Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (2/23 – 3/1)

This will be a pretty quick update since I just completed the monthly wrap up yesterday and only have two stores to talk about. Did you check out the monthly wrap up post? Last month was super busy and actually ended up being a lot of fun despite the record cold.

I sent Mr. Richard out to RRRecords again. I really like what he picks out by himself, but I have to set tighter budgets since he always goes over by a few bucks! He scooped up a ton, but Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Masta Killa and Lil’ Kim top my picks for the week!


After the trip to the butterfly garden yesterday, we hit up Garnick’s, per our usual Saturday afternoon routine. Robert had set aside a ton of $1.00 albums for us. It was really hard  to narrow down the selection but we picked out seven from there and a few from our bag of more expensive albums. We managed to limit ourselves down to:


Johnny Kemp


More Duke Ellington

Two Errol Garner albums

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Patti Page

A various artists jazz disc

Mae West with Duke

Dionne Warwick

Welp, that’s it! Like I said, this was a quick wrap up since I had such a big monthly wrap up yesterday. What do y’all think I should be on the look out for this week while we crate dig?


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