Mr. Richard’s Reviews: P. Diddy, Black Rob, and Mark Curry – Bad Boy for Life

Diddy, Black Rob, and Mark Curry – Bad Boy for Life (written by D. Wesley, M. Curry, R. Ross, J. Fisher and D. Goss and produced by Justin, Quincy, and Christian Combs)

This is my favorite track from P. Diddy and The Bad Boy Family because the beat is out of this world. The production is super recognizable and as soon as the needle hits the vinyl people know what they’re in for.

This is one rap by Diddy that I respect as well. His flow has always been pretty strong, but his lyrics are often weak. It’s almost like he puts all of his energy into getting the production perfect that the vocals are considerably lame by comparison.

This track uses samples from Labi Siffre, whom I’ve never heard of and am hoping to find in our catalogue when Erica gets to the L’s. Apparently, Bad Boy Records was starting to decrease album sales after the death of Biggie and Mase’s departure to become a Christian pastor. As a musical retort to the criticism, Diddy released this song to declare the strength of the label and demonstrate that the label would continue on no matter what.

Of course, this second track from ‘The Saga Continues…” only reached 33 on the charts and the label ultimately has continued to lose popularity through the late 2000’s and today. P. Diddy’s conceptual statement wasn’t exactly realized, but I still miss his show Making the Band on MTV. That’s some classic “reality TV”.

– Mr. Richard

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