Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Sean Paul – (When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me (ft. Keisha Cole)

Sean Paul – (When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me (ft. Keisha Cole) (written by S. Henriques, D. Bennett, and N. Staff and produced by Donovan “Vendetta” Bennett aka Don Corleon)

This was another one of my birthday gifts from the wonderful roommate. At the time of this release, I was not particularly into or in distaste with popular music acts like Sean Paul.

I do remember listening to this track in particular the summer of 2003, poolside with my best friend and his sister’s boom box and mix cd’s. At the time, I was telemarketing and it was a brutally hot summer so this track with a blunt and a hard lemonade was very appropriate. Nowadays, I just love it. It’s a throwback and pop dancehall which we do not have very much of.

This is a great maxi-single as well. I like when a twelve inch has the original, instrumental, and one great remix per side. This one doesn’t have any remixes, but it has the instrumental for both songs, the other being the hit “Never Gonna Be the Same”. I love how fast Sean Paul essentially raps with a thick Jamaican accent, making the lyrics sound more like noises than words. Also, Keisha Cole was an excellent choice for collaborating with. She also delivers her raps at a high rate of speed and can dance really well.

This track was such a huge club dance hit after its release and his music videos are always produced with flash and flare, resulting in me appreciating his music more and more! Thanks again to my awesome friend for finding this gem for me. If you dig, you will find treasures.

– Mr. Richard

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