Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (3/2 – 3/8)

I really didn’t do much this week, just spent the time wishing it felt like spring. I sent the roomie to RRRecords when he was downtown on Wednesday and we were supposed to meet up at Underground Hip Hop in Boston on Friday but that was about it.

Mid week, the roomie scooped up two various artists disc and an album of cat sounds, which drives our cats absolutely nuts. Dawson stands in front of the TV and tries to catch invisible birds coming out of the speakers. He’s not the brightest bulb…

The various artists discs included The Roots, Young Jeezy, Big K.R.I.T., The Dream, KRS-1, Shaggy, Jermaine Dupri and more. One is a Record Store Day release and is on clear vinyl!


I say we should have met at UGHH because he took a wrong turn off the subway. I was flipping through some stacks and it felt like he should have been there so I called. “Um, I’m by Tremont, where are you” he said so I ran out to find him knowing he was a few blocks away now. We had to get to one of my work things so we didn’t head back in. I guess its good for my wallet that way since there was at least four albums I wanted.

That night, I had a work POD outing, which is when the company pays for a team to go out and get silly together. I dragged Mr. Richard along and am now worried that my co-workers like him more than me. I suppose the margaritas and beers were a bit too much for us to get an early start on the weekend so we skipped the normal Saturday crate digging experience. Always worth it to switch it up and hang with good people.


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