Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Ying Yang Twins – Wait (The Whisper Song)

Ying Yang Twins – Wait (The Whisper Song) (composed by Ying Yang Twins and produced by Beat-In-Azz aka Mr. Collipark)

This incredibly amazing maxi-single was another one of my birthday gifts and it blew my mind that Erica was able to find it on the Internet. It was sort of an “inside joke” and certainly a throwback jam that we both love. “Wait (The Whisper Song)” was purchased for several reasons.

Firstly, it reminds us both of our freshman year in college and the time around when we met later, because it got a lot of playtime in 2005. Secondly, we both have curiosities about the etymology of common words in contemporary, popular rap and hip hop. If you don’t listen to the hottest tracks of today and tomorrow on the radio like we do, then you may not have noticed that every damn tune on the airwaves uses the same phrases.

After a hilarious talk about abusing a word that I hate, “pussy” in reference to a vagina, we decided that this song is the first to use the phrase or similar idea of “beating a pussy” as in aggressive sexual acts. Asides from the trap life, too many rappers on the radio are essentially talking about having the most sexual prowess amongst others in the industry through domestic violence and the un-implied connotation of rape.

At least this twelve inch is more sensual and less violent. Ying Yang Twins also use the word cray, referring to crazy, in this. Erica and I are still undecided if this track was the first to include it as a lyric or not. Either way, this piece is brilliant and so much fun to play for anyone with an open mind.

– Mr. Richard

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