Cats Without Claws

I bought this because Mr. Richard and I do love Donna Summer and because of the cat reference in the title. I figured it’d be a good album to also include a little PSA about my favorite house pet, the cat.

I don’t believe in declawing a cat. I think it’s painful, unnecessary and a bit lazy. You can train a cat with patience not to claw or attack, just spend the money you would at the vet on appropriate toys. If your pet ever gets loose, they have no way to defend themselves. Read more about it HERE and check out an alternate product if you absolutely need to do something about clawing HERE.


Cats Without Claws

Donna Summer

Side One

Supernatural Love
It’s Not the Way
There Goes My Baby
Cats Without Claws

Side Two

Oh Billy Please
Maybe It’s Over
I’m Free
Forgive Me


One thought on “Cats Without Claws

  1. Carol March 8, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    Thank you for this PSA 🙂

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