Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Psychic Twin – Strangers

Psychic Twin – Strangers (written and produced by Erin Fein, Rosana Caban and Whitney Broadstreet)

I don’t know how to categorize her music at all. Let’s just settle on hi-fi indie trance pop, because art rock is kind of generic for this stuff. It reminds me of Grimes (whom I’ll be reviewing soon) and Orchids.

Psychic Twin’s voice is incredibly mesmerizing and soothing for such a fast tempo. I now know that it’s a three woman group from Brooklyn and they often have friends from other projects play with them on stage. This was a bargain at $3 too! Both the A and B sides are great. “Dream State” even has an official video. It’s a white vinyl pressing that is limited to only 500, making it quite collectible.

I’m honest when I say that I had no clue who Psychic Twin was, but I had an intuition based on the packaging alone that Erica and I would enjoy this in our eclectic catalogue. It also seems to be the trend that only “worthy” songs, excluding DIY, garage, punk, hardcore, noise etc. are being made into seven inch singles. For DJ purposes, twelve inch maxi-singles are still in demand for popular hits, but it is clear that the glory days of 45’s and ep’s are fading. I’m glad and inspired by artists like Psychic Twin and many others who are willing to take a risk and still put out singles for their fans.

Erica and I just had a conversation recently about how inconceivable it seems to purchase CD’s these days, only exception being to support local artists. This is especially true if you can get it autographed!

– Mr. Richard

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