Mr. Richard’s Reviews: The Power Station – Get It On

The Power Station – Get It On (written by M. Bolan and produced by Bernard Edwards)

What an odd yet great finger find?! I knew this song from listening to the radio with my dad and I believe it’s been in a soundtrack or commercial on a couple of occasions. The chorus is super recognizable once the first stanza is complete.

Like The Power Station suggests, “Bang a gong and get it on…” is kind of the current sexual attitude that the song seems to proclaim. It’s more like “Grab your phone and swipe to bone…” however. Musically this group is in a weird niche. The Power Station is part hair band, part 80’s synth pop, and part conceptual art rock I guess.

The one thing that makes this band great for our collection is very recognizable sleeve artwork. It remains the same for all of their singles and LP’s. Whoever created it was clearly inspired by futurism. If you don’t have a minor in art history like myself (total nerd), then just search for images of futurism and you’ll get what I’m trying to explain. I like the departure through flat color blocking because it also reminds me Russian propaganda poster art. The Power Station stands out in a catalogue that can be difficult to navigate.

Give it a listen if you haven’t in a minute because it is fun to try and take it all in without creating imagery in your head.

– Mr. Richard

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