Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Bilal – Fast Lane ft. Dr. Dre and Jadakiss

Bilal – Fast Lane ft. Dr. Dre and Jadakiss (written by Bilal, Dr. Dre and Jadakiss and produced by Dr. Dre)

I can’t help myself with singles from rap or hip hop artists who can deliver their vocals in falsetto and soprano. Bilal is one of those musicians and the result is an incredibly soulful tune.

The message itself about living in the “Fast Lane” and burning out early is more powerful because of his range in tone. Even if it didn’t explicitly say “this is another Dr. Dre production” in the mix, you would recognize the production immediately. This maxi-single was released in 2001 and sounds like everything, excluding Eminem, that was flowing steadily from Dre at the time. This track sounds like it could have come from ‘Chronic 2001’ or maybe an Xzibit album.

Jadakiss and Dr. Dre’s raps compliment Bilal’s vocals perfectly. Just the fact that Jadakiss is on this would have made me pick it while crate digging as well. Erica and I love Jadakiss and it’s hard to find him on vinyl. If you’re not familiar with Bilal, then keep your eyes peeled while out and about shopping for records because he’s great.

– Mr. Richard

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