Yes We Can Can For Jada

Although the song Jada is much older than these events in Pointer Sisters’ lives, I thought it would be a relevant time to post about the groups tragedies and controversies.

In November 2000, the sisters lost their mother Sarah and in 2003, sister Anita lost her only child Jada to cancer. Jada was the subject of the 1973 song “Jada”. On April 11, 2006, June Pointer died of lung cancer.

According to an official family statement June was surrounded by her sisters Ruth and Anita as well as brothers Aaron Pointer and Fritz. In May 2006, sister Bonnie appeared on TV saying the other sisters had not fulfilled the burial wishes for June, instead having her cremated because it was cheaper. Bonnie also stated the sisters had not let her ride in the family car at the funeral. Anita and Ruth responded that Bonnie had demanded to be let back into the group and was upset that she had not been allowed to rejoin it, and that June had left no instructions for her burial. The sisters seemed estranged from Bonnie until she joined Anita Pointer on the Idol Radio Show in 2007.

Bonnie Pointer was arrested for allegedly possessing crack cocaine on November 18, 2011, in South Los Angeles, after the car she was riding in was pulled over for a mechanical malfunction.


Side One

Yes We Can Can

Side Two


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