Mr. Richard’s Reviews: The Platters – Enchanted

The Platters – Enchanted (written by Buck Ram)

I love The Platters and the fact that a lot of musicians cycled in and out of the group through the years. In fact, in high school I took college classes at Rivier College in Nashua, NH, and I’m pretty sure the president of the school had been a member of The Platters.

I love that Frank took such good care of his doo wop singles, because this one is in amazing condition. Of the 45’s that we have by this group, this was my favorite song. It is super emotionally charged, but delivered so soulfully. “Enchanted” is the epitome of great doo wop with a little gospel and soul thrown in the mix.

I find it sounds like it came from the soundtrack of a movie or play a little as well. This tune’s deep bassline and flute compliments the range of tones delivered vocally. I like the classical musicality for some reason, not as prominently focused upon as our The Platters tracks. I know that it is hard to keep up with the group biographically, but the music that these talented musicians created should be noted by any amateur audiophile.

So please keep your eyes peeled in the record shop, because it is a must that you have one or two of their many hits in your catalogue.

– Mr. Richard

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