

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