Weekly Record Store Wrap Up (2/16 – 2/22)

Where do I even start with this weekly record store wrap up? I guess we’ll go in order!


The roomie hit up RRREcords on Wednesday and Thursday without me, as I was working and he was on a mission to surprise me. He even babysat the downstairs neighbor’s kids to get some extra cash to go. He grabbed a ton of neat surprises, including:

  • Jackie Wilson and Linda Hopkins
  • Patti Page
  • Various artist disc with UB40, Afrodiziak, Gasper Lawal, Ray Lema and more
  • Faith Evans
  • Da Brat (with Missy freakin’ Elliott!)
  • Fun Lovin’ Criminals
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Destiny’s Child

And really, a lot more but since we went to three different stores this week, I’m trying to restrain myself a bit on these lists!



We had a trip planned to Maine for the weekend so I had Friday off. More on that Maine trip in the monthly wrap up! We stopped at the Owl Diner for breakfast and then hit up Garnick’s before heading out. Robert has so many albums put aside and it was tricky limiting ourselves to save up for the next stop! We scooped:

  • Yma Sumac
  • Big Pig
  • Daddy Freddy
  • Donovan (not the one you’re thinking of)
  • An album of T.S. Eliot reading poetry

And of course a few more, but again, holding myself back!

After leaving Garnick’s it was a quick trip up the highway to Portsmouth. We’ve separately spent so much time there so it was nice to make a day trip together.


Bull Moose Portsmouth:

We both picked out quite a bit of vinyl and came together to make our purchase. I thumbed through the $3.00 albums, finding Rick James and Donna Summer and clearance (we’ll get to more on that later), leaving Mr. Richard to go through the new releases, focusing on hip hop and reggae / world music. I am really happy with what we picked out, but definitely need to get up there more often to buy even more!


I picked out some clearance items, like this Run D.M.C. Christmas single but when I showed the roomie, he was like “meh”. Little did I know he had picked out four surprise singles and had been saving his own Christmas money! He surprised me yesterday when we got home, sneaky and patient. Something I am not since I usually buy and give immediately. One top of the Run D.M.C. single, he bought me:

  • Karen O (Yep, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!)
  • The Black Keys (with RZA!)
  • Thievery Corporation (wait until you see the album art on this)
  • Together we limited ourselves to:
  • Fences feat. Macklemore
  • A single that has The Naked and Famous doing a White Sea song and on the B Side, a Naked and Famous song done by White Sea
  • Chuck English with Ab-Soul and Mac Miller
  • Skatalites

Before I wrap up this unusually long weekly post, here’s a teaser of some of the Maine photos coming up!


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