Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Slim Dealz – I’m Hood

Slim Dealz – I’m Hood (written by D. Funches and produced by A. Niles, L. Cave, and B. Thomas of Crazzy Beef Records Inc.)

This was a great crate surprise found in the back of Garnick’s, in one Robert’s hidden rap selections. I honestly picked up this because it was rap recorded in Massachusetts and I always want to support local artists.

Dealz’ flow is laid back and the production is great. This maxi-single includes “Top of the World” on the B-side as it is part of a debut LP singles series for up-and-coming musicians from the Boston area. The songs were later included on his album ‘About a Hustler’. This was released in July of 2004, right after Erica and I graduated high school and it still holds up. The shout out to Boston in the opening is always appreciated. Bravo Slim!

The best part of this single was its insert, with misspellings and terrible layout and alignment issues. So I’m just going to copy the write-up for you.

“SlimDealz, whose name derives from the bargains he gave customers during his hustling days, delivers hood documentaries on wax. Dealz’ hustler nature and survival instincts are a direct result of his upbringing in the Columbia Point Projects in Dorchester, Mass. Losing his parents by the age of 11 provided a catalyst for Dealz’ maturation process. Hustling became the only means of support for Dealz and his younger sister. Failure was not an option. Along with his dedication to the grind, Dealz developed an infatuation with hip-hop culture. As an adolescent, Dealz and friends would rap while pounding on a washing machine. Combine a hustler’s will to succeed with an unconditional love for hip-hop, and the result in(?) Dealz, an mc who spits with a hunger that can only be rivaled by the malnourished. His emotionally-charged delivery can give any track a pulse. Dealz molests instrumentals with reckless abandon and a stirring presence that leaps off the music. His autobiographical lyrics captivate the listener, and have the ability to send an audience into frenzy. Dealz’ aggressive, decapitating approach is the essence of guerilla warfare music.”

Well said, I believe!

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

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